Saturday, June 29, 2013

Heading Out on Vacation!

Time to pack up the car, load up the tunes and snacks and hit the road...Jack! Off to the beautiful, peaceful state of Oregon. I have got almost everything ready, my house and cat are being cared for, so all that is left is to have a great time! Take care everyone and talk to you soon. :) Always, Kit 

Thursday, June 20, 2013


What an incredible month! So much to do. So many lists. But lots of fun. The gardens are looking great if you ignore a few little weeds. I just finished painting and staining my latest project ~ a brand new gate for the yard. Wonderfully crafted by my love. The windows and all the blinds have been washed. And I have returned to purging my attic. Feels great! 

But just so you don't think it is all work and no play, I have fit in many many moments of writing, reading and catching the latest movies. I will switch gears with the coming week and start planning for my annual trip to Oregon. I can't wait. There is a leather chair with my name on it and a view to die for on the edge of world. Start blending up the strawberry daiquiris!  Always, Kit

In the center circle will be stained glass to be added later.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Time to plant

I had myself an excursion this week, all by myself, and it felt great! We have a lovely little garden center in town where I can get some of the plants I used to grow from seed. (when you live in an area with such a short growing period, it is the way to go) Not only do they have plants but a huge selection of garden art and I was armed with a gift certificate...LOL Let the fun begin!

 I pushed my cart up and down the many aisles, with the silliest grin on my face. Visiting with all the greenery and selecting a few choice plants. Found my Morning Glory, a few new Coleus, and a Cosmos. Also found the cutest wind chime by Debbie Mumm and I couldn't resist, even tho I already own about a gazillion wind chimes. It was a rainy day, but as I wandered about, the sun broke thru and shined thru the greenhouse ceiling. Ahhh, it lit me up from head to toe. I have never felt so good as in those moments surrounded by plants and friendly folk and the scent of life. It was the best medicine. :) Always, Kit

My bounty!

Morning Glory