Saturday, November 8, 2014

Foggy and Frosty

A very moody morn. I am hoping it will burn off a bit cause I have some yard work to do. I am mulching leaves and doing the final touches on my gardens for the winter. And I better hurry, our first arctic blast is coming on Tuesday. By then I want to be sitting cozily on my couch with cup of tea in hand and my latest Victoria magazine ready to read.

Back yard is done. Leaves vacuumed up!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving (the Lost Holiday). After the craziness of Halloween and then the upcoming madness of Christmas, I love this lull and quiet. My home returns to the golden brown colors of Fall and I have time to sit and relax and anticipate. Out come my ceramic turkeys, a bunch of plastic bittersweet that I have had for years (vintage fake flowers from an estate sale and I love them!) and groups of cloth pumpkins and sunflowers. 

These two little priceless art objects come out each year. My tribute to children's art. I just love it. Something so fresh and beautiful. These were made (and survived!) by my youngest. 

I leave you with this, my first adventure in folk art painting which led to many years of happily making wooden ornaments. 
Happy Harvest Days! Always, Kit


Pom Pom said...

You're a good celebrant of all the holidays, Kit! Our cold weather is coming, too! Stay warm.

Blondie's Journal said...

We have the cold coming, too, but I am not going to get to weirded out over it!! Dress warm, inside and out and keep the tea kettle on!! :)

We are home, thank goodness. I love to travel, just not the busyness of airports, etc. The trip home is always worse because you are always tired and impatient to get there! We arrived HOME at 8 a.m. and it was heaven to climb into bed with my much missed dogs and nap for a few hours!! :)

Thanks for your visit. I will be back to normal soon!

Jane xx

Susan said...

Hello Kit...You are so cute! Your Halloween holiday looked darling. You had a lot of fun.

It was fun here, too. Now, on to Thanksgiving!

Your girls looked adorable.

Never saw the King sisters. I do remember the Andrews sisters. Do you? Take care, dear Kit. Susan

Diane said...

It's been such a beautiful fall it's almost impossible to think of cold, cold, cold. Your folk art is so cute - it's so nice to do something you enjoy so much. Diane

Lizzy D said...

I love seeing your treasured decorations and how you celebrate each holiday. Thankgsgiving still seems pretty important to us here, maybe because it s such a special day of family anf friends and good food.

I *think* we re expecting warm weather, 60s? Is that possible, when everyone else is saying snow? Not sure what to hope for, indoor snuggling and a hot cup of tea sound pretty tempting...but so does a barefoot walk on the beach.



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your yard sure is looking pretty and green. But I guess it won't be that way much longer. Our weather here has finally cooled off. After being so used to the heat, even 60 degrees feels extra chilly to us. Fall colors definitely are my favorite. Sending warm wishes your way for a wonderful week. Tammy