Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Weekend

What a lovely Saturday. Let's start with breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, where not only can you get a great meal (cheesy eggs!) But you can shop too! I found another clock in a really pretty lime green color. What is it about clocks that I just have to have them? And in every shape and size.  We ran our errands to REI, TJ Maxx, Ross and Lowe's where we looked into my anniversary present. A brand new toilet! As my hubby said, isn't porcelain the gift for 37 years? LOL

Home to work on my blog book for the year 2014. Can't believe I have been blogging for 5 years. Did some puttering around the house and yard. It was an amazing 58 degrees today. Hubby even unwrapped the patio furniture. He's done it! Now we are sure to get a snow storm. But it was so lovely to swing in the sun, while reading my latest book.

A favorite frame with my 2 favorite folks, when they were in Peru.
Been catching up on Downton Abbey. I was way behind and when I went to read a friends blog, she was so nice to put Spoiler at the top, about this show. Bless her. So I am almost finished. Have consumed tons of tea and English Muffins in the process too! Also, we are both watching the series, Breaking Bad on Netflix. We never got around to it when it was on. Making up for lost time. We love it. So cleverly written and filmed. And of course I have to have fried chicken when I am watching....LOL  Pretty soon, it is time for Enchanted April and croissants. And then Chocolat', and well, this one you can guess. After I am through I will have gained 10 pounds but be very happy with my movie choices.

Every home needs a magical Frog Prince. Handmade by my oldest.
Today, which is now Sunday. I have thrown the cats out for an airing, along with the throw rugs. And will clean all the hard wood floors, throw open the windows and let the sunshine come in. :) I have my touches of green all over the house, this Irish girl is getting ready for St. Patty's Day, and have an added bonus of an extra day off tomorrow. May you all enjoy your day, whether you have sun or snow. :) Always, Kit

The last afghan my Mom made me. Spring and Green!


  1. Hi Kit! I'm glad you get the day off! Your green is looking good! I loved this last Downton Abbey season VERY much! I cried!
    Take care, peppy friend!

  2. Fun post! I love your green clock and adorable frog! And such a special anniversary present! Cabn't go wrong with a new toilet, so romantic,lol.


  3. Yup! You're sure to bring on a snowstorm but then again, i'm sure we aren't through having them anyway. So enjoy the lawn furniture. All your green is wonderful - so bright and springy. Diane

  4. You make me smile! 37 years!! Bless you both! And I too, have wanted to check out Downton Abby but I'm afraid I may not move all my bum for a week or so! Books make crave food...not sure about TV.

    I hope you get to enjoy that outdoor furniture...I don't dare yet.

    Love to you, dear Irish girl (me...3/4 Irish...1/4 German). Still celebrate on the 17th!!

    Jane xx

  5. Very pretty afghan, Kit.

    Love Cracker Barrel, too, both restaurant and gift shop. Lovely things.

    Can you tell me about your blog book? Do you put all of your posts per year into a book? How do you do that?

    My email is

    If you have time to tell me about this, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks, Kit. Susan

  6. I love your blog and love all of your green (my fav color that I cannot get enough of)! Happy March!