Friday, December 12, 2014

Such a busy elf!

Wow, I seem to be going at a hundred miles per hour lately and surprisingly, I am having a great time! Things are getting done; the decorating, the events, the shopping.

And I still look up at my calendar and there is time left in the month. Really? It does help that I have parred down some of my obligations from the past and I am super organized. But as things get done, my mind keeps throwing out more surprises I could do, ideas for other decorating, and gifts that would wow someone. 

 Whoa! Where is all this coming from? I feel just like Scrooge when he awakens on Christmas morn and feels giddy as a school boy. :) My only answer is, it's Christmas! And it has filled me with energy, and creativity, and the feeling that anything is possible. 

This weekend I intend to get all my wrapping done, and put the final touches on a surprise I am working on. Can't say what it is, until it is delivered. :) I may do some baking, but only if I feel like it. I have found that our local bakeries make delicious cookies and it leaves me open for doing other things like going to breakfast with my hubby or watching one of my fav Christmas shows. 

 This is my newest must see. Makes me feel all giggly and happy. Off I go, time for the next round! Always, Kit


Pom Pom said...

Everything looks beautiful! You really are a good elf!

Lizzy D said...

It sounds like you re having fun! And bakery cokkies are a great idea.

Your tree is so beautiful.

Merry Christmas!


Susan said...

Hi Kit...Ohhhh, I love Christmas, too. There's soooo much to do but I'm trying to be calm and peaceful this year. So doing things leisurely. And you are right, it's only Dec. 12th.

Take care and have a wonderful Christmas season. Susan

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I always feel energized and creative when weekends roll around, but during the week, school just zaps me and I wind up being a lump on a log. Is that a new movie? Looks like something I would like. Your home looks cozy. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Diane said...

Your blog sounds fun and full of energy. Have fun, Kit. Diane