Saturday, June 21, 2014

My first week off is under my belt

And I feel like I have accomplished some things: mowing, trimming, potting, cleaning, pruning, but you might say, what about fun things? Well, those are the fun things! Plus, I am doing some reading and for the summer it is all about old movies. In between time outside I have watched Jane Eyre, Devotion, Dragonwyk, The Night of the Hunter, and taping today is Laura. It always seemed so funny to see the same actors over and over together, but once I understood the meaning of "contract players", it made sense....LOL In regards to reading, I am trying to read authors that I have never tried. How could I have not read an Agatha Christie in 58 years??!! A good friend and my daughter told me to give her a chance and I am on my second book, The Murder at the Vicarage! So far I am finding them entertaining. If not a little maddening, sometime she just has way too many characters and I am having a hard time keeping track of them...LOL

This second week will find me getting ready for our annual trip to the Oregon Coast. I have the totes upstairs and I am marking off my lists. I like to turn the condo into a mini-home away from home, so I take some items from here, for there. It will feel good to get away. Hubby has a hard job and this rests his brain for awhile. We can act like kids and just run rampant and do whatever we want to do. 

 Today is now Saturday. And I am just back from Yard Saling. Oh it was a lovely day! The most exciting thing was one sale where a lady was selling plants and alot of brick a brack, but she had the most impressive gardens filled with yard art. She saw me longingly looking and invited me to take a stroll and enjoy myself and I did! So many nice plants and huge trees and so many garden items displayed so well. I could have spent an afternoon just wandering about. :) Found a few treasures, a vintage picture, a terra cotta pot decorated with tile and a little teapot with cherries all over it! Excellent! Always, Kit


Diane said...

Beautiful finds, Kit. I think I've read every Agatha Christy Miss Marple book there is. I love Miss Marple - such a cute, quaint - and shrewd old lady. Diane

Lizzy D said...

Really great finds! Lucky you.

I ve never read Agatha Christie either. Let me/ us know what you think when you ve read a few?

I know how you love your beach/ ocean trip! Hope you ll take us for a walk with you so we cn see it too!

Have a wonderful summer!


oldgreymareprimitives said...

I can finally pick up a book next week. Oh how I've missed reading!
Have a safe and delightful trip. Oregon is a favorite of mine also..

Susan said...

So glad you are enjoying summer, Kit. Isn't it wonderful to be blessedly "free" from work obligations? I like Mary Englebreit and I do believe that teapot might be one of her designs. Susan

The Boston Lady said...

Your trip sounds delightful as does your movie and reading adventures. I read Agatha when I was in my teens and enjoyed the detail she used. Is "Rebecca" on your list, or maybe you have seen that one. Enjoy! Ann

Laurie said...

How I remember those days off when I was teaching, Kit, and I loved reading about your first week! Reading, movies, and gardening were and still are my favorite "time off" past times! I love the story about the woman letting you wander her gardens - every gardener's dream! Have a wonderful trip to Oregon, and I look forward to posts about it!