Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Ready to Celebrate

This is the part of the holiday I love the best. The preps! I am lucky and our school district gives us the Wed before Thanksgiving off. Something about, since they close the University so the kids can go home, all the other schools close too. Heck, I will take it for whatever reason. :) It gives me a whole day of being home, and getting the things done that make the holiday what it is for my family. 

We have a nice rainy day today. Feels cozy. I got to sleep in, leisurely sip my coffee and now it begins. The baking, the cleaning, the cooking. And I revel in it all! What fun! The house all to myself, nice and quiet. Later I may turn on some Fallish music, and decide on how to decorate the table for tomorrow. But for now, I will listen to the rain drops and enjoy the smell of cranberrys and pumpkin pie. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, November 17, 2012

That's why I Love him.

I was still in my jammies. Still sipping my morning tea, when my hubby comes running in and says, "Throw something on quickly, you have to see this!" I know that tone, and I knew not to waste any time and I did as I was told. He positioned me in the middle of the back yard and told me to look up. What I saw were two huge V's of Canadian Geese, so high up you couldn't hear them honking and they were headed West. And fast. He knows me well. It started my day off perfectly!

(courtesy of the Redlin Center)

Then last night, he comes in from work and before he had even taken off his coat, he says, "Close your eyes and sniff!" And I did, and got the first whiff of Christmas. The trees had arrived at his store and he had brought me a tiny little branch to enjoy all evening long. He knows me well. It ended my day perfectly. Always, Kit

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Laid Back Weekend

Nothing huge is planned. A little lunch and some shopping downtown with my youngest. Nice time to chat and catch up. The BIG storm that was predicted for my area, full of snow and wind, never materialized. Part of me is sad, but part is glad since I have two girls on the highways at this time of the year. It is really cold, so I will take that to give me my cozy feel. Later, I will break out the holiday event calendar and start filling in the days. This helps me in the preps needed and keeps me from becoming frazzled. But first I will nurse this hot cup of tea and orange cranberry slice of heaven and do a little online Christmas shopping. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Always, Kit

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Great Country!

I know most of us are just sick to death of political ads, folks calling our house and knocking at our doors. But I got to say, I will take that any day to live in this wonderful country. Are we lucky or what???  Okay, so we are in debt (who isn't), we tend to go to war and help other countries more than our own (but we are good neighbors) and we fuss and fight and voice our feelings. But, lucky for us, we can. I am hoping my "team" wins tonight, but if they don't, I will support who does. I hope everyone got out to vote and are wearing their sticker proudly. USA, USA, USA!!!  Always, Kit

Friday, November 2, 2012

I Miss you Already

It is amazing the people we meet through our computers. Back in 2001, I joined a forum called Country Life. I met a wonderful group of folks. We shared so much together. We had swaps, chatted, traded ornaments and even had a gift exchange. I couldn't wait to go online each day to see what everyone was up to. Our relationships even extended into snail mail and on one very special occasion I got to meet one of my fellow "Lifer's". She went by the handle, EWhit and at the time she was living in Florida but had family in Montana. When she came up to visit them, we set up a meeting in my town. I was so thrilled because she had always been a favorite of mine. We both had such a great time, eating Chinese food, giving each other little gifts and chatting like we saw each other each day. And in a way, we did "see" each other every day. The visit came to a close all to soon, and as I pulled out of the parking lot, I rolled my window down and yelled, "I miss you already!" This was to become our catch phrase thru the years.

 She went on to move to Tennessee, a dream of hers. The forum changed; sadly, and alot of people left. It became too hard to see a place that I had loved so much, fall apart, and then I too left. EWhit and I wrote notes to each other and emailed occasionally but it wasn't like being in the forum. I would send her cards on the holidays and we would always sign our notes with our catch phrase. Her health started to fail but she still went on and she had such spirit. This Halloween I sent her a little card with little bits of confetti inside (I knew she would get a kick out that) and told her I missed her still. Today I received a note from her husband, that Erma had passed away in September. Pneumonia had taken my friend. I am very sad, but today I am thinking about all the great moments we had and for one last time,
 "My dear friend, I miss you already."
 Always, Kit (KK)