Saturday, October 29, 2016

What I am loving right now, and one thing I am not

A Saturday morn. Love it. Sipping my coffee and eating the best brownie bites I have ever tasted. From a local bakery. It is very foggy and cold and so even this morning I have my Halloween lights on, and the place looks festive. I was bemoaning the fact that I will miss all my little pumpkin lights, so right before bed, I got on the puter and ordered some lovely Thanksgiving lights for my front window. Leaves, corn, pumpkins and tiny orange lights. Sounds good! It will address my little light obsession. 

I love little off beat surprises. Since my hubby retired, my life has been full of them and I smile and laugh at each and every one. The latest? This gent from one of my favorite Pixar movies. Made from a bowling bowl and airbrushed by my talented Hubby. I don't think he will be just for Halloween. I think he is a permanent addition to my living room. :)

I love how life can change at any moment and a person can go from sadness and concern to immense relief and joy. My oldest girl has been battling some issues with her new company, and at one point things looked a bit bleak. Hubby and I stepped in and offered help, but things turned around and I think she is going to be okay. We are so proud of her and she works hard. She just has to deal with some difficult people sometimes (don't we all) and that can make life messy. We just have to have a little faith. :)

Presents for my girls for Halloween, all wrapped up and looking lovely! 

I am loving a happy hubby. My guy is one very talented man. He carves, he welds, he creates and also does all my chores now that he is home all the time. Incredible! But one of the main things he loves to do, is make cars. About 5 years ago he made a Shelby Cobra and it is beautiful. He has been helping his friend on a car of his but he was yearning to do another car, all his own. Well, he found one and last week the big truck arrived and delivered his new project. Some kind of coupe (you can tell I know next to little about and he is over the moon! This will keep him busy for the next year or so. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

I loved having all four of us about for Hubby's birthday. So much fun to sit around and chat, and give our guy well deserved presents and love. 

Though my bushes do not love it, I love having deer visit my yard. Wow, so beautiful and I could watch them all day long. 

Well, what I am not loving is my lack of will power. I knew at the store when I was buying Halloween candy that I should not buy any bags with Tootsie Rolls in them. I am so in love with them and am not allowed to eat them. See, my teeth look pretty good, but truth is, most of them are crowns. And when you have crowns, you do not eat Tootsie Rolls. But guess who ate Tootsie Rolls? Yep, and guess what, I loosened a crown. So I will have to see if it will resolve itself or go and visit my dentist (I swear I am putting his 4 kids thru college). Lesson learned? Probably But at least for this year, yes! Off I go, time to start chores before the football game. Happy Halloween! Always, Kit

Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Little Adventure

Remember I gave you a little tease with the water bottle marked Maroon 5? Well, first I have to give you a little back story. My youngest has been with a wonderful young man for 4 years now. But actually they went all through school together and were best friends and then they fell in love. (Just like in When Harry Met Sally). He is a stage carpenter and works on concert tours. He just finished the Madonna, Rebel Heart Tour and since September has been on the Maroon 5 tour. Well, when I heard he was going to be on this tour back in July, I started to plan. You see I came late to the Maroon 5 party. I really had no idea who they were and what their music was like until I saw Adam Levine in the movie, Begin Again (back in February). Then he sang, Lost Stars and I was hooked. Who was this gorgeous man with the lovely voice and I started to research and a groupie was born! So, I booked the flights and hotel and car and my daughter and I were off to Seattle! Free tickets would be given to us by our favorite roadie and I would have a get away with my girl. But wait! My oldest girl would be in the neighborhood on business and could join us. Oh happy day, all three of us girls on a wild lady weekend.

It turned out perfectly! The weather in Seattle was gorgeous (and right before that massive storm that rolled in a couple of days later), sunshine and in the 70's. The flight was fun and very girly. I gifted my youngest a bracelet I had made to mark the occasion. (what we do on airplane flights, give gifts and drink wine and squeal with glee when we take off).

Our hotel was old and quaint and walking distance to the venue; the Key Arena and the Space Needle.

We wandered about and were lucky to be able to watch the band arrive in their bus (except for Adam) and yes, I had to jump up on a wall and scrabble down a dirt embankment to see thru the fence. It was worth it!

We had a lovely lunch at the Collections Cafe which is part of the Chihuly Glass Museum. Great food and a great atmosphere and then our roadie showed up and my daughter just beamed. I couldn't decide which shined brighter, the glass or my girl.

I haven't been in the Space Needle for 38 years and it was worth the wait. Such views!

We arrived back to the hotel and my oldest girl was waiting for us. Happy day! We all went up on top of the hotel to the rooftop patio and it gave us more breathtaking views of Seattle as the sun set.

The tickets our fav roadie secured for us were incredible, right near the stage and he even stopped by at one point and gave us all, Adam guitar picks! Yes, the ones he plays with and throws out into the audience. Swoon! The show was fantastic. Each song rolled right into another with such energy. During the Encore, everyone was on their feet dancing to Sugar. Even me with a bad back. I didn't care at that Awesome concert, awesome night.

The next day before we flew home, youngest and I headed down to Pikes Place Market while oldest resumed work. I had never been there and was very intrigued. I loved it! And got myself a new apron and a t-shirt for my girl. We saw fish being thrown, ate a sample of apples and chocolate spaghetti and had French pastry.

On the plane we were tired and my legs were sore from all the walking (and dancing) but I was feeling so good. Thank you Jim, thank you Maroon 5 and thank you hubby, for making it all possible. Always, Kit

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

I just had my bowl of Cream of Wheat (my hubby calls it wall paper with blueberries. It is cloudy and misty and very very Fallish. I slept good with my cat by my side till he decided he wanted to venture outside around 4. That's okay, I just made up for it by sleeping till 8:30. :) Sipping my coffee and thinking back on my week. It had it's up and downs, but mainly ups. And then a huge UP!

Gift from hubby!
 My two daughter's are the two best people I know anywhere. Kind, smart, helpful, funny, and they just do good where ever they go. Well, it seems the place where they have lived for 8 years (they live together and are best friends), is raising the rent and an Airbnb is being run behind them, so they have decided to look for a new place. Not an easy task in a college town and with a short deadline. My youngest has had the task of finding a spot, since my oldest is on a business trip. She found a great, older home, with lots of storage and bedrooms and yard, and a wonderful "cute" factor that was very necessary for my girl. (The apple doesn't fall very far) She said she knew when she stepped in, that it was to be her house. But as things go, it was not. It was taken by the other family who applied. Damn. She was upset, which made me upset, and as her Mom it was my job to be the voice of reason with uplifting quotes and hope, etc. But I was ticked that these two girls couldn't catch a break. I turned my face to the heavens at one point and said, "Really???" I know, she of little faith.

Anyway, I came in from working outside a day later, and my phone was blinking. It was my girl. Very excited. The other family had backed out and the house was hers! I could not believe it and I apologized to the good Lord for having a moment and I swear I could almost see him wagging his finger at  We took a tour and paid the deposits (they are renting) and it will be a great fit for my ladies. And they only live 3 blocks from me. Win, win. I better start collecting boxes!

Off I go, I have to get ready for the game today. And I will leave you with a little teaser of some fun coming up this week. Photo below. :)
Always, Kit

Monday, October 3, 2016

I am loving October already!

What a weekend! First, I actually remembered to say Rabbit Rabbit (Susan Branch and I think the same and Saturday was also our University's Homecoming. A very big deal in my little town. We love our Griz and parades and fireworks and the "lighting of the M" and maroon and silver. We love it all! We had a little rain shower before the parade but that didn't keep anyone home. We staked out our space on Higgins Ave, next to Mello Mood (a pipe shop), coffee in hand and comfy in our chairs. Oldest girl was on the Pacific Coast for work, so just the three of us, Hubby and Em joined me. For two hours we waved and screamed and sang and took pictures of friends and floats. The float from my school was fantastic and won 2nd place in the school division. I was so proud! And my good friend marches and plays trumpet in the Alumni Band and they were wonderful and took 1st place in the Band Division. Lots of candy was thrown, I got a new American Flag and the whole crowd was sporting paper antlers. So festive, and so much fun. :) 

My loves, the Shriners!, I love ballerinas in cool shoes, my fav vehicle ever, my trumpeter/friend, the Willard Float!  

Snogging with my fella, Red Wave Band and both my daughter's band teacher, The Crazy Bike People, Two Peas in a Pod, Everyone needs a hug from Elsa, The Foresters Float and they handed out pine branches!

Afterward, we were off to home, to change clothes and have a bite to eat. Then over to the stadium for the big game with 26,000 other fans. We played Southern Utah and I am happy to say we beat them royally. I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I must say I wouldn't have missed any of it, for anything. Go Griz! Go Montana! Always, Kit

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