Saturday, April 12, 2014

Enchanted April!

Been awhile I know, but I am here! Had to take care of some things in life, get thru Winter's last hiccup and now on to Spring. Yay! It has been nice out, in the 50's and 60's, tho today I am looking at some nasty rain clouds. That is okay, we can always use April Showers. I have just started working in the yard, and am happy to see that most of my plants have made it thru the cold and ice. So exciting to see green buds everywhere. :)  And I have decided that winter is over, cause I unwrapped the patio furniture.

Both my girls were jet setting all over the country. In one week, my youngest was in New York state for work and the other was traveling from Denver, to California, back to Denver and then on to New Mexico! I was sending lots of texts. So nice to keep informed and involved via a nifty invention called a cell phone. Who do I have to thank for this item?? Seriously, what in the world did we do before them?!!

Jilly at Nationals in Copper Mtn and Em in Fishkill, NY
Sped thru Spring Break in an instant. Didn't do much but relax and work around the house. I decided that the bath was due for new lighting and towel bars and switch covers. All in lovely shiny chrome! Looks good. We also decided that waiting for the couch to crawl outside to die under a bush, was not a feasible plan, so we went shopping. Found one that fit the hubby's bum, and will hit a sale tomorrow to make it ours. Nice to check that off.

Now getting ready for Easter. I love it when it is at the end of the month, more Springy! There is something very depressing about searching for eggs in a snow drift. :( So this week, I need to see if I have enough for the baskets, figure the menu and send out my cards. So off I go, time is a wasting.
Always, Kit