Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Gardens 2013

As my summer winds down and I get ready to go back to work, I took a wander thru my yard and snapped some pics. Noting good areas, areas that need some work and then was amazed and quite pleased at how the garden has evolved thru the years. When we arrived, there was nothing in it but two apple trees, a clothesline and an empty veggie patch. I have been having fun with it for 23 years now. Always, Kit

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chick's N Chaps 2013

This is an annual event I am very proud to attend each year. It is a breast cancer fundraiser where only 250 lucky women are allowed to attend. We have a rodeo clinic, lots of great food, beer and wine and silent and live auctions, and wonderful goodie bags and t-shirts. I am joined each year by my lovely and wonderful daughter, Em, and this year was so much more special because of battling my own cancer this past spring. We had such a blast! Visiting with cowboys, stuffing our faces and rocking to the country music. By the end of the day (and it's a long one) we have made 248 new friends and are already talking about next year's event. Hmmm, we had special beaded bracelets for this year's bling, what can I find for next year's party? :) Always, Kit

Party bus, beaded bracelets in pink and salmon, lovely cowgirl boot, my lovely Em.
Great decor at each table!
Great food! Sliders, meat on a stick, Great company! Handsome cowboys.
We learned to rope, ride a bull, and pose prettily with hunky cowboys. :)     

We are all smiles and sunburn! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Western Montana Fair and Rodeo

You would never know that I am a born and bred Easterner, when fair week rolls around. Boy do I love the cowboys, horses, bulls, roping and riding and the sound of Giddy-up and Whoa. Every year we head to the fair and revel in the crowds, the food, and the excitement of real cowboys trying not to get bucked off their horses. Such fun! And as I sit in the stands, and gaze about the hillside in front of me, bright yellow in the setting sun, dust kicking up from the young steers and hear folks laughing from the antics of the rodeo clown, I am so very lucky to live here in this wonderful state we call Montana. Always, Kit

Monday, August 5, 2013

A New Month

August! I am already noticing a change. Getting darker at night and darker in the morn. Cooler nights too. We will have to turn the furnace on soon. But we are still having sunny days with lots of heat. I do not plan too many projects for this month. I want to relax and savor each green day. I mow, and prune and primp, happy with how well my roses did and unhappy that one of my hostas looks like it was food for the slugs. Note to self: move said hosta. I don't kill the slugs, I just make it a little harder for them to snack on my fav plants. :) This was the best year for my hydrangea. It is hard to grow them here, but I finally put it in a pot, gave it a sheltered area and had tons of blossoms this year. Now I want to move it to a more visible place in the yard, but I am afraid to alter the mojo! Well, off I go, no rest for the weary. :) Always, Kit