Saturday, March 22, 2014

36 years, but who's counting?

Yep, another year has clicked by, and today I am thinking about my wedding. It was so like the two of us. So simple, so much fun and it featured all our favorite friends and family. They all helped pull it together and what came out was a celebration that to this day, folks talk about. Things that stand out to me are:
  • The candles lining the aisle in the dark church
  • Vases full of Pussywillows
  • That my curled hair was finally relaxing
  • The sound of my friends singing before I came down the aisle
  • How nervous I was, as I approached my husband to be
  • The sight of the Northside guys all in suits
  • Hearing, "Wow, that was a short ceremony, I like that!" (lots of Catholic weddings)
  • The little figure of Ernie (from Sesame Street) on the back of my cake
  • Using the special wine glasses Steve had given to me as a gift
  • My husband tearing up on the receiving line
  • Taking over the popular local bar to cheers and greetings
  • Dancing with my new husband :)
  • A fist fight between one of our good friends and a bar patron....LOL 
  • Leaving together and thinking, we are just getting started.
Always, Kit

A friend helping with my flowers
Steve and our best friends brother. I think he is giving him some advice on girls.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

One of the reasons I live in Missoula

We had something happen in town, that has never happened before on that very snowy Friday, an avalanche. Shocking and sad, and incomprehensible. But what happened after, was incredible and why I love living in this little town. Following is a video from one of our most loved reporters here in town. It explains it all. :) Always, Kit  (PS: I should share that of the three people buried in the avalanche, the little boy is just fine, but with the older couple, the man is in the hospital still recouping with many injuries, but sadly his wife died the Sunday after)