Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Lovely May Morn

There is just something about May that makes my heart sing. The sudden onset of green has alot to do with it, in a state that has Winter 8 months out of the year. :) Even tho it is a bit rainy here today, I will take it and run. Been a very busy girl with work and family, but today I intend to putter around my home and yard and just get things right again. I am a person who needs her ducks in a row, not all kittywampus! So for now, off I go. But later I have some tales of trips and such to share. :) Later gator! Always, Kit

(Jeanne Grant)


  1. Happy month of May dear Kit!... my very favorite month as well... and wishing you a most beautiful Mother's Day Sunday... love your new header!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Happy Mother's Day dearest Kit.


  3. I share your enthusiasm, Kit! It feels like Emerald City here!! :)


  4. I've missed you! I am going to email you about the calendar, too.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. LOL I think every month is your favorite month, Kit! You have such boundless joy and optimism always. Wishing you a lovely spring and a very Happy Mother's Day.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  6. I'm with you, I like to have things in order. Love your duck picture. May is a lovely month and things are looking greener around here, too. Happy Mother's Day. Diane

  7. I lived in Bozeman for many years (now in Northern ND) so we both know that winter may return tomorrow, next week or, as I recall, (a snowstorm or two) in June!
    We've taken our lawn furniture out as well and even plan to go to the nursery tomorrow (our low was in the 40's last night). Sometimes we just need to "DO IT"!!!
    Enjoy the lovely weather!

  8. I love the painting of the ducks.

    I love the name Kit, it is my sister's nickname.
    Enjoy the greenery and the blooms.