Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kat - Man - Do

I have always wanted a special name for my home. So many of you have such sweet names: Plum Cottage, Lemon Lane, and my favorite from an old book, Back of the Moon.  I have tried some out, but nothing has stuck. Until I thought about that story I used to read to my girls when they were little, where a cat wants to see the world and he goes on a vacation to that mystical and special place called Kat-Man-Do!

That was it! That would be the name of my home. You see, we have about 5 cats. But really, we only own 1. But everyday, there is a parade of cats who show up, wander thru the gardens, play with my hubby and then leave. It is their mystical and special place! Their vacation. Their AirBnb!

I swear whenever a new family moves into the neighborhood, there must be sign telling the cats where to come. Because come they do. And happily our cat does not seem to mind. And in fact, he has been more energetic and spry since they started coming.

Let me introduce you to them. Oh, by the way, a lot of the cats do not have name tags so we make up names for them. Or we morph their real name into what we find more pleasing...LOL

First off: Is our old man, Sam Man. He is our cat and is now 16 years old. He came to us as a stray during a very cold winter. He's my baby. 

Bessie Girl. Of all the cats she is our part time kitty. She comes in the house and sleeps and we even feed her. She came to us 4 years ago, and primed Sam for accepting all the others. (real name Tango)

Pea Soup. He is our new neighbors cat and Sam's rival. Both boys! But friendly and loves to get petted on the swing. (real name Pishue)

Betty. Such eyes, so pretty and dainty. A bit skittish but warming up to us. With her gorgeous coat, she reminded me of Betty Buckley in Sunset Blvd....LOL

Nubbin. He is the newest one. And has no tail. Very young and a bit unsure. He stays away from the other cats.

There you have it, my menagerie!  There are a couple more, but they skulk about at night and I have not gotten a good look at them. I keep my bird baths full of clean water, and they love to use the "kitty trail" to get to the alley behind our place. Lots of hiding spaces and it is safe from dogs. A perfect vacation spot, come one, come all to Kat-Man-Do. Always, Kit

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I love my Sundays

I get to laze about, sleeping in late, sipping my one cup of coffee for hours, eating a piece of pie. Nice. No big plans. Some chores, maybe make a couple of meat loaves but definitely watching some football. Denver plays Indianapolis later. I still miss Peyton but our new quarterback is not too bad. He will be fun to watch. Rainy today and colder. Lots of color on my Burning Bushes.  Haven't had  our first hard frost, so my flowers are still going strong. Now that the heat of summer has passed they seem to have perked up a bit. 

On Friday after work, hubby and I hopped into the Cobra and took off for the high country to see if we could find some color. Snow and cold temps come early to the Seeley Lake area and it is a lovely drive along the Blackfoot River ("A River Runs Through It"). It was a perfect afternoon and we did see some trees and ground covers starting to get their Fall on. 

River Point. Where you cross over the bridge and head to Seeley Lake campground. Many lovely weekends and Saturdays were spent there with the girls.

The lake itself. It continues for many more miles around that point in the distance. It was so quiet and it smelled so good. Warm sap, pine needles and wood smoke. My favorite thing to do in the past. was sit on the shore with a good book and watch my family splash around. Just perfect. 

Hubby couldn't resist and did a little splashing for me. :)

Driving back home, the fields were full of cows and deer and farmers were finishing their haying tasks for the winter ahead. I just love that interspersed with today's homes, are homes of the past. I have a painting that looks very similar to this scene in my bath.

My souvenir from the days travels, found on the ground, below a mighty pine. So lovely. Always, Kit

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Being a Home Body

Today of all days, I want to just stay home and do householdy things. I want to text my girls, watch football and bake. Everything that speaks home and family to me. Even vacuum. It is cool and cloudy today after a brilliantly sunny day yesterday. The birds seem to be liking that the heat of summer is now gone. Their songs seem filled with energy. Spent part of yesterday at the Prairie Sisters Vintage Market with my youngest. Wow, so many lovely items and she found a metal doll house from the 60's. I had to restrain myself and only if a bell went off in my head would I purchase an item. No bells. But such a great time anyway. Coffee, pumpkin scones and time with my Best Friend. 

Ran around my yard the other day with my camera when it dawned on me that I hadn't taken any current photos of my garden. With the heat, my flowers struggled a bit and once I went to work, my watering was sporadic at best. I can't concentrate on two things at once...LOL 

My biggest success was using begonias and impatiens. And I had alot of pink. I just love the look of it against the red of my fence.

My Globe Thistles have taken over the back garden. I love their prickly heads. 

Isn't this a cool meat packers rack? Got it at a yard sale years ago for FREE! The man just wanted it gone, it had been his father in laws. Hmmm. Our neighbor cat claims the open part (hence, why no plants on that side).

 This is where I say I will sit and take a moment. But I don't....LOL

My place, means the world to me. Where I go for comfort and peace. May you all have peace today. Always, Kit

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Summers End

Well, I have officially been back to work for a week, and tho my back is a bit sore and I am tired out, it was wonderful! Lots of hugs and stories about how the Summer was spent. I got my kitchen and "cafe" set up with all my decor and started making food like I had never been gone. That is the great thing about routine and knowing how to do the job (for 21 years now!). My youngest was the sweetest girl and always remembers her Mommy and gave me a back to school surprise! All sorts of school supplies and treats and a lovely new purse. It makes going back to work so special. :)

I have been thinking back over the summer and all that I did and it makes me smile. I am not one to just sit, if I haven't accomplished something each day, I feel like I have thrown a day away. But that's not to say, watching an old movie or reading a book is not an accomplishment, so I had a bunch of those mixed in with projects.  

Like, finally tackling the huge task of reorganizing and filtering all the storage in the storage room in the basement. We are the keepers of all the heirlooms, memories and extra stuff that goes into a life. Well, I kept the first two types, but sent about 25 boxes of the latter to Goodwill. I didn't want a yard sale, I didn't want to see if I could sell stuff on Craigslist or Ebay, I just wanted it all gone. And gone it is! Now everything is in a row and off the floor, the items that made the cut mean something to me, and I feel free!

Hubby and I spent each Saturday yard saling. For me it is not so much about finding a treasure or two. See above to my freeing. But about the driving around and visiting folks homes and yards. I love to peek into their lives a little bit. And it's about the bagels and coffee and oatmeal cookies and being next to my hubby while we chat and visit about the world.

Planned a birthday party. I am in my best creative zone, when I am creating a party. I did a Rock and Roll Birthday for my youngest girl in July. She recently took up tap dancing lessons at the age of 31 and was in her first recital this summer. It was such fun to see her dancing on the stage. So I found decor, made a CD of all the music from the recital and designed a doll. It was so much fun and she loved everything.

The Fair! There is just something about the local fair. It makes me feel like a cowgirl (and I am from New Jersey). I love the animals and exhibits and this year hubby entered some great items and won ribbons! I ate fry bread and corn on the cob and held hands with my love. :)

So now I am thinking about Fall and apples, and football games. Time to change out the decor and surround myself with golds and orange. Getting cooler here and the leaves are starting to fall, and I love that. Always, Kit

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