Sunday, May 18, 2014

Where did all this wonderful weather come from?

Just last Sunday, I woke to snow falling. Not a very nice joke to play on this Mommy. But we warmed up and before we knew it, it had all melted. Yay! I received a brand new Toro mower as one of my gifts so I was eager to try it out. And this week I got that chance. Plus, I have been puttering about the yard each day playing catch up on chores. Just started putting out the yard art and have to do some fix-up on a few items. (hubby is gluing a chair seat for me) and I need to make and paint some new bird houses for my garage wall.

My apple trees are in full bloom and if the amount of blossoms is any sign of how many apples I will get, the Deer Man will be very happy. (he picks up all my apples and takes them up into the forest where he takes care of a Mommy deer and her children) :)

Went out for our first yard saling of the season this morn. Such a perfect day! Sunny and warm and all the trees and lilacs and tulips and just everything was blooming! I think I had the most fun, just wandering about peoples yards and looking into their gardens. Everyone was in a great mood and with a stop for coffee and cookies, what could be better? Oh, I found two items. A lovely pasta fork and a teeny tiny china cup. :)

Chemist and Wildlife Biologist
Today was also Graduation Day at the University of Montana in our town. And I love it. Every time I would see a cap and gown or a bunch of balloons, I would tear up. I am so proud of each and every one of them. Just like I was when my own girls graduated. It is a major accomplishment and one I could never do, so I am glad my girls could. :) Off I go. Time for popcorn, Raisinettes and some Nascar. Always, Kit


  1. Hi Kit!
    It sounds like you're ready for a summer in the garden! We had snow last weekend, too. Bah!
    Happy end of the school year to you, friend!

  2. oh how I love spring!!! so thrilled for you that is has become spring over there for you. I bet you are proud a punch of your girls - you have been a good mummy to your girls. Happy pottering in your garden!

  3. Wait! No photos of your yard sale finds? I want to see?

    Your girls are lovely and sucessful, you deserve to be proud of them---and of you!

    I love that the deer man feeds uses your apples to feed the deer. Such a kind thought.

    let s hope snow season is over for this year, tho I admit it is still chilly here at the beach.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  4. Oh Kit, I love that deer man comes and gets the windfall apples for mama deer and her babies... how kind of him!... and you!... sounds like you are enjoying your days puttering around in your yard... beautiful photos of your girls!... and lucky you to find a pasta fork and teensie teacup at the yard sales... enjoy your beautiful days, xoxo Julie Marie

  5. I love your shot of the deer and I'm so glad you're loving this time of the year. Hope you didn't get that hail they had in Billings last night. Diane

  6. Snow up until a week ago. Yikes! Of course, my son in Colorado has been saying the same thing. He walked to class last week and it was 30 degrees. So much for summer. HA! Glad to hear things are blooming and warming up. I can't believe my son has already finished his first year of university. Gosh, time does fly. Truly! Best wishes, Tammy