Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Year is Almost Here

It has been a quiet and lovely day. Lots of sun, but pretty cold out. And I hear, tonight will bring more snow and arctic winds from the North. We will stay in tonight, I will make up for me and my love, a special treat of finger foods, some peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream and later our champagne with Chambard (raspberry liqueur). We have a movie to watch (which helps get me to and then when the clock strikes 12, over town we will be able to see fireworks and here all sorts of noise coming from our neighbors and of course we will share a kiss. I leave you with my favorite rendition of Auld Lang Syne, it truly makes me cry. Click on the link and enjoy. Happy New Years to you all. May it be kind to you. Always, Kit

 See you next year! :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All was bright!

This season has been incredible. I swear each year I sound a little redundant, but it is so true that each Christmas is just so Wonderful! From the little teeny things like a piece of candy left next to my breakfast dishes on a dark cold work day. To my youngest looking to help a friend in need. To having my whole family sitting around the table yelling, "Grog", as we toast each other with Mulled Wine.  The whole season is about giving, not getting. But we get. Because we give. I think that is what I miss the most when it is over. The goodwill and love toward everyone. So I will stretch this season as long as I can. 

My neighbors house looks like a Christmas Putz House! :)

Christmas Eve came with a soft but steady snow. It would snow all day and all night and we would get 13 inches of the beautiful, fluffy, cold stuff. And look who stopped by for a quick snack before flying off to deliver presents. Santa's reindeer! They ate a little juniper, sampled the burning bush and then mysteriously disappeared. :)  I spent the day getting ready for our traditional buffet of finger foods, later in the evening. I couldn't help but stop from time to time to just look outside, it was just so darn pretty. Lucky that I have a Jeep, as I took my youngest to church. We love the early children's service where the little ones are all dressed up in bows and sparkles. My own beautiful little one was very sparkly too!

After the meal, and a visit to my SIL for treats and chatting and some kind of root beer and bourbon drink, hubby and I had our special time where we give each other a new ornament. I love this time on Christmas Eve when it hearkens back to when it was just the two of us. This year he found me a lovely plaid ornie (I am the lover and queen of plaid!). Plus, an extra art piece from an up and coming local artist, this little picture will stay up all year round. I tried my hand at painting again and made a replica of our beloved RV from long ago. Oh the wonderful memories we have of those family trips. 

The big day dawned with even more snow and hubby gave everyone on our block the gift of clean sidewalks. Thank heavens for our blower! I baked up the Orange Rolls and the girls got here late morning and we had such a lovely time. We just take it easy and open little gifts and then I make brunch with mimosas. The new Oven Baked French Toast was a hit! 

The gifts were a big hit too. My girls get Christmas money now that they are grown, but I just have to have some fun and get a few gifts for them too! Some practical and some, not so 

We finish the day with the best ever tradition. The girls come back for a turkey dinner and then we play games. We sit around the table with our drinks and snacks and just laugh and chat and have the best time ever. And always and I mean always, my youngest gets a little sad as the night winds down because she loves it so much and we bolster her mood with one more, "Grog" as we clink our cups. 

These three are who all the work is for. My loves. My Christmas. I leave you with my newest hand carved Santa from my hubby. Isn't he wonderful?! Always, Kit

Friday, December 23, 2016

Feeling downright Glowy

Christmas Eve Eve! Work is over for the year. I always tell the students, "see you next year" and it always confuses and alarms them. I have to quickly say, in  I got out early yesterday after playing Santa for the teachers. Remember the 30 Santa Pez I found in an antique store in Oregon in June? Well, I bagged them up and added some candy and a nice bow and snuck them all into their mailboxes. I hope they were pleasantly surprised and thrilled. Doing things like that, makes my holiday. But the key is, they can't know it is me. Shhh...

Hubby and I went to breakfast and did some light shopping. Came home with a hankering for spritz cookies. And lots of hot coffee! Spent the rest of the day relaxing and watched the movie Prancer. I liked it! I had never seen it and I just loved the little girl and her great acting. She wasn't snotty, just a 9 year old girl who loved the reindeer. Yes, Jesse there is a Santa Claus!

On a lark we entered a Christmas light contest and tho our house is not flashy with lazers and such, I think it looks like a Jewel Box (what my kids used to say when they were little). We are on the map for all to follow in town and see, and I don't think we will win any prizes but it was fun. We are getting lots of cars each night slowly trolling by so they have found us. Yay! 

And my daughter's house made it into the newspaper! Her house is so colorful and pretty! We are also in the same contest, uh oh, what happens if only one of us wins??!!  I hope it is her. :)

Here is Hubby getting ready for his run this morn. You can see on his head a surprise gift I left for him before I went to work last week. A Happy Festivus hat from Seinfeld. We are big fans of Seinfeld and when I saw this last year, I knew I just had to get it for him for this year. He loves it! 

Bessie our neighbor cat in one of her favorite spots. It has been very very cold lately and she has been staying over night quite a bit. We like to know she is safe, so we do not mind at all. Don't worry, her family knows where she is. :) Well, I am about to head out. My oldest girl and I are having a holiday lunch together at our favorite restaurant. I am already looking forward to my bowl of Won Ton soup and lots of laughs and chatting. Later, I will do some cooking for tomorrows buffet and finish up some items. I have another big problem in that I find things late for folks and have to get them prepared. But the happiness I get when they see what I found is so well worth it. Merry Christmas! Always, Kit
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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Arctic Polar Vortex of Chillyness!

Wow! We sure did get a bunch of the white stuff, about 8 inches. As I sit, it is -6 degrees and I think our high will be 1. No romping around outside for me or the cats, I think I will stay inside and bake and putter.  I have those pesky holiday items on a list a mile long that need to be checked off. Lucky for me, everything on the list is fun. My problem has been, just when I should be working on something for the holiday, I get pulled away to go to lunch or to watch a movie or to visit with a friend. All the best reasons to ignore the list. So today I will make a good effort to get back to the tasks at hand. :)

Oldest daughter returned from her business trip yesterday and I got the biggest hug and kiss, so my "what I want for Christmas list" is complete. She is well and happy and home. Which makes me well and happy.

 With hubby home for the holidays for the first time in forever, I have given him some tasks. He is in charge of the wrapping of the daughter's gifts. I have left him to the choosing of the paper, the decorations of the packages and such. Yes, I am indeed nervous but I promised myself I would not micro-manage. I would like this to be a new tradition. So what ever he comes up with will be perfect. Wish me luck!

Looks like someone is comfortable. Poor Bessie (the neighbor cat) was not too happy with her chair being moved in order to make room for the tree. So she has instead decided to take over my side table and in the process knocks everything off. Now where am I going to put my cup of tea? Something needs to be done. So...

I rearranged my tables and gave her the perfect spot in order to watch the world go by. And she even gets a Christmas cushion to sit upon. Of course I had to make it pretty. I think she likes it. :)

Look at my newest ornament. I really have a problem and cannot stop myself from buying ornaments. They are little bits of pretty. In fact, yesterday at Shopko they had all their ornaments at 70% off and I had to get 5 more. I have a serious 

Off I go, time to start baking, Frosted Molasses Drops, my all time favorite Christmas cookie. I am listening to The New Christy Minstrels Christmas Album and here is one of my favorite songs, A Christmas World .

It will make me feel warm all over no matter how cold out it is! Always, Kit

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tis the Season!

To be happily busy. Ever since Thanksgiving, I have been in holiday paradise and having a blast. My daughter made it home just fine and the 4 of us had a marvelous time. Every little bit of the visit, was just as I had envisioned it. It was hard not to want to tuck her in my pocket and carry her around with me. Seeing her leave again was hard, but she should be home by Dec 17th. :)

Full of dinner, we looked over the ads for Black Friday. And my girls did find something they could use. A new washer! Little did they know, but when I and the youngest headed out to buy it at Lowe's, I was going to surprise her by getting them the dryer that goes with it! Oooo, I just love surprises. We had a wonderful time, and enjoyed all the stores and picked up some great items. I found the coolest quilt for my husband that has Moose on it. In varying degrees of orange and green. So crazy! And I will share a pic after Christmas.

Now we are almost to the half way mark to the big event! I have been spending my time decorating and getting the house ready for the holidays. The hubby and I just love lots of lights to make all corners just shine, so I put up a lot and everything looks so festive. I even surprised myself this year and mixed it up a bit from my basic decorating system. It has always been so easy to just put the same item in the same spot. Not this year! The Santa's are now on the Victrola and the village is under the tree.

My sugar snowmen and my late Mothers candle arrangement is now where the Santa's were. And I lucked out at the Cracker Barrel and found on clearance some battery operated candles which are on a timer and I have them tucked all over the place....LOL 

I discovered this year that in some instances, that less is more. I used to put all my holiday pillows on this one chair. Poor thing was so crowded. I like it this year. So simple and pretty. 

 I just love the vibrancy of green and red at this time of the year, when outside all is brown and white. I can't get enough! True, come January I will be back in brown and blue mode, but for now bring on the bright primary colors.

Our tree this year. Hubby and I were on our own for the first time in years. Both girls were gone for decorating day, but that was okay. We hauled the boxes up and took our time. It took 3 days and a few cocktails but we got it done. :)

Hubby took me out last Saturday to my favorite antique mall and it did not disappoint. The place was jumping with live music, lots of treats and tons of vintage holiday items. I found all sorts of Christmas things but the best was the last. A blow mold vintage Santa! We were hemming and hawing, and the booth owner (who we did not realize was listening) marked it down to $15.00. Well, sold it was and to me! We usually leave items in vintage condition but hubby restored him to all his brand new glory and he looks fabulous, doesn't he? He now looks out of our attic window wishing all who pass a Merry Christmas!

Well, it is now Saturday the 10th and I was woken up by this incredible snow! So much of it and it is so beautiful. Puts me in the mood to do some holiday baking and some wrapping. I have Roger Whitaker singing to me and no where to go but to just be here in my most favorite place and be. Always, Kit

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Over the Moon!

I can't contain myself today! I am actually giddy. Hubby does not know what to do with Lucky for him, today is his day to go over to his friends house and they are working on building Hubby's new car. Sooooo.....  That means the house is all mine, alone, time to putter and cook and bake and straighten and fuss and make my nest lovely. :) That makes me giddy, but the real reason is that my oldest has been texting me all morning. She got to the New Orleans airport, made it thru security and is now waiting to board her plane (knock on wood). Does anyone else do that? I am so afraid to jinx something, I constantly knock on wood, probably much to my families But hey, if I feel it works I will do it.  :)

My lovely girl doing what she loves most, traveling the country!

Well, I have started my cooking and the only thing lacking is the sound of a football game on in the background. Really? No games today??? I should have recorded one just for that purpose. I will remember that next year. I do not have a ton to cook, we are simple folks. So I will have time to also do some reading and plan what the table will look like this year. But it won't take long.  It's funny, I use the same tablecloth, napkins and dishes every year. No change. Why? Because in that weird universe that is my brain, I think they would be sad if they didn't get to come out and spend the holiday with us. Because they always have!  The only thing I play around with is the centerpiece. I know, very strange. 

Last years simple table
Okay, I am up to the baking of the pie. Debating whether we will also need brownies. Am I kidding? Of course we need brownies. With walnuts. :) Just stirred the Chex Mix. Texting has stopped from my daughter so I assume she is up in the air and on her way to Denver. Then Missoula. Knock on wood. Happy Thanksgiving! Always, Kit 

I am leaving the light on for her. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Favorite Week

There is just something about this upcoming week that gets my soul singing. My juices flowing. My heart bursting. You get the idea. I am lucky and with my job I get 6 whole days off to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and the start to the Christmas season. And for me, since it is all about the planning and the set up and the preparing, I am in seventh heaven! I am in my best form when I have an event to create. All my thoughts converge and pretty tables, labels for cookie bags, interesting ways to make a centerpiece and what to cook, all come pouring out of me. It feels so good! 

Every year I make the same menu. Easy Peasy but so tasty. My hubby says he loves the fact that there are so many different foods to sample. And my kids are comforted to know, all their favorites will be there and they won't have to suddenly try asparagus with cheese! And the rolls better come out of a The only thing we have changed is the type of turkey we get. We no longer get the supermarket variety but I find a humanely treated organic turkey.  That makes all of us enjoy it better. 

This year will be a little different. Our oldest girl is currently on a business trip and was going to be in New Orleans for the holiday. This would have been the first year, all 4 of us would not be together. Mommy didn't care for that and neither did anyone else, so we are flying her home for the holidays. Yay! I can't wait to see her. We have been texting and both of us are so excited. It can't come soon enough for me. :)  We have so much fun together that night, eating and playing games and taking selfies. I laugh so hard, my tummy hurts the next day. 

Well, my back room is a disaster zone with bags of snacks and incoming Christmas presents, and my many lists. It is starting to bug me. So organizing is a must today. I can not function in chaos! Off I go, my coffee cup is empty and the hubby is about to leave to go to his friends house, I have 4 hours all to myself. Alright, time to get started. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Road Trip!

This is becoming my Saturday ritual. Coffee. My cat in the window. My blog. It is a cold one here this morn and the sun is trying to peek out. We have had dense fog each morning until late in the morning. Yesterday I was off and Hubby and I decided to take a drive to our state's capitol, Helena. Not to complain about the recent election (this is an angst free zone!) but to shop at a wonderful antique store, and eat at a favorite eatery. Once we were out of our valley the fog was gone and it was gorgeous out! Most of our leaves are down and done for the Fall, but it is still such a lovely drive. I could feel my body relaxing as we chatted and sipped our coffee.

First stop was lunch at Bert and Ernie's! Doesn't the name make you smile? Back when we lived in Helena we would go to the original restaurant with our little one and have our fresh made sub sandwiches and she would eat little cubes of meat and cheese and fruit they would prepare for her. The place was packed and we got a lovely table near the windows and the hostess thanked us for being so patient (as she cleaned the table) and I told her, "Life is too short to be impatient." She liked that. :) We had a wonderful meal and then I was ready to shop!

Golden Girls Antique Mall, right on Last Chance Gulch is a great store. Two floors and everything imaginable to buy. And they have a resident "shop cat". He was in his favorite spot and ready for me to pet him.

 I found some treasures and I even swore a bit when I came around the corner and spied a cookbook (Gladys Taber's Stillmeadow Cookbook) that I have been looking for for years. I was sooooo excited! Plus, I found a little cookie tin in the blues that I love, and a little Stan Laurel doll, that tho it is a bit creepy, I just had to Then my eyes rested on a little bag of sequined ornaments. Now, the last thing I need is more ornaments, but these were so pretty and I could just imagine a little old lady making them one year and now they were so sad sitting in a ziplock bag. I bought them and will set them free! 

It was a perfect day and Hubby and I had such a wonderful time chatting and laughing and sharing. It is hard to get us in one place for any length of Today my Griz play and I will get myself all cozy on the couch and catch up on some letter writing. Off I go, Always, Kit

Through that gap to the left is home!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween is but a Memory

Gorgeous here today! Not like most Novembers I have had here in Montana. Usually the day after or actually even on Halloween we have our first snow. All the leaves fall and plunk, we are in Winter. But not so this year. Sunny and cold (32 right now) and the leaves of my apple tree are slowly and gracefully falling down. Hubby mulched a bunch of leaves yesterday and I can see that by Monday, we will be due to go back out and mulch some more. We do not bag them up and have them hauled. We chop them up with the mower and then pour them in my garden beds. Lots of great insulation from the cold and great easy free food for my plants. By summer they are all broken down and most are gone. And they keep the grass and weeds at bay. 

Our holiday was wonderful. I just love the excitement and greeting all the kids in their costumes. Hubby hands out candy with me since his duty as "Daddy Supervisor of  Daughters" is over.  He gets a real kick out of it. We saw lots of great costumes: a kid in a cardboard racing car and it looked fantastic, a girl dressed as an ice cream cone (I love her whipped cream with a cherry on top Hat!) and my favorite was a little boy who didn't really want to come out (he had a bad experience last year at some house) but he was glad that he did when he visited us! He loved all our decorations and pumpkins. Did my heart good. It is what it is all about.

Though my girls were in the middle of moving, my youngest dressed up her new house to welcome her new neighbors and it looked so cute. She handed out candy and made lots of new friends. Because of the move, they didn't dress up on Halloween as in years before but my youngest did get to go to a house party as Malory from the show Archer, though a much prettier version. :)

She also wore the new scarf I gave her (she LOVES spiders) to visit all her clients on Halloween. They thought she was so cute. I think so too!

Oldest girl having a beverage on a party evening downtown as Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. This girl rocks the pink hair for sure. :) So very pretty.

So now I am thinking about Thanksgiving. My new lites arrived and I think I should have bought two strings but I will make one work for now. All my turkeys go up tomorrow and the rooms change to gold and brown, but some touches of orange still. This month calms and makes me feel so content and cozy. And I start my lists and start my daydreaming about the holidays. It feels good. Always, Kit

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