Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Lake

Well, we made our annual trip to Seeley Lake yesterday and I couldn't have picked a lovelier day. Lots of sun and heat and the wonderful scent of hot pine. We packed up two coolers full of drinks and sandwiches, had lots of snacks and all our lake toys. But our lake toys are not of the noisy variety. Unless you count our squeals and screams of delight...LOL The lake was cool and so easy to slip into. We bobbed about in our tubes, chatting, swimming, and splashing each other. There is no better way to connect with one's daughter than to sit side by side, bobbing about a lake, sharing stories. :) We stayed way into the late afternoon, and as the sun started to drop in the West, it was time to pack up, grab a shake at Pop's Drive-In and head on home. Ahhh, a perfect day! Always, Kit

One very happy Mommy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Olympics!

Oh my word am I excited! I have programmed my DVR to tape just about everything, have been following all the news and stories and tomorrow my girls will join me and their Dad to watch the Opening Ceremony on the big screen. Dinner will be provided and tho I would have liked to have done something very English; like Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash...LOL we have opted for McKenzie River sandwiches. I can't wait to see what London has cooked up for us and I will proudly display my Red, White and Blue. And as they say, Let the Games Begin! Always, Kit

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Baby's 27th Birthday!

The idea formed in my hubby's brain as we motored down the Columbia Gorge in Oregon. What should be the theme for this year's birthday. Yes, we are theme people and we love it! We have been having birthday "extravaganzas" ever since my first daughter was born. Sometimes they come easy (princesses, Disney, dinosaurs, Cowboys, etc.) but some years are a bit harder. I was stumped until out of the blue came: " How about we celebrate her job at the University and the fact that she is the only Certified Pollen Expert in Western Montana with a Pollen Birthday Party!" I could have kissed my hubby right then and there, but I was trying to negotiate a turn around a huge RV and a church bus. It was the perfect theme!

I took it from there and let my imagination run wild! Did some research on the Internet and collected anything I could find that had to do with pollen. Microscope, flowers, pointy bouncy balls, gift boxes filled with everything you need for an allergy (LOL) and picked pretty summer like colors. Oh, and I had to cut out Mickey Mouse heads. Why you ask? Because when E is teaching little kids all about pollen, she always shows them that Pine Tree pollen looks just like Mickey Mouse's head. Bet you didn't know that! We hung huge colorful balls from the ceiling and I even found a stuffed toy of a grass pollen. Kind of freaky looking, but oh so cool. She loved everything and couldn't wait to tell all her co-workers of her special party. She wore her pollen headband proudly and we had such a marvelous time. Always does my heart good to see my kids have a day just for themselves and to have them feel so very special. :) Always, Kit

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Annual Trip!

You know it is funny, even with going to Depoe Bay each year, we still find different things to do. I have had some folks say, they would think that it would be boring going to the same place every year. But I find it comforting, relaxing and besides there is always something new happening. We try and find some new restaurants, attend new events and shop new stores. Like this year! Who knew there would be an Exotic car show. Hubby was in seventh heaven. The show at the Newport Aquarium was different and such fun, The Sea and Me. Plus, no two sunsets are alike, and this year we were able to watch the Olympic Trials while doing our puzzle. Just perfect! I snapped a bunch of pics, and following is a little travelogue of our adventure. Enjoy! Always, Kit

Traveling the Columbia River Gorge! Hood River, Cascade Locks & Portland!

The condo and ocean living. A very special place.

Out and about and seeing the sites!

Newport Aquarium. Awesome displays and I just loved the Spider Shrimp and they tickle as they clean your hand just like in Finding Nemo! Thanks, Jacques...LOL

Some of my favorite scenes and the last one is my favorite of all. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Celebration!

We got back just in time for me to plan a family festival to celebrate the birth of our country.Easy peasey. I pulled out the jar of flags, found the Sousa CD, and ran to the local store that makes the best salads and cooked us up a passel of ribs. The girls arrived (with one looking very vintage and very pretty in her red, white and blue) and the fun began. After dinner we head out to the backyard and have our own little firework display. Just some simple items like: the tank, the chicken, the parachute, and various sparklers and fountains. The girls roll back in age to me, and I can see them dancing thru the cloud of the smoke balls just like they did when they were 10 and 7. There is always a lot of giggling, and a lot of goofiness. We pretend the punks are Audrey Hepburn's cigarette and assume the pose. We run out into the dark with our sparklers and write our names in the air. And then later, we pop up some popcorn and grab the cherries and chairs and head out to one of our local high schools to watch the Big Fireworks! Always a wonderful way to end the evening. But wait! My youngest bought me a surprise and she set off the hugest fountain and it was spectacular! Now we were done, the holiday had been celebrated and as my oldest says, "It was a good time!" Always, Kit