Monday, September 29, 2014

Homecoming Parade 2014

This is quite the event in our town. No matter the weather (one year the temps were below freezing!) we still all turned out to watch and cheer. As the parade snakes down Higgins and on to University, the mood is so high. The kids are excited for the candy and to see Monte our U of M mascot. The adults are snapping pics of their children on various floats and of course all the politicians are doing what politicians do. What do they do!?...LOL It was a bit cloudy this year but luckily no rain. I got the best surprise at the parade! I was sitting in my chair when I hear a voice say behind me, "Is there room for us to squeeze in?!" At first I was about to turn around and say in my nice voice, "I'm sorry, there isn't." (I have an issue with folks who show up right at parade time and expect the rest of us to ruin our view for them) But when I turned, it was my girls, my babies, who had flew in at Midnight from their Cambodia trip to surprise me. And they did. Lots of hugs and kisses happened and we spent the parade hearing all the stories. It was so good to see them and to have them at the parade with us. :) It was a fun time and later hubby and I would don our Griz finery and head to the game with 26,000 other avid fans. We beat Northern Colorado and the mood was festive and fun. A perfect day with a perfect start. :) Always, Kit

The girls in their maroon and silver, students from my school, a funny Am-Brew-Lance, the Willard Float and it won 1st place in the school category.

I am certainly bundled up!, The Hubby, my designer bracelet I had ordered and it is lovely, my fav band, the Alumni Band.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What a Grand Saturday!

It is one of those days when you wake up from a good nights sleep, and you think, "Wow, I have an incredible life." I am always amazed how much goes on on a weekly basis. Some planned, some not so much. I can get tired from work, could kill a cat or two, stub my toe, but all in all it is pretty good stuff. It is a gorgeous day, sunshine and cool. Lots of fall color and I didn't have anything really planned except watching the Griz play on TV. Afraid they are going to get whomped in Fargo, but that is okay, I still love them. Started the day going to my girls house. You see they are on another adventure. This time to Cambodia. Yep, gorgeous beaches, birds called Hornbills, and I am sure lots of cocktails....LOL They love to see the world and then I get to see my Grand-kitties. And tho alot of folks would hate this part, I get to spruce up their home. Call me crazy but I am like a wild woman with my cleaners and brushes and my eye for decorating and I go a bit bonkers. It is such fun! Like the old days when they were little and they let me help clean their rooms. There are some rules I keep, I do not touch their bedrooms and I keep to the main living spaces and I can't throw anything out. (that slip of paper with the stain on it, just may be something special...LOL) So today I was finishing up the kitchen. Everything shines, all science experiments are gone from the frig, and dishes are organized in the cupboards. I feel so accomplished. I even took some creative license and re-arranged the small appliances. What a rogue! This coming week I move on to the living room. Yay! Always, Kit

PS: Since no one wants to see pics of me scrubbing the frig. Here is the adventure!