Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Birthday Party!

In our family we believe birthdays should be celebrated, honored and reveled in. None of this, well birthdays are only for children, I don't need a cake, I don't need a fuss. Well, I think everyone should have a fuss on their own special day. We get one day that is all our own, and it should not be ignored. My oldest turned 35 on the 11th and this time the party planner was her sister. She came up with the perfect theme (yes, we do themes). It was to be a Hamilton Birthday!

The Broadway hit has taken our family by storm (what an incredible show it is!) and both my daughters know the soundtrack backwards and forwards. Well, she did a great job incorporating all the aspects of the show in my dining room. We had $10 bills hanging from the ceiling, little tin soldiers,  a Betsy Ross flag and Samuel Adams beer. When my oldest daughter arrived, we all sang the song Here Comes the General (with special lyrics written for her). And my youngest was dressed as Alexander Hamilton!!

We had a duel in the street (yes, those are Nerf guns), there was a trivia game regarding the show and we enjoyed the most luscious specialty cake made with beer and Irish cream! It was incredible! 

It was a fun time, enjoyed by all. And no one got killed, just had a lot of laughs!

We sang, and made wishes and we didn't want the night to end. It is always such a treat to all be together.

Happy Birthday to my girl! You deserve the best! Always, Kit

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bloomsday 2017

Every year for 29 years, we load up the car and head to Spokane, Washington on the first weekend in May. It is the largest footrace we attend (usually 40 to 50 thousand runners are signed up) and it is a 12K. Both my hubby and youngest girl run in it and we go over a day early to enjoy the city and spend time together. I found us a new and lovely hotel this year called the Davenport Grand and it certainly was! So beautiful and modern. And more importantly, very comfortable and this year we got the girls their own room. I had to concede that 2 girls in their 30's would probably like a little more privacy, but it made me smile that they spent more time in our room than theirs...lol 

We spent Saturday picking up packets, doing some shopping at our favorite shops and eating dinner at an Irish pub while watching the Kentucky Derby. We wandered Riverfront Park and then settled in our room to watch a little TV and play a game and just chat. 

Sunday morning had us up early and our two runners headed to the start all dressed in their finest while my oldest and myself could take our time, pick up coffee and breakfast and stroll thru the park to the finish line.  We sit on a stoop by the road and watch for my hubby to go by, as the songs from Chariots of Fire and Rocky play on a loop. And finish he did, in 57:02. Not bad for an old man. :) We then wait for my youngest to come and find us in the park (near the giant red wagon) when she finishes. The park fills up with runners and their families and the mood is always happy and festive. I sat on a concrete "kids block" with my face toward the sun and thought, it doesn't get any better than this. 

Soon it was time to leave, and we headed to lunch at the Olive Garden and motored home. Such a beautiful drive, and such a wonderful weekend together. :) Always, Kit

Thursday, May 4, 2017

What I have discovered...

About myself and the world when I am sick. I can easily sleep 16 hours and still take a big nap in the middle of the day. Washing my hair is definitely not a priority. My Hubby actually can learn how to cook some simple dishes. And for some reason, soft boiled eggs are my go to food. Really? I am drawn to all the passages in old novels where the heroines are at deaths door (Marianne, Jane Eyre, Harriet Smith) and they toss and turn and people keep taking their pulses and shaking their heads. And the only thing I want to watch are documentaries on the Bronte sisters (who died young and of tuberculosis) What the hell is wrong with me?...LOL Anyway, that is all over with, and I am now back to watching golf and NOT eating eggs of any sort.

Well, Sunday the 30th, we celebrated Easter. Only a few weeks late. Our oldest girl returned home after 2 and 1/2 months on the road. Baskets were exchanged and candy and special deli sandwiches were eaten. So wonderful to just watch her lovely face as she told us her many stories. This one especially. She found this cat wandering around a truck stop in Austin, Texas. She connected with a No-Kill shelter and the cat is now safe and sound and hopefully it will be adopted. :) That does my heart good.

Today the thermometer reached the high of 80 degrees! Our first real day of Spring. It has been really rainy which I don't mind so much when I am languishing on the couch, but when it is time to work outside and enjoy the first few flowers, I want some sun and some heat. Off I go, I am finding it very hard to stay inside today. :) Always, Kit