Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tis the Season!

To be happily busy. Ever since Thanksgiving, I have been in holiday paradise and having a blast. My daughter made it home just fine and the 4 of us had a marvelous time. Every little bit of the visit, was just as I had envisioned it. It was hard not to want to tuck her in my pocket and carry her around with me. Seeing her leave again was hard, but she should be home by Dec 17th. :)

Full of dinner, we looked over the ads for Black Friday. And my girls did find something they could use. A new washer! Little did they know, but when I and the youngest headed out to buy it at Lowe's, I was going to surprise her by getting them the dryer that goes with it! Oooo, I just love surprises. We had a wonderful time, and enjoyed all the stores and picked up some great items. I found the coolest quilt for my husband that has Moose on it. In varying degrees of orange and green. So crazy! And I will share a pic after Christmas.

Now we are almost to the half way mark to the big event! I have been spending my time decorating and getting the house ready for the holidays. The hubby and I just love lots of lights to make all corners just shine, so I put up a lot and everything looks so festive. I even surprised myself this year and mixed it up a bit from my basic decorating system. It has always been so easy to just put the same item in the same spot. Not this year! The Santa's are now on the Victrola and the village is under the tree.

My sugar snowmen and my late Mothers candle arrangement is now where the Santa's were. And I lucked out at the Cracker Barrel and found on clearance some battery operated candles which are on a timer and I have them tucked all over the place....LOL 

I discovered this year that in some instances, that less is more. I used to put all my holiday pillows on this one chair. Poor thing was so crowded. I like it this year. So simple and pretty. 

 I just love the vibrancy of green and red at this time of the year, when outside all is brown and white. I can't get enough! True, come January I will be back in brown and blue mode, but for now bring on the bright primary colors.

Our tree this year. Hubby and I were on our own for the first time in years. Both girls were gone for decorating day, but that was okay. We hauled the boxes up and took our time. It took 3 days and a few cocktails but we got it done. :)

Hubby took me out last Saturday to my favorite antique mall and it did not disappoint. The place was jumping with live music, lots of treats and tons of vintage holiday items. I found all sorts of Christmas things but the best was the last. A blow mold vintage Santa! We were hemming and hawing, and the booth owner (who we did not realize was listening) marked it down to $15.00. Well, sold it was and to me! We usually leave items in vintage condition but hubby restored him to all his brand new glory and he looks fabulous, doesn't he? He now looks out of our attic window wishing all who pass a Merry Christmas!

Well, it is now Saturday the 10th and I was woken up by this incredible snow! So much of it and it is so beautiful. Puts me in the mood to do some holiday baking and some wrapping. I have Roger Whitaker singing to me and no where to go but to just be here in my most favorite place and be. Always, Kit


  1. I can feel your holiday spirit right through your post. As always, it is so festive and pretty there at your sweet home.

    Happy Christmas holidays to all of you ~ FlowerLady

  2. Aw! It all looks fantastic, Kit! I had forgotten about Roger W! I will have to search for that CD.

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas season, Kit. Blessings, Diane

  4. Brrrr! I'm not a cold weather person. It's 61 F here and I'm freezing -- especially inside the house where we have no heat and no insulation. Just concrete walls and floors that retain an icy feeling. Your home is looking very festive. I put a few decorations out today. My boys will be home next week for the holidays. Coming from Colorado and New York they, of course, will not feel it's cold at all. :)

  5. Great decorating! Your tree is beautiful...the style I love the most. That jingle bell tree caught my eye. How cool!!
    xx, Carol

  6. Your home and your holiday spirit are so beautiful, Kit! Love the washer/ dryer gift, so practical and so perfect. I love your tree, and esp love seeing the handblown glass ornaments hanging from the ceiling.[ how do you do it, little eye rings in the ceiling?]

    Marry Christmas!


  7. Sweet post, Kit. Your house looks totally lovely and very festive. Your joy of the season shines through and through. Thanks for your visits! Have a merry every day of December! Susan

  8. Your enthusiasm is always contagious, Kit! I'm really loving all of your decorations~it's so great that you and your hubby work so well together in making your home so festive. Love your Christmas tree!

    Happy Holidays!

    Jane x