Saturday, February 28, 2015

Change it Up

I was reading a post from my friend Susan, and she was mentioning taking down her Valentine decor and putting up Easter and she always asks a question (which I love!) at the end of her blog. And as I answered, it got me to thinking about my decorating habits. Some might think I am crazy, but I hope others will think, that's cool. I change out my decor each month in my main living space.

 I love to collect and we all know when we are collectors, there's the problem of where do we put all the stuff. I can't possibly put it out all at the same time. So I started boxing it all up and storing it in my storage area in the basement. That was sad. :(  I would forget some items for years! So I hit on an idea. Each month my treasures would have their time to shine. Most of the time it is related to color or what ever holiday is featured that month. That makes it easy. Also making it easier is a large cupboard with doors where I store the items instead of a cardboard box.

The 4 major holidays have their own time (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter) but for the other 8 months, they go like this: January, after all the green and red of the holidays, I go for a peaceful blue and brown decor. February, lots of red and black. March, is of course green! April is the only time I allow pastels and tons of bunnies into my house...LOL With May and June, it gets easy and I stick to lots of green with floral accents. July is when I have returned from Oregon and my home goes nautical. Lots of blue and white. August and September share a little bit with tones of gold and green and garden themed items.That's it! I get to appreciate all my special items and it sure keeps me from getting bored with the look of my home. So guess what I am doing tomorrow? :) Always, Kit

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentine's Day

Ya gotta love a holiday that features flowers, candy, hearts and lots of love. Did I mention candy?!  Love shown in so many ways. My youngest decided that for 4 days I should come out from work, to my Jeep and find something different on my windshield. The first day I got one of those Valentine's with the sucker attached. With a cute picture of a dragon, which said, "You're one of a kind Valentine!" Don't you just love all those cute sayings they come up with?  Next, two foam hearts in pink and purple. Then a little box of conversation hearts (I think I ate them all before I made it home...LOL) Then on Friday she herself arrived at my work with a tiny cloth pillow and a Mickey Mouse pencil sharpener. Ahh, so sweet and the best part was the hugs and kisses she gave. But surprise surprise, when I left for the day, there on my car was a box of heart shaped candy. I think I have made my quota for candy for the year. :/

On Val Day (breakfast), hubby surprised me with a bouquet of my fav flower, daisy's! I love to stick my face right into them and just breathe. Instant Summer!

   Later my oldest girl comes knocking at the door bearing Starbucks coffee and MORE candy! We had a lovely chat. She is one busy cookie so these are extra special. The girl works two jobs and never seems to have any time off in the Winter. We grab her when we can with glee! And just when I think the day has slowed, hubby brings in a big box and inside is.... A heart shaped clock he made! I saw one in the airport in Seattle and loved it. He found a pic of it and ta da, he whipped one up for me. Wow! So gorgeous. I gave him his art print from Wonderground Art Gallery in Downtown Disney, hearts and mice, a perfect combination we both agreed.  Always, Kit

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life does go on.

 Such a cliche, I know. But wow, so true. The clock just keeps turning and time passes. And as time passes, we start to get back into our routines. And routines get us up in the mornings, get us to work, has us shopping for groceries and making meals. And before long, we start feeling better each day. The cloud lifts, and we start to look forward to things again. :)

Like the trip my hubby took me on to sunny California. Thank you Cally, for your sun and flowers and people. You gave me the lift and diversion, I so needed. I hated to leave.

But once home I started to plan Valentine's Day for my girls and decorated the house and returned to work and to all the wonderful folks who support me. Oh, the lovely cards the students sent me. It felt good to be back and to get back to regular life. I have been catching up on all of you and it is so nice to immerse myself back into "blog land". I have missed you all! Always, Kit