Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Holiday

Ahhh, a moment to sit and sip some tea and relax a bit. Though I can't for too long, since today I finish clearing away our Thanksgiving and start our Christmas decor. :) It is a big job but I am up to the challenge. I never look on it as work, to me it is like greeting old friends. And I just love all my lights and sparkle about me for the month.

But back to Thanksgiving for just a bit. It was totally awesome! From the blizzard we had on Tuesday (I could enjoy it to the fullest, knowing I didn't have to go to work the next day), where I cozied in with my tea and cookies and literally just looked out the window, and watched as my garland kept blowing away...LOL The next day dawned sunny but very cold and I got to work, baking and cooking. And working on cookie bags and candle arrangements.

Thanksgiving morning is all mine. My hubby goes to a Turkey Trot run and I bake up some orange rolls and grab my tea, the newspaper and flick on the Macy's Day parade. I just adore it. Tho this year, it seemed like every male singer had this odd dark kewpie doll hairstyle, that made it look like the same guy just kept appearing on different floats. Fascinated me to no end. Then Santa comes to town and I burst into tears, don't know why, maybe all the good feelings the holidays give me. Happens every year. :)

The girls came over (my oldest made it back from her business trip, just in time to watch the parade with her sister. Ahhh) and we enjoyed our feast, but mostly the time together chatting and playing games. The evening ends much too quickly but we have to be sane and get to bed early, since hubby has to be at his store early and my youngest and I head out to shop at 5.

Yes indeed on Black Friday. But it isn't like you think it is anymore. Now that a bunch of stores are open on Thanksgiving, boo! (Note: my hubby will not allow his store to be open on the holiday. Yay, hubby!) instead of having to wait in a crowd in the cold, we just waltz right into the stores and there are no crowds! Just nice, calm, happy folks, wearing fancy Christmas sweaters and big smiles, and they are following their old tradition too. My daughter and I love the "magic" of driving around in the dark, in the cold, sipping our hot coffee and listening to our Christmas music. We buy our gifts and spend a lot of time chatting and laughing and we always finish with a stop at Daddy's store for donuts and a visit. Then I get to come home and crawl into my bed for a lovely nap. A great tradition for sure!

We finish this fantastic weekend, with a college playoff game (that we won! Go Griz!) while I address Christmas cards (I opted to stay home and give my ticket to my youngest) and I cook up many turkey fixins' for dinner. I cook one day and I am good for 4! Well, off I go, it will take me the whole week to get Christmas in place and so that means I better get out of this chair. Always, Kit

My loves!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's Getting Closer!

Next week. My wonderful break from work and the Holiday! I think Thanksgiving is so under rated. It has everything I need to make a perfect holiday. 6 days off, Calm (at least at my house), Fall colors, a Parade, lots of great food, a wonderful shopping experience with my youngest (followed by the best holiday nap ever!), the college playoffs begin and I get to start decorating for Christmas on the last day. Yay!

 I have all my fixins' bought, and I am now in house cleaning mode. Even tho it is just the 4 of us. I call us the Core Four. It has to be sparkling around here. Next I will fix up a special take home gift for my girls. Make sure my linens are pressed and ready and re-think the centerpiece of the table.

Come Wednesday, I will happily be in cooking and baking mode. I can hope for some snow, but just a little. My oldest is on a business trip and I do not want her snowbound in someplace other than home on the big day. She is in Kansas right now and should be here for dinner on Thanksgiving. Keep your fingers crossed!

There is nothing I love more than spending the evening with my family. The talk flows well as do the laughs and we eat till we can eat no more (and yet we still nibble). The games are fun and it brings out the creativeness of all and goofiness too! We sip our cider and beer and read the ads and plan what stores we will shop at come 5:30 Friday morn, (this is the only shopping allowed on Thanksgiving) and part way too early for all of us. But first, a goofy selfie amongst the mess of a well used kitchen. :) Always, Kit

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oh November, how I love you!

Ahhh, this month to me is pure bliss. The crazy fun of October is past, the hectic and busy December is yet to come, but for now, I have calm, collected and relaxing November. We still have some color to our trees but most of my leaf duties are over. The air smells like camping and it is so nice and cool. I am even in long pants today! Lots of cups of tea are drunk and I even roasted a chicken the other day. I feel very domestic. My hubby is wondering who this new lady is. I tell him, I can play Little House on the Prairie a little bit easier when it is not 98 degrees and I am not constantly outside watering and tending to my gardens. :) 

 I spent last week decorating for Thanksgiving and saying hello to all my glass turkeys. I have a huge collection now and I have to blame Martha Stewart. I remember when I first discovered her and she was planning her Thanksgiving and all along this stretch of table, were these lovely and incredible ceramic turkeys. I was sold! So I started looking, and I have been lucky to find quite a few at yard sales and antique stores. The one below is a salt cellar with a pepper shaker in the top. 

 Pretty soon my notes for the holidays will come out and I will start making my shopping lists. But for now, I am content to curl up, read my latest Country Living and just chill. Always, Kit