Saturday, March 24, 2012

34 years!

Thursday the 22nd of March, marked the 34th year of my marriage. When people find out it is an anniversary, they always ask how long. When they hear the amount of years, I always get, Wow! Or, You've got to be kidding? or my favorite, What were you a child bride?...LOL Yes, lots of years, and lots of great adventures. At dinner, that is what my hubby and I discussed. The fact that our marriage has been anything but dull. From the get-go; we traveled, explored all the towns we lived in, (hubby's career) did projects together, and just had fun! Far from home and family, we were each others best friend and we have remained so. If I have any sage advice to offer on this longevity, it is: do all you can for the other, stand by them, put them first and you will get it back two-fold. And most of all, have fun! Always, Kit

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day!

And a very Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! It is a rather gloomy day here today, but I don't care. I will don my green, put on my biggest smile and celebrate the fact that a young woman of 25 came to America in 1846 and gave me the heritage of being Irish. A fact I didn't realize until last year. But thanks to I was able to do some research and found this incredible fact.

Her name was Eliza J. and she was born in 1821 in Ireland. She sailed to America on the ship, "Coronet" in steerage, and arrived in New York on May 18, 1846. Can you imagine her trip? What was she thinking? Was she excited to come to the "New World"? I would like to think she was thrilled for the adventure, but sad at leaving her home. (Like me when I travel) Well, she met and married a Mr. Darius/Dennis Moffitt (whose own family came from Ireland) and had a baby in 1848. Her name was Sally Anne and she was my Great Great Grandmother! She would go on to marry a Mr. Louis Borden and they would have my wonderful Great Grandmother Rose Borden of who I visited as a child and whom everyone loved. So that is my chain of heritage. Starting way back in Ulster, Ireland in 1663, with the Moffatt's and ending up with little ole me in Montana. It feels good to know, and to be Irish! I sorta had a feeling cause you know, I am a big fan of the potato and green
is my favorite color! :) Always, Kit

(My Great Grandmother Rose at my christening in 1955)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Chicks are Back in the Nest

I love the fact that my girls are not afraid to try new things and they head out into this lovely world to experience all they can. But, I must admit as a Mom that I am very very happy when they return safely to their little house across town.

While my oldest was just home from happily tripping across Costa Rica, my youngest was attending a conference in Orlando. She is a scientist! And every year she attends the American Academy of Allergy and Asthma and Immunology Conference. Quad A-I to make it simpler. She happily admits she is a science "dork" and loved the time to rub elbows with other professionals in her field. But she also enjoyed the benefits of being in Florida. Sunshine, beaches and shopping! Oh, how it sounded so lovely. From Sea World to Cocoa Beach, I could just imagine the fun she was having. She got to see the Peabody Ducks, shop at her favorite stores and the shoes, oh the shoes! Visions of rhinestones and gems. E is the best dressed research specialist I have ever seen and she does the University of Montana proud. (visit her here to hear more of the story)

So I am a happy camper with my ladies home and we will celebrate and hear their stories at a dinner with the 4 of us this week. It will be fun to hear all about their adventures. Always, Kit

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What a great trip!

Yep, I am back and as the saying goes, I need a vacation from my vacation! We tried to pack in so much during our week that by the time I got home, my legs were ready to give out, and I was so pooped out it wasn't funny. But who cares! We got to spend 6 lovely days in the California sun (the temps that week were in the high 70's!) walk amongst the flowers and green grass and ride almost every ride in the two parks; multiple times. It was a bit busy, but I have to say everyone in the park was so nice. We all had a common goal, to have fun! Our first ride was Peter Pan (my favorite) and the last ride was Space Mountain. In fact, we rode Space Mountain 3 times, California Screamin' 4 times (a huge roller coaster!) Hollywood Tower of Terror 2 times and most every other ride at least twice. So exhilarating! I love the coasters the best.

But what I found, the thing that gave me the most pleasure was, instant Springtime! Airplanes are like time machines, you go from snowy cold Winter and land into a whole different season. I would grab my Pineapple Whip (have you had those?) and sit on a bench by two flowering Cherry trees and a bank of tulips and just smile. The sun warming my skin, the scent of flowers and the hum of bees. Perfect. I think those memories will last me till our own trees start budding out. Anyway, we filled the days with so many memories, we walked hand in hand, ate good food (Disney makes the best Hot Dogs!) and some bad food (Blue Bayou - too spicy) and enjoyed the parades, and fireworks. (Tinkerbell flying across the night sky made everyone cry) As we bid good-bye, I think we have decided that this may have to be something we do on an annual basis. It just picked our spirits up, it was lovely to have so much together time, but next time we will pace ourselves a bit better and get more sleep, yeah right! Always, Kit

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