Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All was bright!

This season has been incredible. I swear each year I sound a little redundant, but it is so true that each Christmas is just so Wonderful! From the little teeny things like a piece of candy left next to my breakfast dishes on a dark cold work day. To my youngest looking to help a friend in need. To having my whole family sitting around the table yelling, "Grog", as we toast each other with Mulled Wine.  The whole season is about giving, not getting. But we get. Because we give. I think that is what I miss the most when it is over. The goodwill and love toward everyone. So I will stretch this season as long as I can. 

My neighbors house looks like a Christmas Putz House! :)

Christmas Eve came with a soft but steady snow. It would snow all day and all night and we would get 13 inches of the beautiful, fluffy, cold stuff. And look who stopped by for a quick snack before flying off to deliver presents. Santa's reindeer! They ate a little juniper, sampled the burning bush and then mysteriously disappeared. :)  I spent the day getting ready for our traditional buffet of finger foods, later in the evening. I couldn't help but stop from time to time to just look outside, it was just so darn pretty. Lucky that I have a Jeep, as I took my youngest to church. We love the early children's service where the little ones are all dressed up in bows and sparkles. My own beautiful little one was very sparkly too!

After the meal, and a visit to my SIL for treats and chatting and some kind of root beer and bourbon drink, hubby and I had our special time where we give each other a new ornament. I love this time on Christmas Eve when it hearkens back to when it was just the two of us. This year he found me a lovely plaid ornie (I am the lover and queen of plaid!). Plus, an extra art piece from an up and coming local artist, this little picture will stay up all year round. I tried my hand at painting again and made a replica of our beloved RV from long ago. Oh the wonderful memories we have of those family trips. 

The big day dawned with even more snow and hubby gave everyone on our block the gift of clean sidewalks. Thank heavens for our blower! I baked up the Orange Rolls and the girls got here late morning and we had such a lovely time. We just take it easy and open little gifts and then I make brunch with mimosas. The new Oven Baked French Toast was a hit! 

The gifts were a big hit too. My girls get Christmas money now that they are grown, but I just have to have some fun and get a few gifts for them too! Some practical and some, not so 

We finish the day with the best ever tradition. The girls come back for a turkey dinner and then we play games. We sit around the table with our drinks and snacks and just laugh and chat and have the best time ever. And always and I mean always, my youngest gets a little sad as the night winds down because she loves it so much and we bolster her mood with one more, "Grog" as we clink our cups. 

These three are who all the work is for. My loves. My Christmas. I leave you with my newest hand carved Santa from my hubby. Isn't he wonderful?! Always, Kit


  1. Hi Kit! It sounds wonderful! You have the happiest heart!

  2. Oh Kit!~ Each moment sounds so perfect. I m so happy you had a wonderful time.

    I love the pink putz house--and real [rein]deer came!

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!


  3. You had a lovely Christmas. Sometimes you know the moment you first visit a blog that there is something about the owner that you will love as you discover more and more about them. We get because we give. This is so true and the real spirit of the holiday.

    OMGOSH!! LOVE your new Santa!!
    Happy New Year.
    xx, Carol

  4. Dear sweet KK ~ I love hearing about and seeing pictures of your 'wonderful' Christmas days each year, have enjoyed them for many years.

    What a fantastic treat your neighbor's house is in the snow and with those reindeer right there in the foreground. WOW!

    Have a great 2017 ~ FlowerLady

  5. You guys always have so much fun and have such lovely traditions. That carved Santa is absolutely fabulous!

  6. Dear Kit...Thanks for all your sweet visits to my posts. I love reading your blog posts! They are always so upbeat and a delight. I am SO HAPPY all of you had a beautiful holiday. You deserve it! Sending wishes for a happy and healthy new year of life! Hugs. Susan