Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Project!

Nothing too astronomical. But something to get my blood moving again and something I can easily manage .One must start with baby steps. I am painting my swing. I had this great idea two years ago to spray paint the swing thus being a quick job and thus not lasting very long till it started to peel. :(  Bummer. So hubby gave it a good sanding, and set it up in my craft room and by sitting, I am able to reach and swish. :) Feels soooo good to do something physical. Yay! Always, Kit

You can see it peeking behind the rose bush! Color will be a muted gray blue.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


I have come to realize that I can quite get used to napping. I have never slept so much, but it feels so good. :) I am now 2 days shy of 4 weeks since the surgery. Where did that time go? (napping...LOL)
I am feeling pretty good, but boy they are right when they say: no bending, no lifting, no sitting, no shopping, etc. Cause when you do, you pay the price the next day. Of course I have been perfect and followed all the orders... :P Thank heavens I have the best family who has been doing all my chores, errands and just in general keeping me sane. I shuffle about in my overlarge pants, wide awake sometimes at 3am (because of all the napping!) and slowly get back to normal. Feels good. The other things that feel good are all your well-wishes for me, flowers and cards I have received, sparkly jewelry, juicy gossip from out in the world, food I am not supposed to be eating, a banner from the students I saw every day, and the daily inquiries about my health and well being. I have a bit to go still, but I can see the corner that I will be turning, right down the block. :) Always, Kit