Thursday, January 8, 2015

The New Year

Normally I do not post illnesses, injuries, etc. in my blog. It is not the place for me to do that. I don't mind that others do, we all use our blogs in different ways. I keep a separate hand written journal for those moments. But I am not comfortable with it and don't really like the looks of seeking sympathy.  But I have come to know a lot of you very well, and didn't want my absence to make you wonder. I know you all will be thinking of me and wishing me well, because you are wonderful friends.

 I lost my Mother on New Year's Day to cancer. She had been fighting it for 9 months with all her muster. But it wasn't enough. Our relationship was a difficult one. We hadn't spoken for 8 years, and when she returned to the area four years ago, we tried to start it back up, more like acquaintances. It worked for us. We had many lunches out, shopping trips, and lively discussions about books, television and football. As long as we kept it light, we were fine. Sorry to say, my daughters could not begin again with her, too much hurt and pain had happened. A lot of people do not understand, but I do. And my children are beyond reproach. They have protected me and had my back through it all. They understood. And still do. So now with the new year, life will go on. I will live with the decisions I made, good or bad, and hope she is in a better place. Always, Kit

My rocks!