Saturday, February 23, 2013

Playing Nurse ~ Part 2

As many of you know, back in August my youngest had to have jaw surgery (see here for the story) All seemed to be going well but then in November her face began to swell and she ended up with a massive infection. One CAT scan later it was deemed that the screws that were put in to hold her jaw in place were getting "angry" and not playing fair. So they had to come out. On Thursday I took her in for her 6th surgery to date, to fix what we hope is the final problem. She came thru wonderfully and I took her home to recoup. Armed with my liquid food, pain killers, fluffy TV and my best bedside manner, we hung out for two days. This girl is such a trooper! I have never heard her complain, lament, or whine. She just gets it done. She is swollen, can't eat, and in pain, but she still manages to joke and make light of it. :) We are hoping this is the end of it, but you can bet if it isn't, we will both grin and bear it, (her better than me) I will load the dvr with more shows and we will face it together. Always, Kit

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

This holiday is a big one in our family. We like to go all out to express our love. I heard a comment that one family doesn't celebrate the holiday cause aren't you supposed to celebrate love each day? So true. But, don't we all benefit from a day when we get to tell and show, and revel in the love for each other? I think so. :) So we reveled! Every year I do up a gift bag for my girls filled with items to make their holiday special: socks, pencils, stuffed toy, candy and flowers. And their Dad adds a large candy heart just from him. Valentine's were shared, visits were made (my youngest came to see me at work bearing my favorite candy of Tootsie Rolls) and I had a visit from my love with a bouquet of my favorite flowers ~ Daisys. I ran to his office bearing a balloon and suckers to tell the world or at least his store, of my love. He loved his surprise when he returned from lunch. In the mail, our oldest girl who was working out of town at the time, sent us little Valentine's from Marvel Comics. The kind that were shared in classrooms all over the world. So cute and I loved the fact that Thor and Iron Man sent us their heartfelt wishes. :) At work, candies and pencils and marshmallow hearts surprised teachers and staff, a student handed me a silk flower and proclaimed that I was his Valentine and it seemed like everyone was sporting red. Such a celebration for such a Lovely day. Always, Kit

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our Disney Trip 2013

Yep, we made it back from our fabulous trip to Californy! I just love LA. You step off the plane at good Ole John Wayne airport and the fun begins. Such great people to help you get your car (we were upgraded to a silver blue Sonata, cause we were from Mt and we were nice) and off we went, hitting I-5 at rush hour. Our hotel was wonderful, and they gave us a lovely room with two views and the big surprise was a bottle of champagne, chocolates and a card from our daughters. They had set up an Anniversary celebration for us. A great way to start our trip. Thanks ladies!

 The weather was fantastic. The week started out a bit cool, but still sunny with blue skies. By Wednesday, it was hot and lovely. My instant Summer had arrived. :) For 5 days, we park hopped and hit all the rides we could, sometimes doing some up to 6 times! (Car Racers and California Screamin') We strolled, I ate Pineapple Whip and enjoyed the flowers, plants and Orange and Lemon trees. In the middle of Winter! We shopped and ate lovely meals at the Carthay Circle and Wine Trattoria and you really can't beat a hot dog and an Orange Fanta while strolling Buena Vista Blvd. Caught two parades and the wonderful show, Aladdin. And of course to finish out our visit; the Wonderful World of Color program and the Fireworks over the Castle. Nothing like watching Tinker Bell flying across the sky to cause a grown woman to cry.

 It was going to be sad to leave the palm trees and sunshine and fun. But I overheard a man telling his daughter in the airport, "If we came to Disneyland every day, it wouldn't be special." He is right. You have to go away to appreciate just what a wonderful place it is. Thank you Walt Disney for all you have done. And for making my 35th wedding anniversary so very special. Always, Kit