Monday, April 25, 2011

Scenes of Easter

As we wrap up April 2011, I want to finish up with some Easter memories of a wonderful time.We enjoyed Easter Baskets filled with lots of little trinkets and lovely chocolate. We ran thru the sunshine looking for colorful eggs and acting like little kids, knowing that there would be a prize awaiting us (I got a lovely prim doll!). We feasted on turkey with all the favorite side dishes and sat around the table laughing and playing games till late. When I think back on the day, it is easy to recall what the best part was; just the 4 of us being together.

Always, Kit

Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Tree

Over at Razmataz, Chania's challenge for us this week was to photograph Easter. Every year since my girls were small, we have always had an egg tree. And now my grown daughter's have one too. This Sunday my girls will come over for our Easter celebration. Which consists of: Easter baskets, two Easter egg hunts (one for them and then they put on one for us), a Turkey feast and then games and visiting. But the first thing they will see when they drive up to their childhood home, is Mommy's Egg Tree and it will produce the biggest of Easter smiles.
Happy Easter Everyone!

Always, Kit

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Bunnies

Well, I promised you more bunnies and here they are! I have a few more than this, hey, let's be real, I have a ton more. But a lot of them ended up going to work with me for a holiday display case for the kids. Don't bunnies make you smile? Chenille, pottery, made out of socks, I'll take them all. Even the strange little chicken dressed as a bunny I found in an obscure shop. I just love them!

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Always, Kit

Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ My Dresser

Chania, gave us our assignment and I ran right over and grabbed my camera and snapped away. This is how my dresser looks everyday, except for a change in flowers occasionally. I keep the things that are near and dear to me on it and the dresser itself is special. It was my hubby's Grandmother's and from the moment I saw it, I fell in love. And when my late MIL said she would like me to have it, I was in seventh heaven. As you can see I like to tuck photos along the mirror (that one is of me and my youngest in California), two of the many Teddy Bears I collect, inside the green cupboard are my "treasures", special pieces of jewelry from people who have passed away and on the dresser tray in one of those lidded jars are tons of fortune cookie messages from all the times my oldest girl and I have eaten Chinese food. :) Run over to Razmataz and see all the other great dresser tops! Always, Kit

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mosaic Monday ~ Chicks

I have always wanted to go to the supply store in the Spring, when the chicks come in and I never have. All these years in Montana and to not have held a darling soft fluffy beautifully yellow chick? This needed to be rectified and right away. Grabbed the daughter and we headed for Quality Supply. They had all these metal containers and inside were peeping, flapping fluffs of gorgeous yellow. I was so excited and a little afraid to try and pick one up. They kept running away, and I didn't want to hurt them. But finally a little one took pity on me (actually, he was a bit slow) and it was such a great sensation to hold and stroke this little being. (no wonder I have never liked to eat chicken) I just stood there and grinned. Once I got braver, I even managed to pick up a baby duckling too. What an incredibly fun event! Please join Little Red House for more lovely mosaics. Always, Kit

Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ Outdoors

On Wednesday, hubby and I ventured West and these picts were snapped (from my window @ 65 mph) as we came down off of snowy Look Out Pass, between Idaho and Montana. Going over we were deep into a blizzard and following three sanding trucks, but coming home intermittent sunshine and some rain. Gorgeous up there and still Winter. Head over to Razmataz for more Outdoor photos. Enjoy!

Always, Kit

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break!

Oh, how nice it is to sleep in and get some things done around here. This week is just sailing by and I feel so accomplished. I know a lot of my co-worker's opted for trips to somewhere warm and toasty but I prefer to do some Spring Cleaning. Call me strange....LOL (tho I did take a day trip with my hubby, but that is a story for another post) Anyway, things I have checked off my list include: cleaning and waxing my hard wood floors, scrubbing the cupboards in the kitchen and washing down the whole bathroom. Plus, I have been helping my daughter with a baby shower for a dear friend, and still getting in time for reading and computing. I feel great! Up next? Boxes to Goodwill and if the weather behaves (please, no more Snow!) outside to do some garden clean-up. Later gator! Always, Kit

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mosaic Monday ~ Bunnies

For Easter I love to fill my home with bunnies. I have yet to get my whole collection out but three have hopped up to surprise you. Just a little sneak peek to what I am going to be calling" The Grand Bunny Invasion!" Head over to Little Red House for more mosaics and also Mary's lovely pussy willow photos.

Always, Kit

Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ Door

The door I wanted to feature, I can't find the photo anywhere. How frustrating. So coming in at second place and a huge labor of love is the door to my husband's shop. (Once our garage) This was a project I started two summer's ago and summer is not the best time to be painting on a south facing bright white wall. It's a wonder I am not blind! I had to get up at the crack of dawn and paint all one color. Let it dry, re coat and so on and so forth. And that was after I taped all the lines to keep it crisp and tidy. Then of course I couldn't leave the tape on in the heat of the sun, so that all had to be pulled off daily. To make matters worse, most of the properties in our town, have alleys that run behind them, and mine is no exception, so folks would zoom down the alley, giving me strange looks and kicking up lots of dust and dirt. Oy! But I have to admit, in the end I am really glad I did it and I must say, I think I have the prettiest garage door in town. :) Head on over to Razmaztaz to see some other lovely doors! Always, Kit