Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Back Home Again

Been home for a bit, but I've been busy getting the house and gardens back up to snuff. My girls do a wonderful job watching the place and the cats, but once I come home, I love to get outside and start tweaking everything. It felt soooo good!

I will post soon about our Oregon trip but I have to organize my photos. In the meantime, we took a drive in the Cobra last Thursday. I call them "tiddles". I have no idea why, but I do...LOL Now that my hubby is retired we can go any day of the week, so we packed up the snacks and drinks and headed to Bigfork, MT.

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It was a perfect day. So much sun and lots of puffy clouds, but not one of the menacing "I am going to rain on your convertible" type. We happily drove along, enjoying the mountains and forests and it smelled incredible. Now if they could put that scent in a candle, I would probably buy one.

Now, Bigfork is on the East side of Flathead Lake. An incredibly beautiful lake. As we wind around heading north, you have the water on the left and forests on the right and cherry orchards on both sides. It is the dream of most to own a lake house, but from the look of all the For Sale signs, I get the impression once Winter hits, they discover it wasn't such a great idea. If I were to win the lottery, this is the house I would buy and live year round. Complete with my very own cherry orchard!

The town is quaint and filled with lots of little stores and restaurants. There were lots of tourists milling about but we were lucky and got an outdoor table for lunch, at the Pocketstone Cafe.

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 We visited the galleries and shops but I always seem to be more enthralled with the flowers.

Amazing color and growth!

This is the Bigfork Inn, back in the old days they used to put shows on inside. I saw JK Simmons perform in Brigadoon. He was wonderful, of course!

Driving home you encounter lots of cherry stands where the orchards sell their cherries and for cheap! I got 2 pounds of cherries for only $3.00. They even supply you with a plastic bag so that you can eat them as you drive home. 

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Going home was a bit warm, but so pretty, I quite forgot that I hadn't reapplied my sunscreen! I had one sore left ear the next day....LOL But so worth it. Happy Travels! Always, Kit