Monday, February 28, 2011

Snowy snowy night

Yes, we are having probably our bazillenth snow storm of the season. In our neck of the woods, March is definitely coming in like a Lion. But I refuse to get cranky and instead I still look on it as very pretty. Check my mood come mid March and it may change drastically, but for now it still makes me feel cozy. I have all my little lights glowing (I am a nut for small lamps. I count 8 just in my living room) the fireplace is burning brightly and my cat is curled up into the tightest ball in his favorite chair. All feels right with the world. About to settle in with my latest book, Julia Child's ~ My Life in France and read myself to sleep. Tho knowing her books, I just may have to head to the kitchen first for a snack. Good-night.

Always, Kit

Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ People!

This photo was one snapped on a trip to California last summer for my daughter's birthday. It was our last night and we were watching the wonderful light show called World of Color. Thousands of people gathered for hours to get the perfect spot and we met a lovely couple from San Diego who had woken their son up earlier that day and said, "Happy Birthday we are taking you to Disneyland." They were standing in front of us (see Man in glasses to the right) and we had a wonderful chat before the show started. Toward the end of the show, my daughter's glasses broke and we lost one of the arms. I tried to find it using the light from my cell phone but no luck. When the lights came back up after the show, the couple noticed we were searching for something and offered to help. And help they did. Turned out her "arm" landed in the back of their stroller. Go figure! Whenever I look at this photo it makes me think of the kindness of strangers and how just by being friendly and kind, a situation was completely turned around. Plus, isn't it pretty? :)

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Always, Kit

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mosaic Madness! ~ Valentines!

To end this fabulous month of Love, I will show you how my family expresses their love. I swear we all love the secrets and the planning and the creating of tokens. First off, I made my hubby his favorite (and thank heavens easy) fudge with almonds. Tucked it into a neat can I found at a flea market and attached two of the clay tags I made this holiday (my signature sign-off to my children in texts and emails is LYS (Love You So) and for good measure gave him a gift certificate for a 60 minute massage. My man is a runner and he just loves a good massage. Next, my youngest creates the most beautiful cards for all of us. It is always a surprise to see what embellishments she has used and what she writes inside is sheer poetry and enough to make one think, one is the most special person in the world. We all need a dose of that once in while for sure. My sweetheart, knows I love hearts. And he knows I love angels too. Combine the two and you have a perfect gift. Hand carved from his own hands and ready to fly into a special place in my home. He is definitely a keeper. Lastly, my oldest girl usually "shoots from the hip" and you never know what she is going to do. She flew into the house armed with a lovely bouquet of daisy's (my fav flower) in one of her beer steins (she didn't have a vase) wrapped in ribbons and a bag of her Daddy's favorite candy in a cute little Valentine bag. Very charming and funny and so J! What I love about all of us, is no matter how we express it, we all just love each other so much. To see some of the surprises I gave to my girls, go over to Life Among Mountains and visit my daughter's lovely blog. And don't forget to see all the other Mosaics at the Little Red House.

Always, Kit

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ Food!

Over at Razmataz we are back to our photo snapping and it feel so good! This weeks word is a favorite of mine ~ Food. Tho I wish it wasn't. Why couldn't my favorite word be ~ Exercise?.....LOL When I have had a long week, want to put my feet up and watch the snow fall, I grab one of my trusty old yellow mugs, fill it with hot tea with lemon and grab a cookie or two. Last week I made Snickerdoodles for the first time in ages. I forgot how much I like to bake. Think I will do some more this weekend. I am hankering for the taste of molasses!

Always, Kit

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Deer! ~ Mosaic Monday

We had a surprise guest this weekend at our house. Hubby went out to his shop and lo and behold, sleeping behind my garden shed was a cute and very big Mule Deer. He called me to come out and I was so excited, they are usually found in yards in the University area, or up the Rattlesnake or near the river, but never where I live. Mid town. Of course, he wasn't as tickled as me to be greeted and so tried to flee and we let him. He headed North and I was sad. The excitement was over. I had always wanted to find a deer in my yard and now I had and it was done. But not so fast, seems he kinda liked my dead weeds, a couple frozen apples and the confines of my back yard. He returned and spent the night and enjoyed the added pleasure of discovering all my bird feeders, (note to self: pick up more seed!) and even took a nap right next to our backdoor. I had such fun taking pictures and watching his every move. How in the world can they jump so quickly and high without a running start? Anyway, with the evening he has left. And I hope he has returned to the river or Blue Mountain. I will miss him, but with Spring coming my bushes wouldn't have stood a chance!

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Always, Kit

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rednesday ~ Love Chair!

Please join all of us over at "It's a Very Cherry World" for Rednesday! This week I am featuring one of my favorite pieces of furniture. My wonderfully red kitchen stool. My kitchen is way too small to have it in it's rightful place, so I settled for the next best thing, my dining room. I use it as a table and plant stand and for Valentine's Day it holds my cherished Love vase given to me by my daughter.
Always, Kit

Friday, February 4, 2011

What I am Loving right now...

Both my daughter and her bestie did a list and it being the month of Love, seemed like the perfect time to do a list of my own. Here goes!

What I am loving right now is...

1) The anticipation of two days off. No real plans, but a wish to do a little reading, check a few things off my "to do" list and bake my favorite cookies.

2) The show, Modern Family. Oh what a treat to finally find a new show that is cleverly written and so very funny! They just won the SAG for best comedy. Yeah!

3) I am on a King Sister kick, you know the family from Utah with the bee hive hairdos and the best 4 part harmony ever? Ever since Christmas I can't stop playing videos on You tube and I just ordered their DVD and CD. It takes me back to my childhood and their incredible specials.

4) My new haircut. I feel sassy and young. Amazing what a couple of inches off can do, I feel ready to take on the world! Or at least Western Montana.

5) Buying special little items on Etsy from some of my wonderful blogging friends. You guys are soooo talented! From lavender stuffed hearts to necklaces to note cards. Wow, I may never have to step into a store ever again.

6) And finally, all this wonderful snowy, cold weather that Mother Nature has given us. It will really help, come "fire season" (yes, we have a season just for that), our ski resorts are having a great year and it is just so darn pretty.

What are you loving?


Always, Kit