Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Arctic Polar Vortex of Chillyness!

Wow! We sure did get a bunch of the white stuff, about 8 inches. As I sit, it is -6 degrees and I think our high will be 1. No romping around outside for me or the cats, I think I will stay inside and bake and putter.  I have those pesky holiday items on a list a mile long that need to be checked off. Lucky for me, everything on the list is fun. My problem has been, just when I should be working on something for the holiday, I get pulled away to go to lunch or to watch a movie or to visit with a friend. All the best reasons to ignore the list. So today I will make a good effort to get back to the tasks at hand. :)

Oldest daughter returned from her business trip yesterday and I got the biggest hug and kiss, so my "what I want for Christmas list" is complete. She is well and happy and home. Which makes me well and happy.

 With hubby home for the holidays for the first time in forever, I have given him some tasks. He is in charge of the wrapping of the daughter's gifts. I have left him to the choosing of the paper, the decorations of the packages and such. Yes, I am indeed nervous but I promised myself I would not micro-manage. I would like this to be a new tradition. So what ever he comes up with will be perfect. Wish me luck!

Looks like someone is comfortable. Poor Bessie (the neighbor cat) was not too happy with her chair being moved in order to make room for the tree. So she has instead decided to take over my side table and in the process knocks everything off. Now where am I going to put my cup of tea? Something needs to be done. So...

I rearranged my tables and gave her the perfect spot in order to watch the world go by. And she even gets a Christmas cushion to sit upon. Of course I had to make it pretty. I think she likes it. :)

Look at my newest ornament. I really have a problem and cannot stop myself from buying ornaments. They are little bits of pretty. In fact, yesterday at Shopko they had all their ornaments at 70% off and I had to get 5 more. I have a serious 

Off I go, time to start baking, Frosted Molasses Drops, my all time favorite Christmas cookie. I am listening to The New Christy Minstrels Christmas Album and here is one of my favorite songs, A Christmas World .

It will make me feel warm all over no matter how cold out it is! Always, Kit


  1. Your post made me feel happy. Your home is decorated wonderfully as always and what a sweet kitty you have.

    Love, hugs and wishes for a happy Christmas week and day ~ FlowerLady

  2. It sounds like you are happily busy, Kit! I hope you get some rest over the course of the next two weeks. How did the cookies turn out?

  3. We had snow too! But 55 or 60 tomorrow maybe so I didn t dig out my car [not that I could...darn]. Everything at your home looks so beautiful. I love the red shed w the yellow door! Beautiful tree, angel, snowman...thank you for sharing all the details.
    PS your little interloper is precious! She quite takes over. She must like it at your house where everything is festive and fun.


  4. Spending quality time with family and friends certainly trumps any to-do list. I constantly have to remind myself that I don't have to rush off anywhere. Things will or won't get done and in the end it's all okay either way. My boy drove to Denver Friday so his roommate could catch a flight yesterday but it was cancelled because of the snow storms. My son's flight is Monday so I'm hoping everything clears up and gets back on schedule by then. Glad to hear your girl made it home. Have fun baking and preparing for Christmas. Bessie sure is one lucky kitty. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Your world sounds a bit like mine except there are more people in your house. I guess Billings REALLY got it. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Have fun getting ready. Blessings, Diane

  6. Merry Christmas!. Good luck with the delegating!! That used to be so hard for me, not so much anymore! Glad your family is home safe for the holiday.
    xx, Carol