Thursday, July 27, 2017

Another birthday!

Yep, it was party time here in the old house. I swear I have the most fun coming up with a theme and running with it. This year's theme was easy. My girls have been able to go to San Diego, to Comic Con for the past 3 years. Not an easy thing to achieve, it seems the tickets are dispensed for purchase by lottery. Lots of tenseness here until they get their tickets. And get them they did! Sooooo, since my youngest girl's birthday is right around this time, I chose Comic Con 2017 to celebrate. 

I hung a banner made out of all the panel celebrities to give her a hint as she walks up to the front door. They never know what their theme is until this moment. Such fun!

Here's the table! Ta da! Lots of yellow and black, pics from past Comic Cons, goodie bags (survival bags for the trip), specialty beer, lots of sparkle and stars! And her favorite treat, White Bar donuts.

Always nuts and mints and a photo of Conan O'Brien, this year they scored tickets to his show on Thursday night. How exciting! 

And we had to include a pic of Elijah Wood. She has met him twice so far and was hoping for another viewing of one of her childhood favorites. (She did get to go to a party where he was DJing and he smiled at her....swoon!)

Hanging from the ceiling, were photos of past costumes that they have worn to the convention. Here she is as Medieval Snow White. 

My lovely birthday girl! Now how did she know to dress in yellow and

My all grown up girl still loves dolls! This one is special. It is a new line from Target and it is a Scientist doll. For my Research Specialist and Chemist at the University. It even came with a volcano set and robot! (I ordered this one special to have the dark hair and eyes and glasses, like my girl)

I think she is quite thrilled with it all. Success! We had a great time together and they left for Comic Con the day after. Road trip! 

Both my girls in their costumes this year. On the left is my oldest as Preacher and my youngest is dressed as Malory from Archer.

Here my youngest is Ursula from the Little Mermaid but with a Victorian twist! Isn't her costume fabulous. All hand made, even the hat and by her! 

Ursula and Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. My lovely ladies! And finally, the Con was over and they were sad and teary, so they headed to the beach, a sure fire way to get their smiles back.

A wonderful trip for my two girls. And I bet they are already thinking of what they will be next year. Always, Kit

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Missoula Marathon 2017

Here in Missoula (and for folks who wonder how to pronounce my town, it is Mizzoula) we have a wonderful event each summer called the Missoula Marathon. Thousands of folks come to our lovely town for the weekend and we all try and make our city shine for them. I have two runners in my family, my hubby and my youngest who run in the 1/2 Marathon. They get up before dawn and board the buses that take them to Blue Mountain. At 6am, they are off and running as I am just crawling out of bed, damning the early Oldest daughter and myself will watch on the course (lucky for us my girls house is on the course) sipping hot coffee, cheering on the runners and carrying signs. Folks all over town will set up sprinklers, play music, ring cow bells and we even have a pianist who serenades the runners on his grand piano out on his lawn. :) It is one giant party! My runners did great and stopped at the house (we were an aide station for them), they got their gel and water and were back at it. Only 4 more miles to go and they would cross Higgins St. bridge and be winners! They both had great results and were all smiles. So very proud of them and proud of my city which put on such an incredible event. Always, Kit

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Oregon 2017

Well, we made it back safe and sound and full of the sea. I feel very content and happy. The sea does that to me. It amazes me how it can be so different each day. One day, still and foggy and not making a sound. The next, it is dark green and the waves are pounding the rocks. I love it's change-a-bility! 

We flew out on my favorite Griz plane, leaving hot sunny weather and trading it for cool and misty for our first evening. Picked up our groceries and then to the condo to set up our home base. Hubby loves to do a puzzle and I just love to sit and read and gaze out at the sea. And look for whales and pelicans!

One of our favorite places to visit is Cape Foulweather and the Marine Gardens. The stance you see me in, is "looking for agates and sea glass" I was lucky and found a little pile. Hubby found a lovely sea urchin shell in the tide pools. 

Newport, is a great town and filled with many shops and restaurants. Plus it is a functioning fish distribution area. So along with the pretty stuff, you have to take the smell of fish. I never mind it. Adds to the charm of the place. 

Though I usually cook in the condo each night, we love trying out the local eateries. My all time fav is Tidal Raves with such a gorgeous view from every table. And the food is exceptional!

Every other year we go to the Newport Aquarium. I have a very soft spot for this place ever since we saw Keiko the Whale there. They had a new exhibit called Big Bites and it was such fun. Look at that fish above, it is called a Parrot Fish and I fell in love. So lovely! 

Each year we go down to Florence for their Wings and Wheels Show. I drop hubby off at the airport and then I go shopping in Old Town. This year he was able to get a ride in a Bi-Plane and he was thrilled. That was one happy flyboy! One of the last things we do each year is to visit the beach and campground that we first came to when we were first married - Beverly Beach. It is such a lovely place. We roll down the windows and smell the campfires and smile, as we remember all the times we flew our kites and gathered cobbles. Always, Kit

I am linking to Mosaic Mondays at Normandy Life.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


By now I am sure you all have heard about the earthquake in Montana. We are just fine and though I got a bit startled at the time, our home has not received any damage and except for a bit of lost sleep, life is fine. It is only the second one I have gone through and this one was much stronger. It hit around 12:30 am and it is amazing that I knew what it was right away. The bed started to move back and forth in a rolling motion and the house made a groaning sound, and my cat meowed and gave me a dirty look like he thought it was me! Hubby and I went out into the living room and noticed that my collection of glass floats that hang from our ceiling were all swaying back and forth. As were the art pieces that hang in the windows. I texted my girls to see how they were doing (they were fine) and got online to see if anyone else was up and wondering, what the hell? I was amazed how far away it was felt. We live about 77 miles from the epicenter. So there you have it, my excitement in the middle of the night. I must say, it was hard to go back to sleep and I have to tell you, I was still getting the stink eye from my  Always, Kit