Thursday, May 19, 2016

May is a busy busy month!

I have been so over run with events and gardening and just life in general, that I haven't had much time to blog. But today, I got a day off from work and I am taking advantage of not having any plans today.  It is by far, my most favorite month of the year. The world just wakes up here in Montana with lots of lilacs, lily of the valley, and my first roses are blooming. It smells so good outside that I can hardly stay indoors. We are having a lovely rainy day today and everything looks so green.

Well, Steve and I went on our annual trip to Spokane, WA for Bloomsday! Usually it is our family outing and we just love it, but this year our girls were in other parts of the country. Our oldest was traveling in Washington D.C for her business, and the youngest was visiting Disneyland with her love for Dapper Day. Steve and I rewound the clock and we pretended that it was just us before we started to take the girls. Tho we missed our girls we had a wonderful time. We have vowed to all meet up next year for Bloomsday!

Riverfront Park, Shoe Expo and Packet Pick up, Aunties Bookstore, the Gondolas over the Falls.

Spokane River, Steve heading toward the finish, the stoop that I have sat on for years, Steve finishing the race!
Mother's Day we all got together and had a lovely meal at Mackenzie River Pizza Co. where they make a sandwich that is to die for. The Willow Creek. But the best part was having us all together again. We shared stories, viewed pictures from all our travels and did a lot of hugging. I received a stained glass window for my outdoor swing. A "bird" planter and a bunch of fuchsias for my urn out front. So lovely!

Steve and Jilly
Em and I

My oldest celebrated her 34th birthday with an indoor picnic. We ordered her favorite Mexican food and for dessert; cherry pie and vanilla ice cream. She was thrilled with her new dress form (she makes costumes for when she and her sis attend Comic Con in San Diego) and a Fitbit.

We've started yard saling for the year and already I have found some treasures. But I think the best part was being able to visit one of the prettiest gardens in town. It was fun to talk to the owners and get some ideas for my own yard. Plus I scored a lovely little candy dish which is in my fav color (green) and is now filled with Bridge Mix. Remember Bridge Mix? Always makes me feel a little like the 60's to have some in a bowl.

Off I go, time to watch a new favorite show. Better Call Saul. Try it, if you liked Breaking Bad, you should love it! Always, Kit