Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The First Day of School!

I was excited. I was sleepy (why oh why did I not "practice" getting up early the week before!). I was nervous. How would the day pan out? Would I be ready to serve my kids? Would I remember all their names? Well, how could it not be the most perfect day when it started with a surprise gift from my youngest. She sent me on my way to school with a Back to School goodie bag. I am so spoiled. And I love it! It was decorated so nicely (I adore school buses!) and filled with everything I would need to survive my first day. Plus, a wonderful card and her well wishes that had me reaching for a tissue. Let's take a look inside............

Everything I need to make my forms and order sheets beautiful! And look at those stickers, perfect for this Head Cook.

When the day is getting long; a juice box, and some snacks are needed and once I am ready to leave for the day, I have my new lip balm with tin, and Vaseline to keep my hands soft and supple.

So perfect and so much fun to get! Thanks E, you made going back to school the best thing ever!
Always, Kit

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sorry I have been absent. My summer vacation is coming to a close and I have to turn my mind elsewhere for just a bit. School starts on Monday, Aug 29th and I have a lot to do to prepare my kitchen for the new year. But before I actually return to my space tomorrow, I have been busy with meetings, bulletins, lists, and creating new decorations to enhance my customers eating experience....LOL What you see here is your basic kitchen and while it is pleasant and serviceable and most of the other kitchens always look like this, I am afraid mine has to have a little flair. And COLOR! And warmth. So that when a kid is having a bad day and needs a cookie and smile, he knows just where to head. So off I go, (creating flower arrangements) and come on back to see the after pictures of a workplace transformed. Always, Kit

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going to the Lake

It was a tradition in our family to visit Seeley Lake each summer. Sometimes camping, sometimes just for a day of swimming. But the girls got older, life got busy and we tended to fill the weekends with other events. Hubby and I drove up one weekend and while gazing at this beautiful lake, we reminisced about the good times we had had. He could tell I was getting a bit melancholy and smart man that he is, he suggested that we should see if the girls were free and plan a Saturday at the Lake. I couldn't even wait to get home and texted the girls to see if they were game. Replies came in shortly with a resounding ~ YES!! Plans were made; snacks, water toys, towels, sunscreen, chairs, Subway sandwiches and beverages. The day was perfect, hot and sunny and the lake pleasantly cool. We spent 6 glorious hours paddling about the lake, talking and laughing and just being together. And I swear I have a permanent ring around my bottom from just plunking myself into the inner tube and floating in the sun. It was hard to leave as the sun dipped below the pines, but the fun was not over. We had to stop at Pop's Drive-In for milkshakes for the drive home. We have promised each other to claim one weekend next summer for our Lake day. Another tradition re-established! Always, Kit

A happy mother's smile, not melancholy anymore!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Chicks N' Chaps!

My daughter and I participated in an All Women's Rodeo Clinic last week and it was a hoot! It is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research and we along with 248 other crazy ladies learned all there was to know about rodeos, hunky cowboys and Coors Lite. Pink was the color of the day and we all wore it proudly. The day was filled with silent and live auctions, wonderful food and drink, a chance to try out some rodeo techniques and participation in the pre-rodeo entertainment. This was awesome! We ran out into the arena in front of the crowd wearing pink gloves and holding a pink cup, where we created a huge pink ribbon and danced to the song, Raise your Glass by Pink! Who else of course. OMG! I never laughed so hard. You can't take a bunch of women, have them practice a routine for 15 min. and expect them to remember it, especially with the amount of beer we were consuming...LOL And I hear a You Tube video is being made and when that is available I will post it. Flubs and all. Enjoy the pics. Just some of the highlights. Always, Kit

The End!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What I am loving right now.

1. Paint. A simple can of Polliwog green paint. I just love how you can have one color on a given wall (in this case red) and in a moment it is changed to the most soothing pretty green. Instant decor!

2. High Summer. Oh it is so glorious out. Hot and sunny one day, thunderstorms the next. Projects are winding up. Time for reading and a little bit of relaxing. And everything is still sooooo green .

3. A Meat Packers Metal Table???? Found at a yard sale, this is a piece you would find in a magazine in one of those incredible New York City lofts being used as a coffee table. I love it. But I am not sure what to do with it just yet. But I knew it had style and for 5 bucks, I had to have it.

4. Cruising around Montana. I cannot get enough of my wonderful state. I want to drive to each corner and feel the breeze in my tangled hair, and smell the pine (and oft times skunks too) and watch the countryside fly by.

5. The Little House Books. I have one more to go and then I will have read them all again for the 5th time. I can't help it, I just love them. I know life back then was very hard indeed, but her descriptions of the simple life makes me yearn. And after I read a book; I spread out a clean table cover, bake some cookies and sit down to sew. Now if I could just get my husband to learn how to fiddle, the picture would be complete. :)

What are you loving right now? Always, Kit

Monday, August 1, 2011

Road Trip!

Took off yesterday for Philipsburg, Montana and their Flint Creek Days. Now I have to admit, if I had known they were having a Hot Rod Show (yikes, I consider this worse than going to the dentist), I think I would have begged off. But the lure of the best soft caramel candies in the west, had me all buckled up and ready to ride. This is truly one of the prettiest bits of countryside around and with a blue sky, a winding creek and the smell of pine, I couldn't have been happier. Well, I could, once I got that candy! It worked out nice, hubby wanted to see the cars and talk to his fellow car buddies and I wanted to shop. I enjoyed the stores and the owners, trading stories and buying little tid bits that wouldn't be seen till Christmas. Last stop was the Sweet Palace and it was packed. I radar-ed in on the bins of my treasured confection, passing little kids with their grandparents who looked like they had 10 pounds of candy stuffed in their cellophane bags, And when asked if I would love to try a sample of a caramel, I did not have to be asked twice. Heaven! Loaded up in the Cobra once more, I let hubby speed out of town with full pipes and we headed around Georgetown Lake and back home. Below are some pictures to give ya feel for the place. Enjoy the look around! Always, Kit

Flint Creek

Doe Brothers Restaurant

Sweet Palace