Saturday, June 7, 2014

Headin' Down the Stretch!

Meaning the school year, but also applicable today since the Belmont Stakes just ran.  Oh, how I wanted California Chrome to win. Such a lovely horse, great story of his owners and it has been so long since we have had a Triple Crown Winner. But I still love him. :)

I am in my final week of work. The year flew by in a fun flurry. We had graduation last Thursday and it was wonderful. So hard to see the seniors go, but I am so excited for them. I can't quite believe I have been at this school for 10 years now. Serving up the grub, dispensing some advice and some goofiness along with the Chicken Nuggets. :)

Em and I at the Graduation 2014

So, soon I will have more time to do my gardening. Each weekend I have been trying to keep up with the mowing and trimming and pruning. But I am embarrassed to say, I haven't even gotten my yard art out. Geeze! But in my defense, I wanted to go thru it all and toss out the old, spruce up some items and add some new pieces. Which I hope to do come this weekend. Always, Kit

New garden clock

Plants for this years patio. Color scheme is pink and yellow.
My first African Violet and it is blooming!!! I am soooo proud!
Remember my new gate from last year? Here is the new window insert my hubby made me. Gorgeous!
Latest yard sale finds, each 50 cents!


Pom Pom said...

HI Kit! Those are dandy yard sale finds! Yay!
Oh, I LOVE your insert that your hubby made! That door is charming.
Aw, I know the students have been greatly blessed by your brand of love! Good job!

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

wow that year has gone fast for you. I bet it will b nice to have some time at home for you. LOVE your new window

Susan said...

Hi Kit....Love the pink and yellow floral theme. Hope you got a lot done this weekend.

Thanks so much for your visit. Always love when you stop by. Susan

Blondie's Journal said...

It must be bittersweet when the school year comes to an end. I went to a party yesterday and ironically, there were several teachers who were very relieved for some time off but did say they would miss the group of kids graduating.

But Yay! Time for gardening! I don't have many yard ornaments...I have a small patio and a large yard. I think I've already overdone it in my small patio space surrounded by hedges. I need to spread out! And I can't wait for perennials to go on sale...at the lake they get marked down in July and by August they are practically giving them away!!

Thank you for visiting today! And great picture of you and Em (your daughter?).


Connie said...

Hello Kit, I am so delighted to have found your blog and I am intrigued with your garden clock and your gate. Your husband is very talented, that window is amazing. As for the clock, I am a clock person . . . love my clocks, but i've never seen one like that. It is a great addition to the garden. I'm your newest follower and I would love to invite you over to visit little corner of blog-land.
Have a wonderful week.
Connie :)

Jen Kershner said...

It sounds like you have many lovely days ahead of you! I am all garden enthusiasm right now but it usually disappears as soon as the real heat sets in!

Lizzy D said...

The stained glass/ jewelled glass for your garden gate is very beautiful! And lucky you, with such great yard sale finds.