Thursday, August 20, 2015

Disneyland and Kit's Diamond Celebration!

Yikes! It has been awhile hasn't it? All I can say is that Summer took me over and I was a willing hostage. :) So many things have been going on but today I will review the trip I took with my youngest. It was super fabulous! We had such fun and even the little tiny moments were so special (thank you Marty in the Bibbiddy Boutique for creating fans for us on a very hot day) and Daisy Duck for parading down Main Street with my very own Daisy Duck. :) Disney does it right. They are all there to help and make each moment special. And they do a great job! On to the picts!

Here we are waiting at the airport in our matching Minnie outfits. I gave each of us a lovely Disney charm bracelet on the plane into Cali. Em gave me a Peter Pan ring, along with earrings, and a Cinderella. Our room was just lovely, as was Em. The castle and park dazzled in the dark!

Daisy Duck took hold of Em's hand and they sashayed down Main Street. Do you see it? Em is dressed like Daisy Duck! We wandered about California Adventure and enjoyed the boardwalk, Cars Land and the Pixar Parade. I was so excited to ride the Junkyard Jamboree. It's a favorite of mine...LOL

We had a lovely dinner at the Wine Tratoria which gave us excellent seats for the World of Color show. It always makes me cry. "It all started with a mouse!" Everywhere you looked you could see blue bunting and diamonds. We took in the show, Mickey's Magical Map and it was wonderful. Such wonderful singers and dancers.

Em is channeling her best Snow White! She got a lot of remarks from passersby and cast members. When the parade went by, Snow White threw her kisses. We frolicked all over Disney riding all the rides, taking lots of coffee and people watching breaks, and had a lovely dinner at the Blue Bayou. Em's favorite restaurant. I love to wave to the people on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride...LOL

We finished our "dress-up" as Carl and Ellie from Up. See my buttons my hubby made me? When I was Ariel, of course I had to ride the Little Mermaid ride. :) After we finished our Blue Bayou meal, they brought us cake and sang Happy Birthday to the both of us. So sweet! The trip was a perfect way to celebrate being 60. And if this what future birthdays hold, I am all for growing older. :)
Always, Kit