Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Just in from the movies, saw Skyfall. I love a James Bond movie! Seems like everyone else had the same idea tonight, go to the motion pictures. :) The place was packed. My girls are up at Big Mountain in Whitefish, skiing and ringing in the new year together. I like that. They are such best friends, it does my heart good. I am about to crack open the bubbly and slice up the cheesecake and get ready to watch the ball drop on another year. It has been a good one. In spite of some setbacks, every year that we are all still together is a good year. I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May 2013 be a special year for all of you. Always, Kit

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Wow, and some more Wow! We had such a lovely time celebrating, it has taken me this long to get back to regular life. I had to rest up...LOL  The Eve was fantastic! Youngest daughter and I went to church and the service was so pretty and filled with music and candlelight. And as if on cue, as we descended the stairs to the street, it was snowing!

 Next up was the buffet dinner of special little treats that I only make twice a year (Easter being the other holiday) We sat around with our vintage plates and cups and listened to music and chatted and enjoyed each other. Talking about Christmas projects and how we spent the month of December.

We bundled up and off we went in the snow to Aunt Candy's house! A lovely visit we look forward to each year. She always has the best treats and coffee! And since she makes jewelry, we are always treated to a new pair of earrings. :) Once home, my hubby and I take a moment, just the two of us and we give each other a new ornament for the tree. I was thrilled with mine, Sully and Boo from Monsters Inc. I just love that movie! His was a glass, beaded, wired concoction I found at a jewelry store, it kinda looks like a space station to me and is oh so pretty. He loved it!

Christmas morn I hurried about, making the Orange Rolls, setting out the cups for cocoa and coffee. Staging the girls stockings on the Victrola and snapping pictures of the quiet house. Once they arrived, the excitement went off the charts. They just love opening their Christmas Stockings and finding all the little bits and pieces of "fun", I have collected all year. They are like little kids at that moment. Gifts were then opened, lots of hugs and kisses ensued and we grinned at our collections of new treasures. Oldest daughter and I whipped up a brunch of eggs and fruit, and sausage and we happily munched and shared some of our fun "shopping for the holidays" stories.

After a much needed rest, the girls returned for a Turkey Dinner and a night of game playing and drinks. I think this is one of the events of the holiday we look forward to the most. Just sitting around the table, laughing and seeing who can think of the funniest card to throw down during Apples to Apples. I am happy to say, I won not only Uno, but Sorry (an old favorite of mine). The night ended all too soon. And as my girls drove out of sight, I swear I could hear, "Merry Christmas to All and to All a Goodnight!"...LOL Always, Kit

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

This day causes so much excitement for me! I woke bright and early (I love the light just before dawn) and turned on all my Christmas lights and started on my list. Who like Santa's is a mile long....LOL But today's list if full of only food preps. And a couple detours to help my daughter help out a friend. I am fortified with coffee and raring to go! May you all have a wonderful holiday. Make great memories, enjoy each other and be grateful that we are all here another day! Always, Kit

"Everyone, everywhere, feels the thrill in the air,
  Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve!
  All the streets snowy white
  as they sing "Silent Night" on this holy holiday eve!" 
~ Ray Charles

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Making a Merry Christmas

I am up early today. Tried to fall back to sleep but my mind kept whirling about. Thought I may as well get started and if I need a nap later, so be it. We had a lovely fall of snow last night, so my lights look especially pretty. I have a few more gifts to "put together" but for the most part I am finished. :) It was fun this year planning certain packages. For a friend, (who liked Strawberry Shortcake as a child) I had a vintage gift box that I have been saving for years and her gift fit in it perfectly. And ever since my husband became manager of his store, we give all his assistant managers (13) a gift of wine and an ornament. It is fun putting it all together. I liked this year's traditional color scheme, with a modern flair. And of course the bottle has to match the color of the bags...LOL

Christmas isn't Christmas without a few favorite treats. So I dusted off my trusty old crumbling Betty Crocker Cookbook and whipped up some Russian Tea Cakes. Followed by Frosted Molasses Drops and Magic Cookie Bars. So yummy! Next up, I need to chocolate dip some pretzels and stir up some Chex Mix. 

So I think I am ready for the holiday. I look back over the calendar I make for the month and can't believe how much we have done and how much fun we have had. :) Lots of great new memories and more to come! Always, Kit

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Vacation!

Well, the magic day is here and I am done working for the year. Yippee!  The mood was high and everyone was sporting their Christmas buttons I had sneakily put in their mail boxes. :)

 Gifts were being handed out, and everyone seemed to being munching on a cookie. I was sporting my candy cane striped apron and trying to get my work done as fast as I could, so that I may head out to do some shopping. Home now, (shopping trip went very well) and now I am relaxing and later on tonight, I will take my youngest out to dessert/coffee and the theater. We are seeing: "It's a Wonderful Life; A Live Radio Play." I have never seen this version and I think it will be fun and a great kick-off to the weekend. Off I go, think I need to put my feet up for a bit and do a little reading. Always, Kit

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I know all of us are reeling from the events of yesterday and trying to cope. I myself am staying away from the TV and internet updates. I guess I am in denial. I can't quite wrap my mind around it. My daughter and I met up for lunch and when she got in the car, she gave me a huge hug and held on. We needed to see each other. So I am coping in the only way I know how. I am gathering my family close. We are going out to a nice dinner tonight, then with candy canes and Christmas music we will enjoy a Light Tour of our city. I am hoping it will dispel some of my thoughts and replace them with Goodness and some Cheer. Take care all. Always, Kit

Monday, December 10, 2012

What a deal!

Yesterday, I met up with my youngest for a drive around town and a quick lunch. With tacos happily being consumed we headed up the Rattlesnake. Immediately I realized that the roads up there were too snowy even with a Jeep. So I decided to go up to the next cross street and double back, when what do I spy on the side of the road, but a colonial style bench in a lovely turquoise color, and it was bearing a sign. But what did the sign say? It said FREE!! I hit those brakes and was out of the car before the poor chap behind me knew what was happening. Lucky for me he was paying attention and didn't rear end me....LOL I picked that bench up and stuffed it in the back of my car. Yay, for having an SUV. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but my daughter said, "It can go on the new porch." And you know what, it fits perfectly and I am in love! I hope it loves it's new home. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Winter Wonderland!

We got dumped on last night. And it is wonderful! The whole state has been wondering when we were finally going to see some snowfall. Well, Mother Nature decided to give us all a glorious show around 6pm last night. Hubby and I were driving downtown to pick up his famous Double Front chicken and it hit! Driving home was a bit of a challenge, but once snug in the house, we just sat back and enjoyed the show. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And very Christmassy! :)
 Always, Kit

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st!

Where have I been you ask? I have been following my own suggestion and the list I make for the holidays, and I have been decorating! The list clearly stated: "Use the whole last week of November and get all your decorating done, inside and outside. Do not shop, do not wander, just get it done and you will be happy." And I followed said list and I am happy! It is done and now I can sit back and enjoy it. I did get a little off the path, but for a good reason. My youngest had to have her last (knock on wood) mouth surgery, so she needed a bit of Mommy love each day to keep her smiling. :) So I do have some piddly things to do today, but I am fine with that. The bulk is done. Some folks would think me crazy for doing so much (not blog folks tho, they decorate like me...LOL) but I love to have all my pretty things about me for the month. If I fail to put up the sled, or the small wreath on the outside gate, it makes me sad. I feel like they have missed out on celebrating the holiday. I am such a goober....LOL  Off I go, this weekend we decorate the main tree and my list clearly states: "Bring up the 4 boxes of ornaments on Saturday and the glass beads." Okay, okay I going! Always, Kit

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Ready to Celebrate

This is the part of the holiday I love the best. The preps! I am lucky and our school district gives us the Wed before Thanksgiving off. Something about, since they close the University so the kids can go home, all the other schools close too. Heck, I will take it for whatever reason. :) It gives me a whole day of being home, and getting the things done that make the holiday what it is for my family. 

We have a nice rainy day today. Feels cozy. I got to sleep in, leisurely sip my coffee and now it begins. The baking, the cleaning, the cooking. And I revel in it all! What fun! The house all to myself, nice and quiet. Later I may turn on some Fallish music, and decide on how to decorate the table for tomorrow. But for now, I will listen to the rain drops and enjoy the smell of cranberrys and pumpkin pie. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, November 17, 2012

That's why I Love him.

I was still in my jammies. Still sipping my morning tea, when my hubby comes running in and says, "Throw something on quickly, you have to see this!" I know that tone, and I knew not to waste any time and I did as I was told. He positioned me in the middle of the back yard and told me to look up. What I saw were two huge V's of Canadian Geese, so high up you couldn't hear them honking and they were headed West. And fast. He knows me well. It started my day off perfectly!

(courtesy of the Redlin Center)

Then last night, he comes in from work and before he had even taken off his coat, he says, "Close your eyes and sniff!" And I did, and got the first whiff of Christmas. The trees had arrived at his store and he had brought me a tiny little branch to enjoy all evening long. He knows me well. It ended my day perfectly. Always, Kit

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Laid Back Weekend

Nothing huge is planned. A little lunch and some shopping downtown with my youngest. Nice time to chat and catch up. The BIG storm that was predicted for my area, full of snow and wind, never materialized. Part of me is sad, but part is glad since I have two girls on the highways at this time of the year. It is really cold, so I will take that to give me my cozy feel. Later, I will break out the holiday event calendar and start filling in the days. This helps me in the preps needed and keeps me from becoming frazzled. But first I will nurse this hot cup of tea and orange cranberry slice of heaven and do a little online Christmas shopping. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Always, Kit

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Great Country!

I know most of us are just sick to death of political ads, folks calling our house and knocking at our doors. But I got to say, I will take that any day to live in this wonderful country. Are we lucky or what???  Okay, so we are in debt (who isn't), we tend to go to war and help other countries more than our own (but we are good neighbors) and we fuss and fight and voice our feelings. But, lucky for us, we can. I am hoping my "team" wins tonight, but if they don't, I will support who does. I hope everyone got out to vote and are wearing their sticker proudly. USA, USA, USA!!!  Always, Kit

Friday, November 2, 2012

I Miss you Already

It is amazing the people we meet through our computers. Back in 2001, I joined a forum called Country Life. I met a wonderful group of folks. We shared so much together. We had swaps, chatted, traded ornaments and even had a gift exchange. I couldn't wait to go online each day to see what everyone was up to. Our relationships even extended into snail mail and on one very special occasion I got to meet one of my fellow "Lifer's". She went by the handle, EWhit and at the time she was living in Florida but had family in Montana. When she came up to visit them, we set up a meeting in my town. I was so thrilled because she had always been a favorite of mine. We both had such a great time, eating Chinese food, giving each other little gifts and chatting like we saw each other each day. And in a way, we did "see" each other every day. The visit came to a close all to soon, and as I pulled out of the parking lot, I rolled my window down and yelled, "I miss you already!" This was to become our catch phrase thru the years.

 She went on to move to Tennessee, a dream of hers. The forum changed; sadly, and alot of people left. It became too hard to see a place that I had loved so much, fall apart, and then I too left. EWhit and I wrote notes to each other and emailed occasionally but it wasn't like being in the forum. I would send her cards on the holidays and we would always sign our notes with our catch phrase. Her health started to fail but she still went on and she had such spirit. This Halloween I sent her a little card with little bits of confetti inside (I knew she would get a kick out that) and told her I missed her still. Today I received a note from her husband, that Erma had passed away in September. Pneumonia had taken my friend. I am very sad, but today I am thinking about all the great moments we had and for one last time,
 "My dear friend, I miss you already."
 Always, Kit (KK) 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

First real Snowfall!

Yep, it is true. We had our first snowfall on Thursday night and we have gotten a little bit each evening since. The saying in Montana is: "Of course it snowed! It's almost Halloween!" And we all laugh. My kids remember the years of putting on their fabulous costumes, just to have to put over top, their snow parka and hat and mittens. Many a princess or evil queen has been hidden by necessary winter gear. Some years we designed costumes just to take the weather into consideration and sweats and elaborate layers were used. I do not let it frazzle me, but I do hope it doesn't worry a soon to be Miss America, Monster or Kitty Cat. I just hope the weather spirits give us a break on Wednesday so I can admire all the neighborhood costumes and shower my praise on the little ones who are so excited to dress up. Just like my little ones. :) Always, Kit

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Birthday!

We had a celebration for my hubby on Wednesday, for his 63rd birthday. And yes we had a theme...LOL This year for his main present I got him a ride in the B-25 bomber, "Maid in the Shade" that visited our town over the Labor Day weekend. He was thrilled first with the flight and then with his party. Of course the theme was Airplanes! I found the cutest party ware online and added to it, finding fun items here in town. It is always such a thrill when I see everything come together. Our girls joined us, with first a lovely dinner at a local steakhouse (they even paid the bill, what sweeties!) And then fun and frolic at the house ensued. I always make sure that they have a fun item to play with in their goodie bag and this year it was little LED helicopters. In no time, my gang was out in the street having a ball! 

Presents were given and my girls always give such wonderful gifts. My oldest knows my hubby's love of Pacific Northwest art and picked him up a lovely piece on her recent trip to Seattle. Our youngest, scanned photos of all the past Halloweens with her Daddy and had them made into a book including lots of lovely sentiments about how much it meant to have him be such a big part of her holiday. (He always went out with them on Halloween night and when they got older, he helped them make their costumes) It turned out lovely and our guy had some sniffles going. We ended the evening with our fav cake, songs and wishes and lots of hugs and kisses. It was such a great time! Always, Kit

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feeling Good

Birds flying high
You know how I feel.
Sun in the Sky
You know how I feel.
Reeds driftn' on by
You know how I feel. 

It's a new day
It's a new dawn
It's a new world for me
And I'm Feeling Good!

 - Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newly

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Decorating

Oh this month is such a pleasure to decorate for. I love all the warm golds, and oranges, even browns with a pop of bright purple! And let us not forget the color black. I spent a Sunday pulling out all my Halloween decorations. Such dear old friends and I lovingly placed them around my home. They make me smile. Such goofy and strange and lovely items they are. I remember buying my first ceramic pumpkins at a craft store in Denver and have added to my collection ever since. I can't resist! And if an item is a bit "strange", all the better. Bring on the little monsters, the black cats, and the grinning pumpkin headed people. The gourd lady and the witchy sisters. How about a vintage glass pumpkin and a mummy or two. They are all welcome and for a month the stage is theirs. Let's all celebrate Halloween! Always, Kit

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Things to do on a Fall day

I am enjoying a shortened work day and a Friday to boot! It is a lovely Fall day here in the mountains and I am full of glee. Sipping a hot coffee and about to start to decorate my front step for the holiday. We had our first truly hard freeze last night and the plants that I didn't bring in to over winter are now gone. It will be pot "chucking" today. I have an easy way to compost all the annuals that I potted up this summer. Since I only line the bottom with newspaper, all the pots are dumped in the area behind my raspberries and various other areas that can use some extra soil. The paper rots along with the plant and ta da, I am done. Easy peasy. Off I go, time is a wasting! :) Always, Kit

My heirloom geraniums ready for their Winter vacation.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flew the Coop!

There is a little family who live in a very big nest, on the top of a very tall pole, at the mouth of the Hellgate Canyon and they captivate me and countless others as they live their lives each season. Mom arrives first, followed by her devoted husband and then we wait for the babies. These are the Hellgate Ospreys. (Named by heads of the Osprey study: Iris, Stan and their children, Crown Royal, Captain Hook and Squish.)

This year, like last year, they had some difficulties. Mom arrived (Iris) and hubby but then we were sad to hear that hubby had gotten killed. We all wondered what would happen, would the nest stay silent? But Iris headed out and found herself a might younger man to fit the bill (Stan). Stan was named as such, because he was "the Man". Not only did he give her three babies, but boy, could he fish. Through the long hot summer, he brought all sorts of delectable fish to the babies, while Iris played "Sunbrella" and kept the chicks safe from predators. All of the chicks lived this year and thrived. Since there was plenty of food, we didn't have the older chicks attacking the youngest which had happened the year before. That was a relief. We really only had a couple of mishaps this year. One chick (Captain Hook) ended up getting tangled in a bit of line and a fish hook and the docs had to come out and remove it from his foot. They usually do not interfere with the birds lives, but this was a man-made problem so they stepped in. Whew, and we were all glad they did. We all watched while the oldest made his first attempts at flying (named for a whiskey bag that was brought back to the nest as bedding...LOL) and cheered on Squish, the youngest (his siblings were always lying on him) as he fought to get his food and his place in the roster. Hook fledged first and then Royal, but Royal received a wing injury. So she stayed close to the nest until it healed. Before we knew it, Iris and Hook had migrated. Squish, Royal and Stan stayed at the nest where he still fed his "teens" and one day Squish was ready to leave. For days Stan fished and fed Royal, and I like to think, he knew she was injured and wouldn't leave her. About a week ago, they both left the nest for the last time. Heading South the way the others had gone. And tho it is now sad to watch the now empty nest, it is also very satisfying.

I will miss them, but I will be eagerly waiting for the return of Iris and Stan and another season come Spring. I wish them safe travels. Always, Kit

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am a bit tired today. But a good tired. Yesterday was our University's Homecoming. Anyone out there live in a college town? Well, then you know what it is like. Our city goes all out and it seems like everything is be-decked in maroon and silver. Grizzly paws adorn faces, cars and store windows. And if you are a baby, you are of course dressed like a little cheerleader...LOL  

Both my girls graduated from the University of Montana so I am doubly proud. We met up with our youngest and attended the "Big" Parade. Bands from as far away as Japan and right down to our very own Alumni Band (consisting of past U of M band members), they are my favorite. The tootsie rolls filled the bags and pockets of everyone, we all got a new American Flag and lots of "Hello's" were shouted over the strands of many band selections. This town was having a good time!

Hubby and I have season tickets, so off to the game we went. Alas, we lost, but I still had fun and we were 25,000 strong, cheering on our team even as the ending looked glum. Whew, busy day. But one for the memory books. Always, Kit


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Loving my Weekend!

First off yesterday was the second Griz (home) Game of the season and it was wonderful! We won and the mood was high and everyone was having a lovely time in spite of the smoke. We are having what we call in Montana our 5th season. Fire season. It is nasty, but doable. It happens every Aug - Sept and some days it gets so dark my yard lights come on. Folks grumble and frown, but I figure, I have no right to be upset. The people on the fire lines are the ones who should be having a fit, not me. So I stay indoors and do my projects and look out my windows at my gardens. :) One good rain storm and it will be a memory.

Today, I am embracing my homey side and baking. Saw a wonderful recipe in my Susan Branch book, Autumn. Will pick a few of my Mac Apples and make an Apple Crisp for dinner. So easy and so homey. Just finished some chocolate chip cookies for the hubby and I think we will have baked pork chops too. Earlier while the hubby was in the hot tub, we had a visit from the Summer Kitties and had some fun playing in the cool early air. Best time to enjoy the gardens before the heat of the day. I am off to turn on a football game (don't you just love the sound of a football game on the TV?) and to finish up my house chores. I hope you all have the best Sunday and get to do some relaxing. :) Always, Kit

Monday, September 3, 2012

What I am Loving Right Now!

Well for one, sleeping in this morn was heaven! I have two weeks of work in my back pocket and all went really well. A few glitches, but the kids took them in stride. It is amazing how much I forget over the summer and it feels really good to be back in a routine. I had really missed the kids and teachers and I am loving the new year.

E.Charlotte is still healing and doing so well. Just when the pain and swelling is getting less, she has to go into the orthodontist and they tweak her braces and she starts all over again. Oy! But she is keeping her good humor and can see the "lovely smile at the end of the tunnel". She is my hero!

With September came football games and hubby and I attended our first Griz home game on Saturday. We won! 34 to 24 and it was a wonderful time. Not too hot, a great breeze to keep the smoke away (forest fires) and old friends to chat with. Sunday night I will really be ga ga cause my Denver Broncos with PEYTON MANNING!! will be playing. I will have my Bronco flag up, my Bronco Gnome sitting on the coffee table and I will be cheering on the best of the best!

Cooler nights and changing leaves. The Sugar Maples have started and so have my Burning Bushes. And even tho our daytime temps are still in the high 80's, it doesn't feel as intense. We are expecting our first hard frost next Tuesday so I have to turn my thoughts to bringing in my "summer camp" plants. And covering my geraniums out front. I am not ready to let them go just yet. They are just too lovely on my front step. :) Always, Kit

Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of Summer / Back to School!

Not weather wise, that is still going strong and warm (but the mornings are very chill and lovely). But my summer is coming to a close as I start back to work tomorrow. For those who don't remember, I am a Head Cook/Chief Cook and Bottle Washer/Lunch Lady or Nurturer of Spirit and Stomach (at an Alternative H.S.) I do not mind going back in the least, in fact ever since I stepped into my kitchen on Friday, I have had exciting little shocks running thru my system. I spent part of Saturday making new signs, creating bulletins and fine tuning my master plan. My kitchen and lunch room have been decorated and look fabulous! All that is needed is food and that arrives tomorrow and then children on Tuesday. 50 new teenagers who will look askance at me, wondering who is this colorfully dressed lady and can she really learn all our names in just a couple of days? And then my "old" kids, with huge smiles and lots of hugs. I am so blessed to have such an occupation. One that makes me feel like I am making a difference to some kids that life has pretty much crapped on. At least when they are with me, they can feel safe and cared for and loved. And get good food too! :) Okay, time to pack my aprons and polish up my white shoes. It's showtime! Always, Kit

The two pics on the right were made by students for the yearbook. I just love them!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Playing Nurse

For two years we have talked about it, planned for it and on August 13th, the day arrived. My youngest, E.Charlotte went in for reconstructive jaw surgery. Even the name makes me cringe. We found out her jaw never fully developed and it was causing all sorts of teeth problems. First teeth had to be removed, new bone was added, implants were inserted, implants were removed :( , braces were attached and then we waited. When they deemed it was ready, the surgeon went in and moved her jaw forward (you can just imagine how) and cut her top pallet and spread her top teeth. With metal plates and countless screws she is back together and we are mending. She spent one night in the hospital (and I camped out with her) the swelling has been horrendous, the pain nasty, but her spirit is wonderful. I have never seen such strength and tolerance. She does me proud!

She is now back in her old room, and this week I will take care of her. I am very happy to. We have our ice bags, our pain killers, and liquid foods. I wish I could get more creative with how to prepare Chicken Broth....LOL We are watching her favorite shows, and we chat, her writing down and me doing all the talking. An odd reversal....LOL Hard to watch one we love, so uncomfortable, but she is mending. Before long this will be just a bad experience, and she will have a new and improved smile. And I can't wait to see that smile again. Always, Kit

Always a positive outlook. Getting ready to go in.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chicks N Chaps

Every year, come Western Montana Fair time, an event arrives that my daughter and I attend called Chicks and Chaps. It is such a fun time and it benefits Breast Cancer research here in Montana. Registration is limited to 250 lucky ladies. It is a much sought after ticket so I signed us up back in March. We had such a great time! From the ride on the bus all decorated with pink and brown balloons, with Country music blaring from the speakers, to the rodeo that night, the day was filled with fun events. We had a silent auction of hundreds of gifts and we were both lucky and E. Charlotte won a blinged out purse and I won a cowboy boot birdhouse (handmade by a cancer survivor). We were so thrilled! The beer and wine flowed and the food was spectacular, especially the rum/vodka frozen sugared grapes!....LOL We enjoyed the Rodeo Clinic and tried our hand at roping, bull riding and barrel racing (of course all without real animals) while the real rodeo cowboys waited on us hand and foot. Later there was a live auction where one of the favorite items auctioned was the pink shirt right off a hunky cowboys back. It went for $2600!! And no, it wasn't I who bought it...LOL The day was very hot and volunteers gave us ice filled pink bandannas to hang across our neck, we watched the real rodeo from our special seats while we checked out what was in our huge pink goodie bag. Such fun! The folks who put on this event should be commended, it was a premier event and every need was thought of. As E and I rode the bus back to the Sunrise Saloon we were tired, dirty, and happy. We waved good-bye to other "Chicks" and said "See ya next year!" Oh yeah, I'm already looking forward to August 2013. Always, Kit

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Kitties

It all began with a young man in a bathrobe standing in the middle of my yard looking up in my apple tree. Hubby couldn't figure out who he was and what he was doing. Until... the man grabbed at a little kitten that was climbing my tree and headed back across the street. And that is when we realized, we had new neighborhood kitties! Their names are Tango and Cash but I have to admit, I still call them by the names I gave them when I didn't know who they were. Bessie and Pumpkin. Bessie cause she looks like a cow with her markings, and Pumpkin because he is orange.

They seemed to love our yard and finally the poor man gave up and all Summer long we have had the most entertaining of visitors. Bessie hung out under my ladder the whole time I painted the new porch. Pumpkin seemed to love my bird baths and could be found hiding out under the Potentilla on the really hot days. Every morning I go out to rake and gather up my apples and I have an automatic smile when I hear a bell. Here they come! "Summer Kitties, had me a blast!" Always, Kit

PS: They are still our neighbors cats, we just get to play with them.

Friday, August 3, 2012


When my hubby and I travel, part of the adventure is not only seeing the natural wonders of the world, but the wonders of flea markets and antique stores too! We both love them and when one comes into sight, there is no need to ask, the car pulls over and the fun begins. :) On our most recent trip we found lots of treasures that make me smile. Some rare, and some familiar and all inexpensive. Our favorite haunts are: Wine Country Antiques in Newberg, Or., Lafayette Schoolhouse Antique Mall, in Lafayette, Or., Waldport Flea Market, in of course Waldport and Wiggets in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. This year we came home with the following items pictured below. I think my favs are the ginger jar, Susan Branch book that is out of print and the vintage lamp with the unusual lamp shade. All were such fun to find and didn't empty the wallet. :) Always, Kit

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Lake

Well, we made our annual trip to Seeley Lake yesterday and I couldn't have picked a lovelier day. Lots of sun and heat and the wonderful scent of hot pine. We packed up two coolers full of drinks and sandwiches, had lots of snacks and all our lake toys. But our lake toys are not of the noisy variety. Unless you count our squeals and screams of delight...LOL The lake was cool and so easy to slip into. We bobbed about in our tubes, chatting, swimming, and splashing each other. There is no better way to connect with one's daughter than to sit side by side, bobbing about a lake, sharing stories. :) We stayed way into the late afternoon, and as the sun started to drop in the West, it was time to pack up, grab a shake at Pop's Drive-In and head on home. Ahhh, a perfect day! Always, Kit

One very happy Mommy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Olympics!

Oh my word am I excited! I have programmed my DVR to tape just about everything, have been following all the news and stories and tomorrow my girls will join me and their Dad to watch the Opening Ceremony on the big screen. Dinner will be provided and tho I would have liked to have done something very English; like Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash...LOL we have opted for McKenzie River sandwiches. I can't wait to see what London has cooked up for us and I will proudly display my Red, White and Blue. And as they say, Let the Games Begin! Always, Kit