Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Weekend

Though I much prefer Easter to be in April (and since I have no choice in the matter) I have embraced it's March-ness and gotten all my bunnies about me, put up my Egg tree and compiled the baskets for my daughters. Today I will start preparing the food for tomorrows holiday feast. Nothing fancy, but lots of different items.Though I hate to cook, for holidays I pull out all the favorites and we will eat like kings for days. And I won't have to cook for those days. :) Win, win.

Celebrated 38 years of marriage to my bestest friend and love. We look at each other and shrug and marvel over it being that long. Problem is, I want 38 more years and that is not doable. It has been a great adventure and we have more coming up. My breadwinner, my bacon-bringer-homer is retiring next month. He has worked in retail for 40 years! And now it is time to be able to sleep in, do his many projects, and spend the summers home with me. It will be a bit of an adjustment, but I think I will be okay sharing my house.

Last night the National Tour of Mamma Mia (click on the highlighted text for a sample) was in town and I took my youngest. Oh my, what a wonderful show. The voices and the dances and the songs of ABBA! What's not to love? If it comes near you, go! You won't be disappointed. Feel free to get up and dance. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Out and About

Today felt like a real weekend again. I actually dressed in good clothes, grabbed the hubby and we went downtown for the St. Patty's Day Parade. The town was out in their "greenery" with dogs and kids festooned in shamrocks.

 We wandered the shops and galleries. Enjoyed our local Irish gathering, and hit a wonderful book sale at one of my favorite stores. The Bird's Nest. 50% off of EVERYTHING! This store is unique in the fact that they mix old books with antiques. You will not find the latest best seller here, but you will find a Gladys Taber book that you have never seen before. They do not take credit cards and they ring you out on an old fashioned cash register. So cool!

 All that great shopping made me hungry and we made a mad dash in the rain for the Iron Horse Pub for a lovely meal of a homemade burger and sweet potato fries. The place was packed with parade goers. Such fun! I thought once I got home, it would be some chores and do a little decorating for Easter but my youngest had to run to Seeley Lake and I rode shotgun. What a lovely drive thru the forest where there was still quite a lot of snow on the ground and deer everywhere. We got a lot of nice chatting in and it was fun to have a little road trip. Now it is time for our movie with Goobers and buttered popcorn. Always, Kit

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hack, hack, sniffle, sniffle

Me, who seemed to be able to dodge every cold and sniffle that floats by, had succumbed. How this virus snuck thru my many defenses is beyond me, but it did and it had taken up residence. And appeared to not want to leave.

But not one to wallow, I decided to make the best of it. So if I was stuck, propped up on the couch, what could I do? Well, I decided to see if I could watch most of the shows that I have stored on my DVR. Really not too hard since I had only used 40% of my storage. Then I took to streaming (I just love Netflix!) and visited shows like Star Trek, The Greatest British Baking Show and Better Call Saul.

Then I switched to anything Jane Austen. Then I got bored....LOL It was bound to happen, too sick to read, didn't want to write. Thank heavens for visits from my daughter and hubby to break the days up. Lots of sleeping and then one day I woke up, and I was better! Yay!

Felt like eating and craved Won Ton Soup. Oranges! What I would have given for a slice of apple pie. My youngest went shopping for me and I got my apple pie! So tomorrow I will return to work after being sick for 10 days. It will feel good to get back in my normal routine and if I ever watch another TV show, it will be too soon. (Downton Abbey does not count!) Always, Kit