Monday, December 29, 2014

Clips of Christmas Present!

It is really cold out right now. We got snow yesterday (and yes I was doing my happy dance...LOL) and the wind has picked up and the wind chill is only -8. Not too bad. But it is sunny and gorgeous and as evening comes on and all my little lights come on, I am happy. Another Christmas is under my belt and it was a success! And being a success means: no one got sick or hurt, everyone enjoyed each others company, gifts were appreciated and exclaimed over and we had lots and lots of laughs. :)

Gorgeous ornie handmade by my SIL for each of us. All are different colors and have our initial on it. My youngest's Christmas sock with a PT Cruiser popping out the top, our kissing mistletoe where we try and trick someone under it for kisses, my collection of Santas.

Stories to share! Special gifts for my girls. Top corner: I gave my youngest a Madame Alexander Snow White doll to commemorate the making of her Snow White costume at this Halloween. I "met" a lovely lady in Arizona on Ebay who was selling her daughter's doll collection and it had never been out of the box. She was hoping that it would be taken care of, and I assured her she would be very loved. And she is. Bottom corner: Oldest daughter was heart broken at the age of 12 to lose her brand new Lion King lip balm, bought at Disneyland, on a Northern California beach. No way that we could find it and we were heading home. :( This year I was very lucky to find one on Ebay (they are no longer made) and the gentleman in Georgia loved the story and only charged me shipping so that my girl could have her lip balm back. He even threw in a Lion King charm. Makes me tear up even now. Such wonderful people out there. And she was so thrilled and touched. Those of the kind of gifts I love to give.

I collect Teddy Bears, all sizes and types and it is my hubby's job each Christmas to find me one. Not an easy task he tells me....LOL  The newest one is sitting with one of my fav bears from the past. Isn't she so pretty, I adore her hounds tooth feet. We also give each other an ornie every Christmas Eve and this year I got a Mickey Mouse T-shirt with feet! He knows I never wear t-shirts, so he wanted me to have one I could appreciate. And on the bottom is this year's carved Santa. He is tiny and is rocking back and Ho Hoing for me with the craziest green mittens. Love it!

Christmas Day Snow! How perfect is that?! Made the house seem so cozy and pretty.

There we are, the 4 of us. My most favorite people in the world. Need I say more? :) Always, Kit

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

May you all have the most wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas! Always, Kit

Monday, December 22, 2014

Coffee Break!

Just got in from some last minute shopping. Only a few odds and ends. It actually felt good to wander about the stores with not a trace of frenzy. So I shall sit here awhile and play a few games while I sip my coffee and indulge in a Russian Tea Cake or two.

Then I must start the filling of  the stockings! My girls still get a stocking all filled with what grown-up girls want and need. They still delight in finding the strange items I have found over the year. My favorite part is finding items that will make them smile and tug at their heart strings. It makes the holiday for me. One thing we all try and remember, are the stories that go with what we have found. And I have a couple this year from members of Ebay. They were my own personal Christmas elves. :)

The neighbor cat sure looks cozy. She has adopted us for the times that her family is not home. We do not mind at all. We feed her, let her sleep and give her free rein. Her name is Bessie. And she keeps me company while my 14 year old cat does alot of sleeping. 

Break is over and I must fly! I hope everyone's plans are going the way they should. Tomorrow I start cooking, so I better get going. Always, Kit

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Start of Christmas Vacation!

And it is a lovely long one. :) We lucked out and the calendar was our friend this year. I have begun it by having 2 cups of tea and some butter cookies. And of course, I slept in. Yay! I have been looking back over the season and it has been lovely. The tree trimming was fun and of course the tree is the best it has ever looked (I say that each year) with the help of my elves. 

I love planning surprises, and this year when I saw that my daughter's fav jewelry store was having their annual sale, I had to arrange a date to go shopping. We had such a great time and came away with some sparklies and some great Mother-Daughter time. :)

The latest surprise that I sneakily dropped off at my girls home was, The Week Before Christmas Survival Kit! When they were little they would get so excited that I had to come up with ways to entertain and distract them...LOL  So this year, I put together a bag full of treats and fun. Little Golden books, cocoa, Christmas mug, candy, crackers, popcorn, a banner kit craft, fruit and nuts. Such fun! They always wait for each other to open them, so they can enjoy it together. I love that.

To celebrate my last day of work, hubby and I got take-out and watched one of our favorite Christmas movies. Okay, so it isn't very conventional, but I just love it! If you love the Die Hard movies, you will love this. 

 So what is up next? Well, tomorrow is our annual dinner out and light tour of our lovely city. We load the girls up in the back of the Jeep, armed with candy canes and a full belly. I pop in the tunes and off we go. Where we sing, chat and laugh all over the town. We oooo and ahhh over certain houses and wonder about some of the questionable ones....LOL  As I drive, I look in the mirror to the backseat and see those two lovely faces, just like the ones that were there every year since they were born. And I think how wonderful, they still want to go with us....LOL  Great tradition! 

Well, I am off. Roger Whitaker is singing to me and cookies need to be baked. Hubby is off to shop and I have a few more surprises up my sleeve. Happy Holidays! Always, Kit

Friday, December 12, 2014

Such a busy elf!

Wow, I seem to be going at a hundred miles per hour lately and surprisingly, I am having a great time! Things are getting done; the decorating, the events, the shopping.

And I still look up at my calendar and there is time left in the month. Really? It does help that I have parred down some of my obligations from the past and I am super organized. But as things get done, my mind keeps throwing out more surprises I could do, ideas for other decorating, and gifts that would wow someone. 

 Whoa! Where is all this coming from? I feel just like Scrooge when he awakens on Christmas morn and feels giddy as a school boy. :) My only answer is, it's Christmas! And it has filled me with energy, and creativity, and the feeling that anything is possible. 

This weekend I intend to get all my wrapping done, and put the final touches on a surprise I am working on. Can't say what it is, until it is delivered. :) I may do some baking, but only if I feel like it. I have found that our local bakeries make delicious cookies and it leaves me open for doing other things like going to breakfast with my hubby or watching one of my fav Christmas shows. 

 This is my newest must see. Makes me feel all giggly and happy. Off I go, time for the next round! Always, Kit

Monday, December 1, 2014

Time for a little Christmas!

 My turkeys and fall colors have been carefully packed away and the place is a blank slate. Today I start the fun process of turning my eclectic home into Santa's Workshop. Nothing says Christmas to me but lots of red and green and vintage decor. And lots and lots of pretty lights. But first a recap of my latest holiday: awesome time with my family; chatting, eating, laughing and the evening was over way to soon. Then my youngest and I left at 5am and had our Black Friday shopping experience and it was soooo much fun. We did 8 stores in 4 hours, armed with lots of coffee and few snagged donuts. By far, my fav shop was the World Market and we got some nice free swag.

Saturday was our Grizzly's playoff game and I stayed home to watch on TV while my youngest and her Daddy went to the snowy game. We WON! They had a fantastic time with the help of some cocoa and peppermint schnapps and I loved my time alone with the snow. Look at those wonderful faces!

Now we come to Monday and I have it off too! I am one lucky lady. It is very cold and cloudy with little snowflakes blowing around. Perfect. I have my music on, a hot cup of coffee and all my Christmas treasures. And now it is time to arrange them. Oh what fun I shall have! Always, Kit