Sunday, May 29, 2011

A School Bus Birthday!

I turned 56 on Thursday. In a nutshell, it was fantastic! The pictures will tell the story, but I have to give you a little background. I LOVE school buses. And I LOVE school buses when they are in a group and driving down the road in a "school bus parade". It makes me cry. Go figure....LOL For the birthdays in our family we have themes. My youngest (Life Among Mountains) chose my theme and you guessed it, this year it was School Buses. But the most incredible part of the event was, she contacted the company who owns the school buses in our town and posed a particular idea to them. Could they have three buses drive by her Mom's house on her Mom's birthday at a certain time? It was a first. But they were up to the challenge. They worked with her closely on the details and said they would be happy to. So at the right time, my little girl took me outside (I had no idea what was up) and as I looked to the West, here came my very own "parade" with flashing lights, horns honking and a banner on the first bus wishing me a Happy Birthday. My daughter says, that she will always remember the look on my face as I realized what was happening. I was laughing and crying and clapping all at the same time. When they made their second loop, the drivers all got out and gave me a present of a school bus mug and pen, and the singing of Happy Birthday. It was spectacular! My girl sure knows how to make one Mommy feel ever so special. Thank you sweetie! LYS

Always, Kit
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Bittersweet Day.

Today is graduation day at my Alternative High School and I am sad :( but I am also happy :) These students have to work harder than most teens and when they finally achieve "graduate" status, the staff is proud and relieved, tired and very teary. These kids are like family. You are there for them thru the ups and the many downs, handing out hugs when needed and an extra cookie or two. I myself get used to seeing those faces each day and it is what makes my job, not a job at all. You watch these children morph into adults, become better people, easier in their own skin, and it makes me proud to be even a little part of the process. It will be sad to not see the kids I have come to know over the last 4 years after tonight, but I have a new batch of skeptical, angry and unusual students to love. And in 4 years, I will be crying yet again happy tears.

Always, Kit

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I couldn't resist!....LOL

First off, I apologize ahead of time if you are of the mindset that the world will be ending soon. I don't mean to offend, but I saw this poster when I was out getting chicken for dinner and had to stop and get my hubby to snap a pic! You have to admire the humor in it. I for one, hope I have many more days on this wonderful earth and that the good Lord will call me home in about 30 years or so.

Always, Kit

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I am Loving Right Now

Wow, what a difference a week makes. This town was getting mighty sad about our lack of warm days and drab brown trees. But now, it is sunny, warm and the world is again wrapped in green! This makes me very happy and makes me reflect on just what is making my heart sing right now.

1. Green, green, and more green! When you have 7 months of Winter, adding another color besides grey or white to the pallet is amazing. Everywhere you look, the trees have this incredible lime green show going on. Just beautiful!

2. Yard Sales! Went to my second of the year today and found some great treasures. Milk glass, Fancy writing paper, a lovely bracelet and a Sterling Silver flatware set. Which is ornate and pretty and I got it for a song. At the same estate sale, my hubby got an old movie projector for FREE! And it works. But I like it for it's vintage style. Think I will find a home for it in the living room.

3. Working Outside. I am giddy with energy. This year I am loving the process of getting my house and yard ready for the Summer Season. Unlike last year when it was all I could do, to just mow the lawn. I have washed all the windows, scraped the front step for painting, mowed and trimmed. Cleaned the garden beds and put out my yard art. Whew~ but it has been fun. And I am looking forward to re-painting the outdoor furniture, creating a new glass art piece, and putting in a new garden bed.

4. Having NO plans. I am not a joiner. No clubs, no regular lunch dates, NO meetings. For the first time in a long time, my time is my own. And I love it. Except for work (and that I adore) I can come and go as I want and when I want. Garden, read, cook or not cook. Put my grubbies on and just plunk myself down on a chair and write. Run out to see my girls or not. Freedom and marching to one's own tune is priceless.

Off I go. Think I will head out to my garden shop and do some dreaming. :)

Always, Kit

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sooooo Busy!

Whew, it has been a whirlwind of busyness lately. With the arrival of my favorite month ever,(okay I am a little bit prejudiced since I was born in May) I have been going non-stop. Our family always kicks off May with our annual family trip to Spokane, Washington for Bloomsday. A seven mile race that the 4 of us have done at various times. Hubby leads with having run it in less than 53 minutes for the last 20 years. I walked it one year and that was enough for me, I could barely get into the car at the end my calves hurt so much, but I do still covet the Finisher t-shirt that I was awarded. This is one of the few races that you have to earn the shirt and the design of it is kept uber secret.

We always arrive a day early and wander all over the downtown area and park seeing the sites. This year we stayed at the gorgeous Davenport Hotel, oh my, what an incredible place. Such a posh atmosphere and it makes one feel like you have been transported back in time. I am still a big fan of the IMAX theater (first time I saw one was at the Spokane Worlds Fair) and we got to see Born to Be Wild, about orangutans and elephants. On to the best book store in the world! Aunties. The best toy store and trinket shop, Boo Radleys. And of course to carbo load up for the race (even tho I was only going to be drinking coffee and strolling) the restaurant of choice is The Olive Garden. All of it was such fun. And then the next day my hubby and youngest girl (she in gold lame tights) did so well in the race, while my oldest girl and I munched pastry and drank coffee and cheered on the Kenyans. The park filled with thousands of people (hear tell, 51 thousand runners ran) the sun shone and everyone was having such a great time. For as far as you could see, the world was awash in yellow Finisher t-shirts, tired limbs and huge smiles. This is my kind of party.
Always, Kit

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