Friday, December 23, 2016

Feeling downright Glowy

Christmas Eve Eve! Work is over for the year. I always tell the students, "see you next year" and it always confuses and alarms them. I have to quickly say, in  I got out early yesterday after playing Santa for the teachers. Remember the 30 Santa Pez I found in an antique store in Oregon in June? Well, I bagged them up and added some candy and a nice bow and snuck them all into their mailboxes. I hope they were pleasantly surprised and thrilled. Doing things like that, makes my holiday. But the key is, they can't know it is me. Shhh...

Hubby and I went to breakfast and did some light shopping. Came home with a hankering for spritz cookies. And lots of hot coffee! Spent the rest of the day relaxing and watched the movie Prancer. I liked it! I had never seen it and I just loved the little girl and her great acting. She wasn't snotty, just a 9 year old girl who loved the reindeer. Yes, Jesse there is a Santa Claus!

On a lark we entered a Christmas light contest and tho our house is not flashy with lazers and such, I think it looks like a Jewel Box (what my kids used to say when they were little). We are on the map for all to follow in town and see, and I don't think we will win any prizes but it was fun. We are getting lots of cars each night slowly trolling by so they have found us. Yay! 

And my daughter's house made it into the newspaper! Her house is so colorful and pretty! We are also in the same contest, uh oh, what happens if only one of us wins??!!  I hope it is her. :)

Here is Hubby getting ready for his run this morn. You can see on his head a surprise gift I left for him before I went to work last week. A Happy Festivus hat from Seinfeld. We are big fans of Seinfeld and when I saw this last year, I knew I just had to get it for him for this year. He loves it! 

Bessie our neighbor cat in one of her favorite spots. It has been very very cold lately and she has been staying over night quite a bit. We like to know she is safe, so we do not mind at all. Don't worry, her family knows where she is. :) Well, I am about to head out. My oldest girl and I are having a holiday lunch together at our favorite restaurant. I am already looking forward to my bowl of Won Ton soup and lots of laughs and chatting. Later, I will do some cooking for tomorrows buffet and finish up some items. I have another big problem in that I find things late for folks and have to get them prepared. But the happiness I get when they see what I found is so well worth it. Merry Christmas! Always, Kit
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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your dear family Kit.

    Loved seeing your house and your daughter's lit up for Christmas, very pretty.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Merry Christmas, Kit! Your house DOES look like a jewel box!

  3. Pure coziness. Just loved this,🎄 spirit of Christmas everywhere. I agree with Pom Pom, your house DOES look like a jewel box! Thank you Kit! Also love the quote by Jackie Kennedy! xoxo

  4. I love outdoor Christmas lights! Both houses look greae.And it sounds like you re having fun. Merry Christmas!


  5. Every year we put up Christmas lights that surround our two patio doors on the front of the house and the deck that they open too. It's simple yet stunning on a dark night. Less is more is my motto, but I also love to see the light shows that are created with computer programs. any light show will do!

    We love Festivus and watched Seinfeld reruns till we couldn't stand them anymore, but after a break you can still go back and enjoy them again and again.

    Merry Christmas. Ours starts in serenity but always includes lots of laughter and love.
    xx, Carol

  6. I missed this post in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas! I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your home...outside it looks like a wonderful gingerbread house and inside it's very warm and cozy. Guest kitty is darling! And your daughter's home looks fabulous all lit the moon behind the clouds in this shot!

    We had a great Christmas as well as the family gatherings leading up to it. Today I slept super late and I still feel I could use a nap!

    Looking forward to sharing the new year with you, Kit!!

    Jane x

  7. Just read your post Kit. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year's is awesome. We're still digging out from the Christmas blizzard. Actually it was kind of nice if you were staying home like I was. There was a white car sitting in front of my house completely covered with snow. Always enjoy your posts - you inspire me. Diane