Monday, August 1, 2011

Road Trip!

Took off yesterday for Philipsburg, Montana and their Flint Creek Days. Now I have to admit, if I had known they were having a Hot Rod Show (yikes, I consider this worse than going to the dentist), I think I would have begged off. But the lure of the best soft caramel candies in the west, had me all buckled up and ready to ride. This is truly one of the prettiest bits of countryside around and with a blue sky, a winding creek and the smell of pine, I couldn't have been happier. Well, I could, once I got that candy! It worked out nice, hubby wanted to see the cars and talk to his fellow car buddies and I wanted to shop. I enjoyed the stores and the owners, trading stories and buying little tid bits that wouldn't be seen till Christmas. Last stop was the Sweet Palace and it was packed. I radar-ed in on the bins of my treasured confection, passing little kids with their grandparents who looked like they had 10 pounds of candy stuffed in their cellophane bags, And when asked if I would love to try a sample of a caramel, I did not have to be asked twice. Heaven! Loaded up in the Cobra once more, I let hubby speed out of town with full pipes and we headed around Georgetown Lake and back home. Below are some pictures to give ya feel for the place. Enjoy the look around! Always, Kit

Flint Creek

Doe Brothers Restaurant

Sweet Palace


Diane said...

Thanks for sharing Kit. It looks like a great way to spend the day - and everybody was happy
! Diane

Laurie said...

My mouth is watering for some of those soft caramels and I'd love to visit the Sweet Palace - a palace indeed - wow! I have never been to Philipsburg, and it looks like it is worth the trip!

Susan said...

Wed. night...

Oh Kit, that sounded like a whole lot of fun. And caramels.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nice photos, too. Glad you had a super day.

Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your comment, too. Have a great night. Susan

Anonymous said...

It all looks so wonderful, Kit! I think the Sweet Palace would be one of my favorite stops too! :)
Have a happy one,

Decor To Adore said...

Oh now this is definitely one for Wayfaring Wednesday. Make sure you link up next week. :)

E. Charlotte said...

What a great trip! And you just can't beat that candy store!! :) Glad you had fun!

Unknown said...

I love me a good road trip! :)


The Boston Lady said...

Kit this looks wonderful! So glad u could enjoy while your better half did his "car stuff". Ann