Saturday, June 30, 2012

No WiFi at the condo!

So very sorry that I have been abscent and could not take you on my trip. We had computer hook-ups but no WiFi...:( S o whenever I could I would search and finally, when the hubby went to see a car show, I dove into this little coffee shop at the Salishan and rejoiced, For I found WiFi! He is gallery viewing so time is short now. We are having a great time and head for home tomorrow. Talk to you soon and I will have lots of photos. Alwa

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting ready!

Well, I have my blue tote of vacation stuff in the back room and I keep adding to it every day. (Batteries, light bulbs, hubby's helicopter!) Yesterday I did the grocery shopping for staple items and those are now boxed up. The sprinklers are on timers and the yard work is done. The house sitter is arranged and today suitcases come down and I have a few errands to run for some last minute items. Whew, lots of preps. But is it worth it? Hell yes! My hubby has had the biggest smile on his face for days (in spite of still being at work and finishing up my new porch) He sees that tunnel and the light is the sun shining over Oregon!...LOL I look forward to time without gardening, no housecleaning; only relaxing and site seeing. And time to just be together, the two of us. We travel so well together. We seem to want coffee at the exact moment the other thinks about it, an antique store or flea market is ahead? We both want to stop. We chat about all topics and we both drive so it keeps us rested. And when we get tired and weary, out comes the Paul Simon CD and we sing our hearts out to the tunes. Especially Kodachrome! Well, time is flying. Off I go and hopefully the next time you hear from me, I will be sitting in an Italian leather chair, drink in hand, with the sea before me. Sun or no sun, I won't care. Always, Kit

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

To the best father I have ever known. My hubby, always there, always available and eager to be with his girls. And the man worked some god awful hours back then. I sure couldn't have done it without him and to this day, I am very lucky I found him. Can I pick them or what! :) Always, Kit

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Newest Gadget!

For this year's birthday I requested a special present. My daughter had done the research for me (with an impressive chart and presentation too!) on all the items out there, I hemmed and hawed and ultimately decided that the Nook Tablet was for me. This little device is so incredible! I must admit, that I didn't buy it because I could read books. I am a fan of holding real paper heavenly smelling books while I wander my yard and home. The reason I got the Nook was it's browsing capabilities on the web. When I learned my daughter could access her email and Facebook from Costa Rica on one, I knew that is what I wanted for my traveling. I do not have a laptop or Ipad, nor do I want one. Too big and cumbersome. Besides this little jem does all I want it to do and it is only 8 inches and it fits easily in my purse. All the reports mentioned what a lovely crisp screen it had, how easy it was to use and how affordable. And it is! So this upcoming trip will be a little bit different, because I will be able to access my mail, watch my accounts and the best thing? I can take my blog and all of you along with me! I will be able to share up to the minute thoughts while sitting in my chair and gazing out to sea. And keep up with what you guys are doing too! Won't that be fun? I'm thinking so. Always, Kit
PS: I did download about 8 books and it is a dream to read on too!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time to Relax

Been just taking my time and easing into Summer. I have a huge list of "to do's", but for the next few days I am just going to chill. I had my tea out on the patio the other morn, and I sat for a good hour sipping and sniffing (the roses!) and just enjoying the sun. Which has not been a regular visitor to our parts lately. I am loving the slower pace, and it is nice to have time to do all the things that I want to do. But for now, let's open up that book and just sit for awhile. :) Always, Kit

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Vacation!

I can't help it, but I have had the Alice Cooper song, School's Out, running thru my head for two days. And no surprise why, I am done for the year!!! Yesterday was such a busy day with cleaning and organizing and storing all my equipment. Lots of good-bye hugs and photos with the students and finally I took a long look around, smiled at the thought of the past year and locked my door. Season 8 has come to a close. I will miss my special work place and all my kids. Always, Kit

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Birthday!

57 years ago I made my way into the world. I was born in Camden, New Jersey, (back then it wasn't the hub of crime that it is now, thank God) Grew up in Pennsauken and stayed till I was 18.

Then I moved to Montana. What a treat that was! Wide open spaces, mountains, and a quieter life. Met my hubby, had two lovely girls and now I happily reside in a little house in a little town where we celebrate birthdays and with panache! My youngest girl inherited my love of birthday themes and this year she surprised me with...

An Ugly Dolls Birthday!

Have you seen them? Those felt toys that are so fun to hug and have such strange faces, you can't help but love them? I just adore them. In fact I have two at work and I am always visiting them in the store. Who knew they had a whole line of party products? My daughter did and set me up a right lovely party. Let's take a look!

So cool and my favorite drink, Fanta Orange soda! And look presents!

I love huge character balloons! Isn't he so cute?!

There was singing, presents, (I was soooo spoiled!) cake, ......

and even a song from my daughter, on her new violin. Such a wonderful time!

Which made for a very happy birthday and very happy lady. Always, Kit