Saturday, January 5, 2013


I have thought on this for a very long time, okay just this morn as I lazed in bed. But I love this month! It has become my all time favorite.  Not only does it start off with a bang (we had lots of great firecrackers lighting the sky), plenty of bubbly to drink and my best guy standing right beside me, but then the month stretches ahead of me. Nothing planned, no major projects, no shopping, no huge meals to cook. A month full of calm, snow, reading, watching movies (especially British ones), planning, and sleeping. I must be part Grizzly Bear, I just love to curl up on these cold days and just pull the throw up to my chin and settle in with my tea and my books. Because let me tell you, I bet that is just what they are doing right now. :)  January gives me license to be a bit lazy. And I am going to take advantage of it, starting right now. Always, Kit

Nikko Barber


Blondie's Journal said...

I totally hear you on this, Kit! I think winter was created just for these special times. The only thing standing between me and a comfy throw and book is the dying Christmas tree in the living room! I HAVE to get it all down today!

Happy Weekend!


Julie Marie said...

It is a good month to lay around, keep warm, nice cup of tea, and some good books... it is awfully cold here though... and I still have this darn cold I got right after Christmas... Susan Branch told me in a reply to a comment I left her to tie a sock around my neck... sounds funny, but it seemed to help my throat!... enjoy your quiet January doing all of the things you love, xoxo Julie Marie

Diane said...

I love the bear graphic. So cozy feeling. Have you watched the series As Time Goes By? I just adore this one. And I just finished the book The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. I would highly recommend it. Both of these I learned from urging from my daughters. Enjoy your January Kit. Diane

Susan said...

Sounds good to me, Kit. Still have to take down all the Christmas decor. Oh, that is QUITE a task. But I plan to do it leisurely. No need to rush.

Tomorrow is a christening of my only granddaughter. After that, no more socializing for awhile and that's good.

Thanks for your visits and comments. They are sooooo appreciated. Susan

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I like how you changed up your blog. The background is great. Love the design and color combo. My weekdays are always jampacked. Work at school is nonstop and ongoing then it's home to tackle all the stuff that needs to be done to prepare for the next day. So when the weekend rolls around, I am in hibernation mode -- especially now that the weather has turned rather icky again. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit! It's FREEZING here today, so we'll have a fire in the fireplace later.
I HAVE been doing a lot of viewing lately. Have you seen Doc Martin on Netflix? SO British, SO good.

E. Charlotte said...

I do love this calm after the storm too. Time to relax and rejuvenate after holidays and craziness. I like January because it leads to February! :)