Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of Summer / Back to School!

Not weather wise, that is still going strong and warm (but the mornings are very chill and lovely). But my summer is coming to a close as I start back to work tomorrow. For those who don't remember, I am a Head Cook/Chief Cook and Bottle Washer/Lunch Lady or Nurturer of Spirit and Stomach (at an Alternative H.S.) I do not mind going back in the least, in fact ever since I stepped into my kitchen on Friday, I have had exciting little shocks running thru my system. I spent part of Saturday making new signs, creating bulletins and fine tuning my master plan. My kitchen and lunch room have been decorated and look fabulous! All that is needed is food and that arrives tomorrow and then children on Tuesday. 50 new teenagers who will look askance at me, wondering who is this colorfully dressed lady and can she really learn all our names in just a couple of days? And then my "old" kids, with huge smiles and lots of hugs. I am so blessed to have such an occupation. One that makes me feel like I am making a difference to some kids that life has pretty much crapped on. At least when they are with me, they can feel safe and cared for and loved. And get good food too! :) Okay, time to pack my aprons and polish up my white shoes. It's showtime! Always, Kit

The two pics on the right were made by students for the yearbook. I just love them!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Playing Nurse

For two years we have talked about it, planned for it and on August 13th, the day arrived. My youngest, E.Charlotte went in for reconstructive jaw surgery. Even the name makes me cringe. We found out her jaw never fully developed and it was causing all sorts of teeth problems. First teeth had to be removed, new bone was added, implants were inserted, implants were removed :( , braces were attached and then we waited. When they deemed it was ready, the surgeon went in and moved her jaw forward (you can just imagine how) and cut her top pallet and spread her top teeth. With metal plates and countless screws she is back together and we are mending. She spent one night in the hospital (and I camped out with her) the swelling has been horrendous, the pain nasty, but her spirit is wonderful. I have never seen such strength and tolerance. She does me proud!

She is now back in her old room, and this week I will take care of her. I am very happy to. We have our ice bags, our pain killers, and liquid foods. I wish I could get more creative with how to prepare Chicken Broth....LOL We are watching her favorite shows, and we chat, her writing down and me doing all the talking. An odd reversal....LOL Hard to watch one we love, so uncomfortable, but she is mending. Before long this will be just a bad experience, and she will have a new and improved smile. And I can't wait to see that smile again. Always, Kit

Always a positive outlook. Getting ready to go in.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chicks N Chaps

Every year, come Western Montana Fair time, an event arrives that my daughter and I attend called Chicks and Chaps. It is such a fun time and it benefits Breast Cancer research here in Montana. Registration is limited to 250 lucky ladies. It is a much sought after ticket so I signed us up back in March. We had such a great time! From the ride on the bus all decorated with pink and brown balloons, with Country music blaring from the speakers, to the rodeo that night, the day was filled with fun events. We had a silent auction of hundreds of gifts and we were both lucky and E. Charlotte won a blinged out purse and I won a cowboy boot birdhouse (handmade by a cancer survivor). We were so thrilled! The beer and wine flowed and the food was spectacular, especially the rum/vodka frozen sugared grapes!....LOL We enjoyed the Rodeo Clinic and tried our hand at roping, bull riding and barrel racing (of course all without real animals) while the real rodeo cowboys waited on us hand and foot. Later there was a live auction where one of the favorite items auctioned was the pink shirt right off a hunky cowboys back. It went for $2600!! And no, it wasn't I who bought it...LOL The day was very hot and volunteers gave us ice filled pink bandannas to hang across our neck, we watched the real rodeo from our special seats while we checked out what was in our huge pink goodie bag. Such fun! The folks who put on this event should be commended, it was a premier event and every need was thought of. As E and I rode the bus back to the Sunrise Saloon we were tired, dirty, and happy. We waved good-bye to other "Chicks" and said "See ya next year!" Oh yeah, I'm already looking forward to August 2013. Always, Kit

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Kitties

It all began with a young man in a bathrobe standing in the middle of my yard looking up in my apple tree. Hubby couldn't figure out who he was and what he was doing. Until... the man grabbed at a little kitten that was climbing my tree and headed back across the street. And that is when we realized, we had new neighborhood kitties! Their names are Tango and Cash but I have to admit, I still call them by the names I gave them when I didn't know who they were. Bessie and Pumpkin. Bessie cause she looks like a cow with her markings, and Pumpkin because he is orange.

They seemed to love our yard and finally the poor man gave up and all Summer long we have had the most entertaining of visitors. Bessie hung out under my ladder the whole time I painted the new porch. Pumpkin seemed to love my bird baths and could be found hiding out under the Potentilla on the really hot days. Every morning I go out to rake and gather up my apples and I have an automatic smile when I hear a bell. Here they come! "Summer Kitties, had me a blast!" Always, Kit

PS: They are still our neighbors cats, we just get to play with them.

Friday, August 3, 2012


When my hubby and I travel, part of the adventure is not only seeing the natural wonders of the world, but the wonders of flea markets and antique stores too! We both love them and when one comes into sight, there is no need to ask, the car pulls over and the fun begins. :) On our most recent trip we found lots of treasures that make me smile. Some rare, and some familiar and all inexpensive. Our favorite haunts are: Wine Country Antiques in Newberg, Or., Lafayette Schoolhouse Antique Mall, in Lafayette, Or., Waldport Flea Market, in of course Waldport and Wiggets in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. This year we came home with the following items pictured below. I think my favs are the ginger jar, Susan Branch book that is out of print and the vintage lamp with the unusual lamp shade. All were such fun to find and didn't empty the wallet. :) Always, Kit

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