Sunday, October 20, 2013

Putting a Lot of Color into Our Days

Yes, I did indeed take my drive through the countryside but alas it was way too cold to go in the Cobra. But we had fun anyway and enjoyed each others company, the coffee and the land. And I even picked up a new table cloth as a souvenir! Here are a few pics of our mosey. I just love abandoned homesteads and we saw a lovely one on our jaunt. You wouldn't believe the weather we went thru, sun, rain and snow, all in the space of hour.

Here I am waving at all of you!

You wanted to see some "color" from our town too, so hubby took a run up to the M on top of Mount Sentinel and snapped some of our town. That is Main Hall on the U of M campus.

And I took the easy route and snapped some color in my yard. This is at it's peak. 

Ginnala Maple

Hubby took these two, aren't they so pretty!?

Well, there you have it. Color in Montana. Quite makes me smile everyday.  :) Always, Kit

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Days

This time of year I just adore driving all over town. Youngest calls and needs to pick some items up from the store? No problem. Oldest needs a ride to get her truck from the tire shop? Sure! Hubby needs some Gator-aid? Why not. I take new routes each time and discover new trees and new Halloween decorations and it just makes me feel so good. The colors are really starting to pop here in town. I am hoping they hang on for a little bit. Hubby and I have 4 days off next week, and I am thinking I would love to take a drive to Helena to see the "color". All bundled up in our winter coats and hats, with driving blankets, we will head out in the Cobra. Seeing the countryside, without the hindrance of a car roof is spectacular. The air is brisk, the company is the best and the rolling hills and farmland are brilliant in orange and gold. A perfect way to spend a day. Always, Kit
Trying to do my best impression of a "car girl".....LOL