Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yep, it is that time again

This girl needs to get her ocean fix. The mermaid in me wants to be where I can see for miles, smell the salty air and hear the gulls. I long for the cool temps and gray sea, and can almost taste the chowder. Ahhh, Oregon time.

We are doing it a bit different this year and instead of driving, we are flying to Oregon. I figured out that between two hotels (and I love the pricey ones) and gas and meals, it came out to be about the same price as flying. And it will help keep the wear and tear on me and the hubby at bay as well as the car. So I have been packing like mad, and can still take with me most of the homey touches that I like for the condo. We will miss seeing this...

but can still jump into our antiquing and enjoy the stretch to the coast, thru the Van Duzer corridor. And be more rested from not driving for two days. I am told I can still shop to my hearts content, but to try and keep the items smaller than usual....LOL Or we will just have to find a UPS store. :)

And then, later that day, we will be enjoying what the coast has to offer. Incredible views, my leather chair with a warm fire and a glass of wine. It doesn't get any better than this, unless you want to play with.....

Legos! (I have a set my girls gave me for this year's trip and it is called the Beach Hut!)

So I bid you good-bye until July and I leave you with my most favorite beach to walk around on. I hope I find some beach glass and agates this year.  :) Always, Kit

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Vacation!

I finished work on Thursday, June 9th. Packed up my kitchen, took my toys and magnets home and bid adieu till the end of August. It feels great! I love now having my own time to do what I want and when I want to. Like sleeping in. No more setting the alarm.  Ahhh, that is such a lovely pleasure. Friday, I slept till 9am and then my hubby took me to breakfast to celebrate.

I celebrated turning 61, at the end of May and my family threw me a Finding Dory party! I am a sucker for anything Disney and my youngest did a great job planning my party. Lots of wonderful and thoughtful gifts and this year I chose my main gift myself. I have wanted to convert my old VHS home movies to DVD for so many years, and have never wanted to send them out. I couldn't bear the thought of them being lost. So we bought me a VHS to DVD dubber! It works great, and I have spent many hours happily revisiting my little ones. Now my memories will be safely on DVD format to last for many years. And I can make copies for my girls. :)

So now, I am looking forward to working in my gardens. I bought my flowers for all my patio pots last week. Youngest and I had a fabulous time at the Pink Grizzly Nursery. So many plants and too many choices....LOL  I am going with pink Geraniums, yellow Marigolds and purple Lobelia. I will have other pots throughout the yard too, with Begonias, Cosmos, Moss Roses, and Impatiens and Zinnias! That will be my happy "chore" tomorrow morning. I put my tunes on (I have outdoor speakers) and start creating my pots. I think that means the start of vacation the most to me. Well, I am off to watch an Indy car race, and eat some chicken. And sit with my feet up and maybe even stay up late. Cause I am on vacation. :) Always, Kit