Sunday, June 25, 2017

And the Living is Easy

My "fried egg" Martha Stewart Peony
I am filling my days with a crazy amount of stuff! I don't know how else to describe it. It seems each day goes by and something fun or poignant has happened. Nothing earth shattering, but to me, something to remember. My hubby had a great idea, he said I should keep a list of each day and what I have done, so that I can look back at the end of the summer and see what I did. So into my journal is just a sentence or two describing my day. It is fun! One day actually says, "Mopped my floors today and saw chickens wandering about someone's lawn, on my walk with my oldest girl." :)

Celebrated Father's Day with my gang. We had a very easy indoor picnic with a lot of yummy foods from a wonderful deli. Easy peasy for me and so tasty! I think I just may fall back on them from now on. I am in love with Pistachio Salad!

We love getting together and before you knew it, 4 hours had gone by and we still didn't want it to end.

Hubby loved all his gifts and the most special was from his girls, tickets to see Paul Simon in concert here in town. As my girls put it, they are "songs from their childhood". When we used to travel with them in the RV, we would play all his songs and they loved it. To see him in person was a huge treat. The man is 75! And he sang for 2 hours. Gives me hope for old age....LOL

courtesy of the Missoulian
Doing some yard saling and finding treasures. The Donald Duck bank and the Roy Rogers alarm clock, are the latest acquisitions.

I am now getting ready for my get-away. A week on the coast of Oregon. Gazing out to sea with a fruity cocktail in hand and the book The Swiss Family Robinson. I love to read books with a sea theme to them. Just seems fitting. :) Later. Always, Kit


  1. How wonderful to see Paul Simon in concert. That's an event worth journaling about. But then again, it is the simple every day blessings and pleasures that are just as important. I've never been to Oregon but definitely will make it there one day. Have a fabulous trip!

  2. I BET you're excited to see the sea!
    What a great gift the girls gave their dad!
    I am so glad you are loving your summer, Kit.

  3. No matter what, I CANNOT keep a journal. But reading your husband's suggestion made me realize that I DO have a planner where I keep track of Dr. Appts. on the calendar. I usually keep these planners and I thin k it would be a good practice to jot down a sentance or two each day on the daily calendar section. I don't do much each day since we retired, but it might help me to better focus on what I WANT to do, lol.

    Have a great get a way!
    xx, Carol

  4. These are busy yet delightful days, Kit. I'm whipping out my journal, too.

    To see Paul Simon. We were all just listening to Mrs. Robinson on the stereo at the lake and we were all sort of mesmerized by the music and words. It all seems quite genius now. I'm envious of you and a great gift!

    Jane x

  5. Such a fun summer! A journal is a great idea. I loved keeping the journal along with my Dotty Quilt, but somehow didn t continue on in the new year. Of course *I* didn t get to see Paul Simon or the Oregon coast. Have a great trip, find some seaglass to show us! Bring your yellow crocs. [mine this year are bright pink!].



  6. Kit - Your peony is stunning. Did you name it the "fried egg peony" or is that the real name? I often use my phone to remember what I did on a given day - either via the photos I took or notes I made in the Memo app.

    I hope you enjoy your trip to Oregon - I always find the coast a nice break from Montana!