Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ya Gotta Love a Tinkerbell Birthday Party!

I turned 59 this year and it was the best possible theme since towards the end of July, my youngest and I will be traveling to California and especially Disneyland! It was soooo pretty! I love those colors and the place looked like a fairyland. And I have to admit, I have a special place in my heart for Tinkerbell and one of my biggest thrills is to watch her fly in Disneyland. Makes me cry each and every time. My girls did such a great job (and special kudos to Em for finding all the party items and at a great price!) We had a blast and like I say each year, I don't mind getting older if it means parties like this. :) Always, Kit

My party planners and my loves.

We wore Tinkerbell tiaras, and my youngest gave me all sorts of Disney items.

Including hand made luggage tags!

Our birthday selfie!

A good friend snuck by and left me some lovely balloons too.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

So many good things wrapped up into one little weekend. First and foremost, a shout out and a huge THANK YOU to all the folks who have given their lives to keep the world free. We really do appreciate all that you have done. And to family and friends that have passed on, we love and miss you.


Next up today, is the Indianapolis 500 race. A tradition in this family, to watch from start to finish, with lots of cheering and screaming and the use of a few choice swear words. I just love it! From Jim Nabors singing Back Home in Indiana, to "Gentleman start your engines", I am enthralled and entertained. Not sure who I am cheering for, there are so many great drivers. But Andretti has always been a favorite racing family of mine. 

And finally tomorrow, this lady is having her 59th birthday. Another year, another gray hair, but I am loving it. As the song goes, "I'm still here!".  That means alot. My girls are planning a party for me, I am very curious what my theme is and can't wait to have us all together again. It should be wonderful! Always, Kit

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Where did all this wonderful weather come from?

Just last Sunday, I woke to snow falling. Not a very nice joke to play on this Mommy. But we warmed up and before we knew it, it had all melted. Yay! I received a brand new Toro mower as one of my gifts so I was eager to try it out. And this week I got that chance. Plus, I have been puttering about the yard each day playing catch up on chores. Just started putting out the yard art and have to do some fix-up on a few items. (hubby is gluing a chair seat for me) and I need to make and paint some new bird houses for my garage wall.

My apple trees are in full bloom and if the amount of blossoms is any sign of how many apples I will get, the Deer Man will be very happy. (he picks up all my apples and takes them up into the forest where he takes care of a Mommy deer and her children) :)

Went out for our first yard saling of the season this morn. Such a perfect day! Sunny and warm and all the trees and lilacs and tulips and just everything was blooming! I think I had the most fun, just wandering about peoples yards and looking into their gardens. Everyone was in a great mood and with a stop for coffee and cookies, what could be better? Oh, I found two items. A lovely pasta fork and a teeny tiny china cup. :)

Chemist and Wildlife Biologist
Today was also Graduation Day at the University of Montana in our town. And I love it. Every time I would see a cap and gown or a bunch of balloons, I would tear up. I am so proud of each and every one of them. Just like I was when my own girls graduated. It is a major accomplishment and one I could never do, so I am glad my girls could. :) Off I go. Time for popcorn, Raisinettes and some Nascar. Always, Kit

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jilly's 32nd Birthday!

In our family, we have many traditions. But one of the main ones, is our Birthday Extravaganza's! For each one of us we come up with a theme and run with it. This year, we harkened back to the old days of childhood and re-visited a favorite toy. My Little Pony! Oh how my girls loved them and I do believe there may still be a box filled with them in the attic. We had a lovely time and the girls loved the decor. Each girl is so different and in loo of presents my oldest opted for sweet cash, for her many interests and projects. But she did get some little items in her "goody pail" that she could play with. Because we all need a few toys, no matter how old we are.  Always, Kit

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Lovely May Morn

There is just something about May that makes my heart sing. The sudden onset of green has alot to do with it, in a state that has Winter 8 months out of the year. :) Even tho it is a bit rainy here today, I will take it and run. Been a very busy girl with work and family, but today I intend to putter around my home and yard and just get things right again. I am a person who needs her ducks in a row, not all kittywampus! So for now, off I go. But later I have some tales of trips and such to share. :) Later gator! Always, Kit

(Jeanne Grant)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bloomsday 2014

A yearly tradition for our family of 4. We all head over to Spokane, Washington for a foot race with 50,000 other runners. We make a weekend out of it where I get to spoil my girls to the hilt. I love the together time and even the ride in the car thrills me, and makes me think back to the times when they were little and two little faces would peer at me from the back with huge smiles, as we headed out for a new adventure. :) Always, Kit

Packet pick-up!

At Auntie's Bookstore. Both looking for treasures.

A wonderful store full of lovely things. Sister shop to Boo Radley's. 

Spokane River, very high and flowing with spring runoff.
Ready for their 7 mile run. Fabulous pants, huh?
Flying toward the finish!
Looking good Em!
All done and loving the coveted t-shirt! Only the finishers get this shirt and the design is kept secret until the day of the race.