Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Well, I could make up a story about being in Ft. Lauderdale where I am partying hard and running amok on the beach, but I don't think I could carry it off...LOL  My days of running amok are over I am afraid. But I have a good time in my own way. My idea of a fun day (Saturday) is going out to lunch with my oldest girl where we chatted and laughed and enjoyed the Club. My fruit salad was yummy and the coffee hot. We ran to Best Buy where my girl (who is savvy in all things electronic) picked out a Amazon Firestick to stream TV in my craft room. And later hubby installed it and it is great! I didn't want to have to deal with cable and really, what is on TV is pretty horrible anyway. Not all but most. So now I can find a movie or a show and not deal with commercials or nasty reality TV.

So for Spring Break what am I doing? Here is the list I have right now:
  • Day #1  Sleep in! Lunch out. Firestick. Watch the movie, Whiplash (JK Simmons is an old friend from my days doing musicals) Laundry, lots of laundry.
  • Day #2  Sleep in! Headache from too much wine last night. Movie was great, JK was scary! Drink lots of coffee. Do small chores. Enjoy sun in garden. Watch Nascar with pastries and more coffee. Clean and organize the filing cabinet. Look for tax stuff. Yep, didn't do them yet.
  • Day #3  Can't sleep in. :( Have to go and have my annual labs done at the hospital. I don't mind, it means I can have my yearly splurge at McDonald's afterward. Hopefully the installer for my new commode, will call and tell me he can install on Wed. Some Easter shopping is in order at the World Market. 
  • Day #4  Sleep in, sort of. Oh this day will be fun. I get to get my annual Mammogram. I always figure my visit gives the lab techs a lot to talk about later....LOL  My ladies are big! But they are mine and they are healthy and that is all that matters. Some grocery shopping for Easter dinner. Have to decorate the house for Easter.
  • Day #5  Probably woken very early by the installer. Hoping it goes well with no glitches (dry rot? broken tiles? Won't fit?) Can I hold it until he gets done? Or do I have to use the creepy toilet in the basement by the sewer pipe? Ewwww. Will have to keep busy in the house. Probably playing games on the computer and not drinking anything. 
  • Day #6  Can't sleep in.  Run off to Couer d' Alene, Idaho with hubby to antique shop. More like sitting in the car for 7 hours looking out the window and 2 hours shopping. But I like both and it helps with cabin fever. Plus I usually find some quirky item, I just have to have. 
  • Day#7  Definitely sleeping in. Tie up all the loose ends that I didn't get to. Hopefully see youngest daughter who is just back from San Francisco. Do egg tree in yard. Chicken and Survivor night.
  • Day #8  Will wake pretty early, since I am all rested up. Have to run into work to thaw frozen items and decorate for Easter for the students. Lots of bunnies. Prepare food for Easter Sunday. Finish baskets for girls. Yep, they still get an Easter Basket and always will. Will watch Fury and not drink any wine!
  • Day #9  Up and running! It is Easter Sunday. Lots to do. Hope the weather is great. Family will get together late afternoon. Yummy food, baskets, and games. Maybe an egg hunt if the weather behaves. All of us together is all I need. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, March 21, 2015

This and That

Well, here we are almost to the end of March. Wow! I swear I was just thinking that ours came in like a lamb and now I am wondering how it will go out.  Spring is definitely here. Lots of swelling buds, and flowers coming up and mild rain. Had a bout of Bronchitis, haven't had that since my days in college. But thank heavens for antibiotics and lots of great shows to watch. Finished Downton Abbey, watched some Larkrise and my fav movie at this time of the year, The Quiet Man. Do you know I was very surprised when I mentioned this movie to some friends and they had never heard of it. Really? But I was quite content to snuggle under my "Grandma Blanket", sip a brew and relish the Emerald Isle. 

First jaunt out was a road trip to Anaconda for their annual St. Pats Race. Lovely countryside with early calves and lots of geese, and the hills look like tan velvet. Hubby does the running and I do all the watching. I got the car situated where I could watch the event and not be out in the elements. Everyone gets into this race. There were poodles in scarves, many many green tutus, and babies in knitted leprechauns hats with beards! Those tickled me to no end. :)

Buses taking the runners to the start. I just love a school bus parade!
There's hubby, #659 heading to the finish!

Played leprechaun for my girls. Searched for any product with green coloring and that ended up in the gift bags. I get a kick out of sneaking into their house and leaving the gifts on their counter for them to find when they come home. To this day, they get soooo excited! Does my heart good.

Stuff, minus the new slippers which were already on her feet.

My Irish lasses at the St. Patty's Parade.
Well, off I go. I have a new book I want to start and I see that it is raining, so my tree pruning has been put on hold. Happy Spring! Always, Kit

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Weekend

What a lovely Saturday. Let's start with breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, where not only can you get a great meal (cheesy eggs!) But you can shop too! I found another clock in a really pretty lime green color. What is it about clocks that I just have to have them? And in every shape and size.  We ran our errands to REI, TJ Maxx, Ross and Lowe's where we looked into my anniversary present. A brand new toilet! As my hubby said, isn't porcelain the gift for 37 years? LOL

Home to work on my blog book for the year 2014. Can't believe I have been blogging for 5 years. Did some puttering around the house and yard. It was an amazing 58 degrees today. Hubby even unwrapped the patio furniture. He's done it! Now we are sure to get a snow storm. But it was so lovely to swing in the sun, while reading my latest book.

A favorite frame with my 2 favorite folks, when they were in Peru.
Been catching up on Downton Abbey. I was way behind and when I went to read a friends blog, she was so nice to put Spoiler at the top, about this show. Bless her. So I am almost finished. Have consumed tons of tea and English Muffins in the process too! Also, we are both watching the series, Breaking Bad on Netflix. We never got around to it when it was on. Making up for lost time. We love it. So cleverly written and filmed. And of course I have to have fried chicken when I am watching....LOL  Pretty soon, it is time for Enchanted April and croissants. And then Chocolat', and well, this one you can guess. After I am through I will have gained 10 pounds but be very happy with my movie choices.

Every home needs a magical Frog Prince. Handmade by my oldest.
Today, which is now Sunday. I have thrown the cats out for an airing, along with the throw rugs. And will clean all the hard wood floors, throw open the windows and let the sunshine come in. :) I have my touches of green all over the house, this Irish girl is getting ready for St. Patty's Day, and have an added bonus of an extra day off tomorrow. May you all enjoy your day, whether you have sun or snow. :) Always, Kit

The last afghan my Mom made me. Spring and Green!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Gorgeous day here! Sunny and getting warmer. My apologies to the East Coast, I think you got our snow. Been a very mild winter so far. I better knock on wood. :) Haven't been up to too much. Decided to not over schedule myself and just go with the flow. Feels good.

James Brown
 Had a couple of books reserved for me at the library. So hauled my purple crate of magazines with me to recycle, and to the man who let the door swing closed on me, I say, "Shame on you!" But to the gentleman who was playing the piano for a group of kindergartners, I say, "Way to go!" He is a fixture in town. You have to love this guy! An older black gentleman who wears a toupee that makes him look like the "hardest working man in show business", Jim Brown. He has an upright piano, complete with a candelabra and he plays so beautifully. He was asking the kids if they knew this song or that song. And if they knew Lawrence Welk. LOL When I cruised out of the elevator, he had finally hit on a song they all knew and as he played with feeling they were all singing, "Jingle Bells". Score!

Today was a trimester Graduation Day at work. And it was crazy. But crazy fun. So many tears and cheers and lots of hugs. Bittersweet. We want them to graduate, but we want them to stay. For 11 years there has been so many faces I have seen go and it never gets easier. Wore me plum out, so for the rest of the day, it is a movie and comfy time on the couch. Where's the tissues. :'( Always, Kit