Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Halloween Tradition

I just watched "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and oh how I laughed and smiled, as if I were a kid again. From the first bars of that wonderful Vince Guaraldi score, I am always hooked. I love the subtle humor and every time Charlie Brown exclaims, "I got a rock" while Trick or Treating, I just lose it. The poor fellow. But even sadder is Sally losing out on Tricks and Treats and demanding restitution!.....LOL They sure knew how to make a great show back then for sure. And I am so glad it is being aired on TV still, for all the kiddlets who will remember it when they are 56. Will they remember Snoopy crawling thru the French countryside after his Sopwith Camel got shot down, with that haunting train whistle sounding off in the background? And will they fall in love with all the Peanuts characters just like I did so many years ago? I know so. Always, Kit

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Birthday Party!

I am planning a party today. I have the plates and napkins, beverage bowl, nuts and M & M's, tablecloth, scatter, cupcakes and presents. Of course balloons, and a birthday banner. Oooo, how I love it when it all comes together. The dining room is awash with color and fun. And the theme this year? Because you have to have a theme, right? Is..... Cars! It is my hubby's 62 birthday and I thought it very fitting since he finally got himself a new one (it only took 2 years to decide...LOL) and he likes cars. Our girls are bringing dinner and it will be so lovely to have us all together again to swap stories and just visit. Always, Kit

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Single for a Weekend!

Well, when I heard the hubby was going to Denver for a business trip, I started making lists. Now most folks would be giddy over the aspect of: nights out with friends, hours of shopping, restaurants to sample. Not me. I was giddy over the aspect of having the house all to myself. Now don't get me wrong. I love, love my husband, but I have never lived alone, and so when I am offered 3 full days of alone, only me, okay maybe the cat, time, I do my happy dance and pull out the paper and pen. First on the list? A trip to the store for some food favorites that do not have to be cooked! A treat or two. A pampering session with my hair dresser, with the result of a shorter sassier hair-do, which goes so well with my present state of mind. Add a new series that I just received from Netflix. "The Buccaneer's!" adapted from the Edith Wharton book. What my hubby would definitely call a chick flick and would definitely not want to see. I sprinkled in some much needed little chores that have been nagging me for some time and it feels so good to have them finally done. I ate only when I felt like it, went to bed later than usual (Oooo, I am such a renegade!...LOL) and woke early with the whole day ahead of me. As I write, the soundtrack from "When Harry met Sally" is blasting away and it is urging me to come and vacuum, before I settle down on the couch, Garlic bagel in hand to watch some great football. Oh, it is going to be such a lovely day! Always, Kit

(photos courtesy of the wonderful web!)
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

What I am Loving Right Now!

Feeling so great today! Cool and partly sunny, my yard is a riot of color and texture. And my home is decorated for Halloween. I love the colors of Autumn; browns, golds, orange and throw in some black and white checkerboard for good measure! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! What are you in love with? Always, Kit

1. A whole Saturday to work on all those piddly, nagging things that just keep getting put off until the list in my mind is overwhelming. I only have a couple more to do today and I am FREE!

2. Redecorating the house for Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. I have always wondered why I never really get in to decorating for Easter. I just am not a pastel person. Give me vibrant color any day. I love pulling out all my old and favorite decorations and then I go outside and look in at night and the place is just glowing. Gives me the coziest feeling.

3. The smell of woodsmoke in the air. Smells like camping.

4. Having my youngest visit me at work (yesterday) and give me the biggest hug, right there in front of all the students. Everyone was smiling. :)

5. Knowing that the medicine that we have been giving our old cat is working. He has more of a spring to his step and has been dragging his toys out of his basket and playing. Poor old boy, it is hard to have an arthritic hip.

6. Lastly, today is a Griz football game but they are away, and so, I will watch "my boys" in the comfort of my pretty living room, while eating my favorite Asian food for dinner. I am all excited just thinking about it....LOL

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