Saturday, January 21, 2017

Time for a Little Get-Away

It's that time of the year again when the Hubby and I like to leave all the snow and cold behind and revisit what it feels like in the spring. It gives us hope that it will get warm again and we will be able to walk outside without slipping and we won't have to dig a path to the cars :) We latched on to an incredible way to not only do this but to celebrate being together 39 years. Disneyland! Yep, we are totally Disney geeks and we proudly say so...lol We love the music, the movies and the Land.
No other place brings out the joy and childlike fun as this one.  I feel such an abandon and freedom to just have fun. We wander through each "land" with such smiles and the overwhelming feeling of good will toward man.  You see, even with the crowds, we find people at their best in Disneyland. I get the sense that everyone who is there is so glad to be there, that everyone is nice. And helpful.

So we will fly out tomorrow (baring any weather problems) and land in the world of flowers, palm trees and Dole Whips. I hope to see the new Frozen show, find me a new popcorn bucket and sneak a peek into the Star Wars Land construction. 

Visit some ghosts and pirates and snack on a Goofy Dog and sip an Orange Fanta in Toon Town.

And park hop over to California Adventure for some roller coaster riding, World of Color and the Celebration of the Lunar New Year. And if I get tired, they have the best Starbucks there with the best kick ass giant cookie I have ever had. 

For a little while, I will be part of her world and count myself so lucky that I found a husband who shares my love of fun and looks forward to riding Buzzlightyears Astro Blasters and getting the higher score this time! Off I go, there is a ton to do, and I need to find my Mickey Mouse bracelet! Always, Kit

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Just a Saturday

And I like that. Nothing to have to do. Nowhere to go. Nothing pressing me. Just doing a few things on my list, or not. I love that freedom. Hubby headed out to his friends house to work on a project and I have the house to myself. Quiet, just the hum of the furnace (very cold here today -5). Nice. 

I got my shams finally from Bon Ton and when my old cat finally wakes up (we all know, you do not wake up sleeping babies or cranky old cats...lol) I will change out the linens on the master bed. I quite fell in love with this pattern and can't wait to see how it looks. I thought it was very apropos for a Montana bed room. Moose! But not all manly/hunting scenes, it is in cute quilty looking patterns. This is the pic from the package. Isn't it great? 

Well, I need to get back out into the kitchen, or not....lol I have decided after many many years to change it's look. Right now it is too cluttery country for my tastes. So I am stripping it bare and then will stand back and take a good look at it. And see what direction I want to go in. No hurry. Or maybe I will just have another cup of coffee. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Yikes! It's cold out there!

I am happily holed up in my toasty house with fireplace and furnace going full tilt. But last week that was not the story. With the holidays over, I had to return to work and it was not a treat to step out into -10 degrees with a -17 wind chill. I really envied my hubby on those days. And I really really wanted a snow day! But no luck, because you know why? We are Montanans, that is why. We are made of harder stuff, we have back bone, we have Jeeps, and parkas and all that winter stuff, yeah, yeah, yeah, but still, I wanted a snow day. :( I had to laugh, I am known for always wearing shorts all year through at work. If Kit is wearing shorts it can't be too bad the kids say. Well, last week, I wore pants. I think that is why attendance was down, they took one look at me, and knew it was bad out there....lol

So today I will make a big pot of Bean Soup and some Pumpkin Pie. And watch the playoffs. I have to absorb all the football I can before it is all over for the year. I also have to organize and put away all my Christmas decor. I take it all down to the rec room and then spend a day culling out pieces and boxing up the keepers. Upstairs the house is dressed in all it's browns, and blues, so calm and peaceful. But downstairs it looks like a department store in the throes of Christmas clearance!

Oh, guess what? I got myself another Blow Mold Santa! And I didn't need to spend a dime. Hubby and I were headed out to run some errands the day before New Year's Eve. He was just listening to a message on his phone, when he pointed to a Santa standing next to a garbage can. I made a quick turn and he ran out to fetch it amongst tons of mid day traffic, climbing over snow berms and dodging cars. I swung about and stopped traffic as I picked him up and headed down the street. His phone rang and his friend said, "I just saw two crazy people running about with a Santa and causing grid lock on Russell Street!" Turns out the phone call was from the same person who messaged hubby in the first place to tell him about the Santa. So we scored a good condition Santa for next's year display.  Talk about being thrilled! And Santa has a new home.

Well, off I go. Time to get crackin'. Hubby just said it is now 1 degree! Yippee! Always, Kit